School Nurse

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    Susan Hogan, R.N.

    Hello, my name is Susan Hogan. I have lived in Southlake for 16 years I am married to Rod Hogan and we have three children. All three have gone through Carroll ISD.

    I Graduated from Texas Eastern School of Nursing in Tyler Texas in May of 1979. After graduation moved to Dallas to work at Children' s Medical Center where I worked for 14 1/2 years. I first worked in Intensive Care for six years. Children's Intensive Care Unit was and still is a major referral center for all of North Texas. I then worked on the Pediatric Liver Transplant team as a Patient Coordinator for four years.

    There were only four centers in the U.S. at that time that did Liver transplants on children. I worked with children and there families from all across the United States from the first time they came for evaluation, during the surgery and post-op time here at Childrens then followed them through their physicians at their hometown until they turned 18yrs old.

     For the next four years I worked in a Specialty Clinic where I would do any type of procedures on an outpatient basis that would enable children to stay out of the hospital. This included chemotherapy, Blood transfusions, long term IV therapy, and all types of Endocrine testings, to name a few.

    I left Children's to raise my own children and once they were in school I had the opportunity to substitute for the Nurses offices throughout CISD. I started to work full time at Durham Elementary in January 2006, where I worked along side Cathy Krieger who was the Intermediate Nurse.

    In September 2011, I moved with the elementary to Walnut Grove.