Parking Information 2020-2021

  • High school students parking on campus MUST purchase a parking permit. Your parking permit number is the same number as your reserved parking spot.

    Important Note: Only Sophomores are allowed to drive and park on the CHS campus. No Freshman, regardless of age, are allowed to drive and park on the CHS campus. 

    Click below to purchase 2nd Semester Parking Permit Only:

    Follow the steps below to reserve and pay for your selected parking spot.

    1. Choose your permit from the drop down menu
    2. Choose the same choice from the “Section” drop down menu
    3. Click “Find Tickets”
    4. Click “Select Your Own Seats” located at the top right of the box
    5. In “Select Section”, choose your section group again from the drop down menu. This should load a map of the parking spots in that section.
    6. Hover over the dots until you find the one with your spot number then click on it. The dot should turn green.
    7. Click “Select Seats” on the bottom right of the box
    8. Verify that your “Seat” matches your spot number then under “Tickets” select Permit
    9. Click “Purchase Tickets”
    10. Enter your ID number (no S) and last name then click “Verify”. It will verify that you are a member of that group and should take you to a screen to start checking out.
    11. You will need the following information to complete the check-out procedure:
      • Student ID number, Name and Next Year’s Grade (for the 2020-2021 school year)
      • Drivers License Number
      • Vehicle Make, Model, Color & License plate number
      • Insurance Companies Name
    12. Click “Check Out”

    This will take you to the payment portion. Click “Credit Card” and then enter your credit card information. Once finished, click “Purchase” and you should get a confirmation of the purchase. Either print this page out or take a picture with your phone. You will need it to pick up your parking sticker as proof of purchase.

    Picking Up Your Permit
    You may begin picking up your permits on the first day of school in the Assistant Pricipal's office. 

    Once you have purchased your parking permit and/or reserved spot on-line. You MUST bring the following to the main entrance on one of the specified dates below: 

    • confirmation of purchase
    • valid/current driver’s license
    • current vehicle insurance

    Where do I put my permit on my car?
    The permit must be permanently affixed inside the front windshield on the passenger side. Parking lot rules must be followed or parking privileges may be withdrawn with no refund.  Carroll ISD is not responsible for damage, theft, or vandalism to any vehicle driven or parked on all CISD property, including students who have purchased a parking permit issued by CISD. All drivers parking on CISD property do so at their own risk. Student drivers must be aware they will be held responsible for any prohibited items that may be in their vehicle while on District property and subject to the CISD Student Code of Conduct, as well as any applicable federal, state, or City of Southlake laws regarding items that are prohibited on CISD school property. Your permit # is your reserved spot #!

    If you have a Drivers Permit and not a Driver License:
    If you have a drivers permit – enter the first 2 digits the month you will receive your driver license followed by six zeros.  For example:  if I will receive my driver license in September; I will enter “09-000000” – you will stop by the office once you receive your driver license before school starts to pick up your permit and do not need to report on the days above.