Girls Athletics FAQ's

  • Dawson Girls Athletics FAQs

    How do Tryouts work?

    7 th and 8th Grade Girls will be split for tryouts only. This will be for both Volleyball and Basketball. 8 th Grade tryout time is before school from 7:00-8:15am as well as inside the 8th grade athletic period. 7 th Grade tryout time will be after school from 3:45-5:00pm as well as inside the 7th grade athletic period.

    When are Practices?

    Girls practice times may vary from season to season. (Tryout week is the ONLY week our 7th and 8th grade athletes will be split up.)

    What are the rules for the Locker-room?

    Locker-room doors open at 8:30am each morning so that Athletes may put their belongings in their assigned locker. Athletes will not be able to access the locker-room during the day outside their Athletic period. Absolutely NO PHONES allowed in the Locker-room.

    What is the Girls Athletics Dress Code?

    All black. All workout attire for Dawson Girls Athletics needs to be black including sweats, shorts, and shirts. There will be consequences for not being properly dressed out each day. We ask that the base of the shirts be black (if there is anything on the shirt it needs to be within our color scheme: Green, Black, White) and shorts need to be black based with same color scheme restrictions. If you have any questions on this please let us know. Proper shoes are required for all sports and our offseason workouts. If your daughter makes a Volleyball team they will need to have knee pads. We will provide uniforms for each sport that will be required to be turned in upon the close to each sport season.

    Are there Meals provided for Sports?

    For both Volleyball and Basketball season we will provide an option for your daughter to pay for meals for Game Nights. This is OPTIONAL and not required. This is a convenient way to provide your daughter a meal all season long. More information as well as prices will be discussed once tryouts have come to a close.

    Are Soccer and Tennis offered?

    Both Soccer and Tennis are offered as afterschool activities during the Spring Semester. Both will only practice after school. These sports are not through the Dawson Girls Athletic Program and are not coached by our DMS Girls Coaches. Communication will not come from our DMS Coaches in regards to the Soccer and Tennis teams.