Boys Sports Breakdown

  • Parents,

    I hope this serves to clear up confusion you may have with 7th grade athletics at Dawson Middle School. Many of you have had questions regarding signing up for sports, etc.... So, in an effort to answer all those questions collectively, here goes:


    Football – After School Commitment FALL SPORT
    Games TBA
    Practices will be held before and after school.
    **Not a cut sport

    Basketball – Before School Commitment BEGINS IMMEDIATELY AFTER FOOTBALL SEASON
    Games are once a week (not on a set evening)
    Practice will be from 7:00am – 8:20am every morning
    **Cut sport

    Cross Country – Practice during Period Only NOV-DEC SPORT
    One meet per week
    No after school practice commitment
    **Not a cut sport

    Practice after school until their events are finished. No later than 5.
    **Cut sport, we will take 5-10 athletes for each event to practice from week to week but we only take those who qualify (top 3) plus an alternate for each event each week to the Track Meets.

    Soccer – After School Commitment BEGINS in April
    **Soccer is not run by DMS coaches and is a cut sport**

    **Whatever sport you are signing up for on your online form, do not worry about what you signed up
    for or making changes. If you did or didn’t sign up for a sport, you may still play/not play that sport
    WITHOUT needing to notify me of changes. If you are in the class, you can play them all. We do require
    in athletics that each boy participates in one sport as a requirement to stay in the class.