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    The North Texas Nadadores is a Silver Level USASwimming competitive swimming team. North Texas Nadadores (NTN) is a year round age-group competitive swimming team offering instruction, training, and competition to young people of all age groups. NTN is a Carroll ISD operated program that practice exclusive at the CISD Aquatic Center in Southlake, Texas.

    NTN offers six levels of professional technique instruction and training. The placement of each swimmer within the team structure will be the responsibility of the head coach and coaching staff. NTN offers try-outs to the public at the beginning of each season in order to bring in new talent. Each new swimmer will be placed in the practice group best suited to his or her ability. This will allow them to have the most success in a relatively short time period.

    Groups determine a swimmer’s experience of the sport. It is important to build confidence and motivation in a healthy way that does not act as a detriment to the individual in the long run. Kids can often fall into the trap of “moving up” only to please their parents or their coach but the decision rests entirely upon the coaching staff. Conditioning, technique, character, and attitude are the things that help determine standards for each group level. In the end, group placement rests entirely upon the discretion of the Head and Head Age Group Coach.

    Team Structure:

    Age Group: Novice

    Developmental is for teaching basic skills and technique to the beginning level competitive swimmer. 
    Developmental Teams:
    - Red 1 and 2 
    - White 3
    - Blue 3
    Meet Level: Level 3 (B) meets
    Goal: To compete at L3 Champs

    Age Group: Intermediate

    Intermediate is for learning and building endurance in stroke drills, technique and kicking.
    Intermediate Teams:
    - White 2
    - Blue 2
    - Platinum 2
    Meet Level: Level 2 and 3 (BB and Below) meets
    Goal: To compete at L2 Champs

    Age Group: Advanced

    Age Group is for the younger swimmer who has refined competitive skills and is striving to compete at higher levels. 
    Age Group Teams: 
    - White 1
    - Blue 1
    - Platinum 1
    Meet Level: Level 2 (BB) meets 
    Goal: To compete (and score) at TAGS, the Texas Age Group Championships

    Senior Level

    Senior Level is for the older swimmer who wants to compete at the high school level as well as aspirations to compete at the national level. 
    Senior Level Teams:
    - National 
    - Senior
    - Senior 2
    Meet Level: To compete at Sectional Meets and above (Future's, Jr's, Sr's, Senior Circuit, U.S. Open, Olympic Trials) 
    Goal: Olympics!

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