Speedo/Jammer- NO BEACH SHORTS (boys) Competitive suit (girls) Swim Cap (ALL GIRLS), Goggles, Kick Board (website with discount below) 

    Practice Begins Monday, September 16th at Southridge Lakes Pool (same place as assessments)

    8&UNDER M/W/F 4:00-4:45

    Name Age
    Sydney Morrison  5
    Alice Moore 6
    PJ Franco 6
    Rebecca Yao  6
    Scarlett Peel 6
    James Hays 6
    Liam Mehlman 6
    Sparsh Thakore 7
    Alex Chan 7
    Annika Bartz 7
    Holden Parker 7
    Skyler Chung 7
    Rodger Wang 7
    Katie Sun 7
    Chace Smith  8
    Allison Hollis 8
    Wendi Chan 8
    Lucy Melville 8
    Austin Yao 8
    Daylan Le 8
    Camden Le 8
    Austin Xu 8
    Amelia Donan 8
    Emma Wu 8
    Deepika Pothineni 8
    Ava Frost 8
    Riley Bedunah 8
    Jesper Thaetner 8
    Samuel Melendez  8
    Reese Finkel 8
    Angela Glaser 8
    Bradley Hirsch 8

    9&OVER T/TH/F 4:00-4:45

    Name Age
    Amaan Farooqi 9
    Mustafa Kayani 9
    Oscar Li 9
    Milton Li 9
    Yiya Wang 9
    Rachel Yuan 9
    Sabrina Galis 9
    Eli Baines 9
    Nicholas Lipsmeyer  9
    Louis Roegiers 9
    Nihal Yerubandi  9
    Keaton Bailey 9
    Lexi Cox 9
    Benjamin Lee 9
    Keaton Bailey 9
    Lucy Spear 9
    Mihir Kakarala 10
    Mahika Mishra 10
    Mathias Winberg  10
    Bo Kuhn 10
    Lilly Bella 10
    Lily Dodson 10
    Kinley Smith 10
    Ikshaan Dhatt 10
    Jay Tamirisa 10
    Jacob Mustell 10
    Mia Worle 10
    Quinn Boneau 10
    Vivian Yi 10
    Riya Satani 11
    Aydan Eke 11
    Isaac Niu 11
    Bryan Xu 11
    Reeva Joshi 11
    Roxanne McCrea-Dastur 11
    Yu (Grace) Yan 11

    To Navigate to the Xtreme Swim Team Portal and register, please click link below: 
    Xtreme Sports Registration Link
    Instructions for registration: 
    Registration Instructions


    The Dragon Stroke Team is a program dedicated to developing your child's swimming skills. This program will provide children with a strong foundation in the skills necessary to swim at a competitive level. Dragon Stroke team is the transitional step from swim lessons to a USA swimming team.

    This level of practice is for swimmers that have advanced out of the Dragon Swim Academy but are not quite ready for USA club training. We will introduce a higher level of practice intensity, advanced drills, as well as introducing the swimmers to a racing environment throughout the summer season without the requirements of being part of the club and club level competitions.

    ***Stroke Team Registration is by invitation only*** 

    Program Goal:

    To develop and teach young athletes the skills necessary to advance into our competitive program, NTN (North Texas Nadadores) while providing a safe and fun environment.

    Stroke Team Requirements:
    Must have the ability to complete one legal, unassisted lap of the following:

    25 Yard Freestyle
    25 Yard Backstroke
    25 Yard Breaststroke Kick
    25 Yard Dolphin Kick

    ***Please contact Paul Wallace for a formal assessment***


    8 and Under: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
    4:00pm- 4:45pm
    9 and Over: Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday
    4:00pm- 4:45pm 

    Program Pricing
    (Per 4 Week Period)

    In District: $63.00
    In District Sibling: $53.00

    Out of District: $69.00
    Out of District Sibling $59.00

    Employee: $57.00
    Sibling of Employee: $47.00


    Stroke Team Head Coach
    Paul Wallace
    Assistant Stroke Team Coach
    Rebecca Tovar
    Office Line: (817)-949-8206
    CISD Aquatic Center
    1501 W. Southlake Blvd.
    Southlake, TX. 76092