• We appreciate the ongoing accommodations parents and students have made to make this school year happen! We have a simple improvement on how visitors enter our campus for front office business or picking up students. 

    • Press the button by the front door to introduce yourself and state the purpose of your visit to CHS. Our secretaries will assist you after you’ve shown your ID in the camera above the button. Please lower your mask so we can identify you before we unlock the door. 
    • Once inside, you may sign your student out at the attendance window and we will retrieve the student. Per the state, 9th grade parents/guardians must wait for their child and exit with them off campus. 
    • If you’ve never had your ID scanned at a CISD campus, you’re required to do so in our front office. 

    Steps to Follow in Case of Absence 

    • A parent/guardian must call the CHS attendance office (817-949- 5609) when their child will not be at school for a day or longer duration. Emailing or calling about future absences is also accepted. 
    • When returning to school after a medical appointment absence, the student should provide the attendance office with a sanctioned excuse from the doctor/dentist. Notes can also be emailed to or faxed to 817-949-5656. 
    • Students/parents/guardians should refer to Canvas for information about homework, deadlines, tests, resources and teacher contact information. No future student work will be given prior to an absence. 

    Excessive Absences/Loss of Credit 
    Attendance is taken for every class (or block) during the school day for every student. Per the Texas Education Association (TEA), students must be in attendance 90% of the time each class is offered. 

    What does 90% equate to? 
    A high school student is allowed 4 unexcused absences in a single-block class (a class that meets every other day) or 8 unexcused absences in a double-block class (a class that meets both A & B days) per semester. 

    What absences are considered excused (not counting against the students’ 90%) by the TEA? 
    Doctor’s appointments if office note is provided; Religious Holy Days if parent/religious institution note is provided; and court/legal proceedings if documentation is provided. Please see the CISD Handbook ( for any extenuating circumstances, disciplinary action, etc. 

    What happens if a student has more than the allowed absences per course? 
    The student must make up the time during before/after school tutorials or Friday Night sessions. 

    What happens if a student does not make up the time? 
    Students may be denied high school credit for that course. 

    In-School Students

    Arriving Late 

    9th & 10th Grade. Students must enter classrooms by 8:00 am before the bell. All students must sign in at the attendance window if they arrive at 8:01am or later to receive a pass. Late students must have a doctor's note, parent call or parent note letting attendance know that they are aware that their student was tardy. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late will be considered absent for the entire period. 

    Early Dismissal 

    9th Grade
    Parents/guardians of 9th graders must physically sign their student out at the attendance window for early dismissal. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up a student, that person must be listed on the family's emergency contact list located in Family Access. Parents/guardians must contact the attendance office if a person - not on their emergency contact list - is picking up their child. If this person has not had their ID scanned at a CISD campus, they’re required to do so in our front office. 

    10th Grade
    As you know, many of our 10th graders drive. Therefore, with advanced written parent/guardian permission, the state allows them to sign-out for early dismissal. The note from parents must be dated/signed and dropped off at the attendance office first thing that morning or emailed any time prior to 7:45am. We will then provide the student with a pass to bring to the attendance office for sign-out. If your 10th grader is returning that day, please remind them to sign back in at attendance – we want to ensure their attendance is updated accurately. Teachers will not accept texts or notes from the student – all dismissals must be arranged through attendance. 

    FYI, for our students’ safety, it is important that they sign in when arriving late or sign out when leaving early. Students who do not comply with this safety measure will be referred to the Assistant Principal’s office per the CHS Student & Parent Handbook. Please know student attendance records are always available for review under the “Student Info” tab in Family Access.  

    Virtual Students

    Steps to Follow in Case of Absence 

    • If a DVA student is unable to participate or has a scheduled appointment in any of the scheduled “live” times, the student or guardian should make contact with the teacher via email to let him/her know.

    ○ A doctor’s note will not be required for virtual students as long as they are able to complete the work for the day before 11: 59PM on the same day. If the student cannot complete their work that day, the absence can be medically excused if a doctor’s note is emailed to or faxed to 817-949-5656.

    • If the student has technical difficulties and is unable to connect, make contact with the teacher so students are clear about the expectations and work required. Examples of contact: email, phone call, voicemail, etc. Technical help is available at 817-949-HELP (4357) or
    • DVA students that are not present “live” at their campus’ attendance time will be marked absent, but this can be changed based on participation up to 11:59 PM each day based on oneof the following criteria:

    ○ Data from Canvas showing progress made that day,

    ○ Daily progress evidenced from teacher/student interactions made that day, or

    ○ Completion and submission of assignments, quizzes, or participation in other activities planned for that day.

    • If the student is ill and unable to complete any assignments for the day, this will be considered an absence and the student will need to work with the teacher in order to make up any missed assignments.
    • Students are not allowed to work ahead or save assignments to complete them during the weekend. DAILY engagement is required and will be monitored to determine attendance.