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  •  Dawn Riedl                                            Heather Kennedy

    Dawn Riedl                                                                   Heather Kennedy

    5th Grade Counselor                                                   6th Grade Counselor           

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    Red Ribbon Week:  October 22 – 26

    Travel Down The Yellow Brick Road to a Happy, Healthy Life

    • Monday, 10/22: Have Courage to Be Yourself - Dress Unique
    • Tuesday, 10/23: Protect Your Heart and Make Healthy Choices - Wear Red
    • Wednesday, 12/24: Hats off to Good Choices - Wear a Hat
    • Thursday, 10/25: There’s No Place Like Home: Put Drugs to Rest - Wear Pajamas
    • Friday, 10/26: All Roads Lead to the Emerald City - Wear Dragon Green