• Instructional Support
    Digital Dragons: Preparing for a 1:1 Classroom
    Many teachers feel some “digital anxiety” (Kajder 2003) about teaching with 1:1. Even those who consider themselves very tech savvy know that there is a difference between feeling personally proficient with technology and feeling confident about using educational technology with students. The Instructional Technology Team will offer a Digital Dragons workshop in which we will explore topics such as:

    • Managing a 1:1 Classroom
    • Designing a Workflow for Digital Assignments
    • How to Get Technical Support
    • Addressing Digital Citizenship & Screen Time
    • Designing lesson utilizing technology

    Technical Support
    There will be technicians assigned to campuses to provide on-site assistance for device support, repair and replacement, as well as, to assist the student with usage questions. The technician will be centrally located at the campus so that students can:

    • Ask questions
    • Drop off device for repair
    • Pick up devices when repair is completed

    For Students in Grades 5-12

    Device Fee
    Parents may pay an $75 optional non-refundable annual Device Fee. This fee will be utilized to repair accidental damage, stolen devices (with Police report), and product failure (not a result of damage). The annual Device Fee will cover no more than two (2) damages to the device per school year (see table below).

    Accidental Repair Instance Cost
    First Incident $0
    Second Incident Cost of repair minus Device Fee
    Third Incident Full cost of repair

    A student device that is damaged or not working properly must be reported to school personnel immediately. All repairs will be performed by CISD approved personnel. Students are not permitted to take a CISD device to another vendor to have repairs made on the device.

    Lost / Missing
    The Device Fee does not cover equipment that is lost, missing, or willfully damaged. Replacement of the cable & power adaptor are covered by the Device Fee ONLY if they stop working due to normal wear and tear. Students are responsible for the cost of replacement or repair for lost and/or deliberately damaged/negligent care of device or accessories (cord, charger). Families are responsible for full cost of replacement of any CISD student device that is not returned to school. Devices that are missing must be reported immediately to the technician on campus.

    Willful Damage
    CISD does not cover intentional damage to the device. If the school determines that there was intentional damage or gross negligence to the device or accessories, the Student/Parent is responsible for full payment of the damage.

    Stolen Devices 
    If a device is stolen on or off school property, it must be reported immediately to the technician on campus. Action will be taken by the District to track the missing/stolen device, and appropriate consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct will be administered.

    • If a device is stolen, a police report MUST be filed by the student and/or parent. A copy of the police report must be provided to the campus administrator prior to assignment of a new device.

    Table below for repair/replacement costs:

    Item  Cost
    Laptop $700.00
    Screen $150.00
    Keyboard $15.00

    *Replacement cost may change throughout the school year, dependent on pricing changes at Dell/other vendors.

    Loaner Device 
    There will be a limited number of loaner devices on the campus to provide for students should it be determined that their device will take an extended time to be repaired. Loaners are not provided for instances of AUP violations. 

    Payment of Usage Fee / Fines
    Parents will utilize Skyward Family Access to pay the annual optional Device Fee and any additional assessed fines.  Payment of all fees/fines are to be made prior to a student receiving a district device or accessories.

    Returning Your Device 
    The student laptop and accessories must be returned with only normal wear and no missing accessories to avoid paying a replacement fee. If a student unenrolls from CISD for any reason, he/she must return the device to the technician on campus, or the campus administrator, along with accessories on or before the date of unenrollment.