• Deploying Devices
    Beginning in August 2018, students in grades 7-12 will receive their device.  Before receiving a device, the following steps must be completed

    1. Sign the AUP 
      • (online) Available within Skyward Annual Verification for Parents to sign
    2. Complete a Parent Orientation
      • Can be done online (within Skyward Annual Verification process) or in person at pick up meetings  
    3. Pay the $45 Annual Device Fee (unless qualified for Free/Reduced lunch)
      • Can be done online (within Skyward Annual Verification process) or in person at pick up meetings 
    4. Bring identification
      • Drivers License, Passport, or Student ID (for either the student or parent)
    5. Sign the Student Device Agreement
      • (paper) Will be provided at pick up meetings

    Note/Tip: If you complete steps 1-4 above online during the Skyward Annual Verification process, picking up your device will be much faster. You will be able to skip the long lines at stations 2-4 listed below!

    Parent Orientation Meetings
    The orientation meeting will cover topics such as file management, laptop security, digital citizenship and how to request technical assistance. Meetings will be offered face-to-face at your campus during the Device Pick-up meetings or the orientation can be completed online within Skyward Annual verification process. While students may attend the Orientation meetings, they are not required. For the fastest device pickup experience, complete this online (within Skyward Annual Verification process) before you come. 

    Device Fee Structure
    A non-refundable, annual Device Fee must be paid before the device can be issued to the student. The fee will be used to cover costs associated with device repair to ensure the Digital Dragons program is successful and sustainable for students.

    Annual Device Use Fee
    $45 Grades 7-12
    $0 Free/Reduced Lunch

    Device Pick-Up Meeting
    Device Pick-Up meetings will happen at your child's campus in Aug and Sept. Students in grades 7-10 must have a parent or guardian present to pick up a device. Device Pick-up meetings will be held one day for each grade level at each campus (see table below).

    Date Time(s) Location Grade Level
    August 13 1-3 or 5-7 pm CSH Seniors
    August 14 1-3 or 5-7 pm CSH Juniors
    August 15 1-3 or 5-7 pm CHS Sophomores
    August 16 1-3 or 5-7 pm CHS Freshmen
    August 27 5-7 pm DMS 7th Grade
    August 28 5-7 pm DMS 8th Grade
    August 30 5-7 pm CMS 8th Grade
    September 5 5-7 pm CMS 7th Grade

    Deployment Stations

    • Station 1: Check-in
      • First stop to verifiy completion of documents.
    • Station 2: Orientation
      • Will be available face to face during Pick-Up meetings, or can be done online in August via Canvas. 
    • Station 3: Annual Verification
      • The AUP will be completed during online verification within Skyward.
    • Station 4: Payment 
      • Payments will be able to be made within Skyward's Parent Portal.
    • Station 5: Pick-up 
      • Student and parent will show proof of completing steps 1-4 and will be issued a device. 
      • Student must login to the device before leaving the campus.
    • Station 6: Accessories (optional)
      • PTO will be selling hard shell cases to personalize student laptops.
    • Station 7: Tech Support (optional)
      • If needed, technicians will be available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

    Note: For parents that complete Stations 1-4 online before the Device Pick-Up meetings, they will be given a Fast Pass to go straight to the device pickup and will not need to wait in lines at stations 1-4!