• Responsible Use and Digital Citizenship
    The use of a student device and district technologies is a privilege. Students are responsible for their actions on the network. Students should assume that none of their data is private or confidential. Any communication or data may be reviewed by district or school administration periodically. 

    Inappropriate Content on a Device
    Inappropriate content is not allowed on the district device. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, files such as pictures, documents, presentations, music, videos, and apps that contain the presence of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language or lyrics, tobacco, alcohol, drug, or gang related symbols or pictures.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
    Please refer to the Parent Resources section.

    District Responsibilities

    • CISD provides internet access to its students at school.
    • CISD provides internet filtering of inappropriate materials in compliance with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) while using CISD devices.
    • CISD reserves the right to review, monitor, and restrict information stored on or transmitted via district owned equipment and to investigate inappropriate use of resources.
    • CISD will provide device training and orientation for students and encourage student conduct in adherence to the CISD Acceptable Use Policy and the CISD Student Code of Conduct and Handbook.
    • Student devices may be selected at random for remote or physical device inspection by CISD staff.

    Student Responsibilities

    • Students will use CISD technologies in a responsible and ethical manner and adhere to the CISD Acceptable Use Policy and Student Code of Conduct.
    • Students will help CISD protect the district network and devices by contacting the technician on campus about any security problems they may encounter.
    • Students will not share their credentials with others.
    • Students will not allow others to use their assigned devices.

    Classroom Charging
    Students in grades 5-12 should bring their devices fully charged to school every day. Students may carry the AC adapter if they choose; however, the battery should last the entire school day. In addition, there will be a few open area charging stations, and some classrooms have access to electrical outlets for students to charge.

    Students in grades K-4 will keep their devices at school in a locking cabinet to be charged each night. The battery should last the entire school day.

    Implementation Information

    K-4 iPads will not:

    • be used outside during recess
    • be used for social media
    • be used for non-educational gaming or entertainment

    K-4 iPads will:

    • be stored in locking cabinets to be charged overnight in the classroom
    • be used for educational purposes
    • be used for collaboration
    • be used to teach digital citizenship
    • be used to teach 21st century skills
    • be used to create

    For Students in Grades 5-12

    Devices at Home

    • Students in grades 5-12 will be able to take their devices home.
    • Students are expected to bring their devices fully charged every day. There will be a few open area charging stations, and some classrooms have access to electrical outlets for students to charge.

    Internet Filtering and Wi-Fi
    Carroll ISD provides internet filtering to prevent viewing of unauthorized website content.

    Home Use
    Students must bring the device to all classes unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teachers. If a student leaves his/her device at home and is not able to participate in class activities and/or complete assignments, the student is responsible for completing work at home.

    Internet Access at Home
    Students are allowed to connect their devices to wireless networks to have wi-fi access outside of the district. Although CISD provides internet filtering at home, Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring all online activities and behavior of their children while away from school. For tips on best digital citizenship and technology practices, visit our Parent Resource section. Wireless access is available on every student device; however, the Technology Department cannot guarantee that the system will be available at all times.

    Summer Use
    Students will keep the device assigned to them from year to year. Students will have access to the device assigned to them throughout the summer. Students withdrawing in the summer when the campus is closed should contact the Technology Department at 817-949-8260 to turn in their device.

    File Management and Saving Work
    It is the student’s responsibility to save his/her files and make sure work is not lost due to device failure. Students should use cloud storage and avoid saving files to the local drive on the laptop.

    • Students may use cloud storage such as Google Drive or access his/her CISD network directory via ClassLink.
    • Many classes (grades 5-12) have course materials posted in Canvas, the district’s learning management system, which can be accessed with internet access.
    • Storage on the student device should be used primarily for educational use. If storage space becomes an issue, students will be asked to delete personal content such as photos or music to make room for required course content.