Online Course Request FAQ

  • 1. Why do I not see the "Now Open" indicator when I am trying to make course selections? You must be logged in with the Student's log-in information. This is the information that they use to log in to Canvas and school computers. (Starts with an S) Parent logins do not work.

    2. How many credits do I need to select? Credits should equal 9 - LA, Math, Science, SS, Advisory, Career Investigation, and lunch plus whatever it takes to get to 9. For 7th graders, this will include Athletics/PE and the required Career Investigations elective.

    3. Do I need to select four alternate electives? Yes. You must select four. If you do not and your first choices are not available when the computer runs the program to schedule classes, your electives will be input by the Counselor with options that are still available at that time.

    4. What if my child is applying for an elective that requires an application? Print the application from our Counseling website and turn it in to Mrs. Adams. Add the course as stated in the directions. The teacher will inform each student if they have or have not been selected. If you have not been accepted, the counselors will make the schedule change based on your alternate course selection.

    5. What if my student has an IEP/504 plan? If your student should have a CM study hall or Co-Teach, please input grade-level courses. We will make adjustments later as needed. Credits requested should still equal 9 as well as having 4 alternates.

    6. What happens with the placeholders? We will update Band Placements after auditions, 7th grade math and science placements once the district has made the recommendations, and PAP Algebra I based on teacher recommendations.

    7. What if my child is applying for OCPE or NTN? Complete the course selection card by filling it in with P.E. OCPE paperwork must be turned into the OCPE coordinator and NTN paperwork must be turned into the counselor. Once the paperwork is approved, the counselor will make the schedule changes.

    8. What if my child can’t fit the required Career Investigations and Explorations class into their schedule? This is a required course for the middle school; however, they would have the option of taking it in the 8th grade.