Summer Programs: Grades 3-6

  • June 4 – June 27 (15 days)

    Coordinator: Daniel Dodson
    Location: Walnut Grove Elementary School 

    Grades 3-6 Registration        Pre-registration is available through the student’s campus
    (Including Grade 5                 Assistant Principal’s office or Summer School Coordinator, Daniel Dodson at RES.
    STAAR Retesting):                 

    Students must be recommended by the campus Student Assistance Team (SAT) per the district’s promotion and retention policy.     

    Grade 5 STAAR Retest:          
    STAAR Testing Location-Walnut Grove Elementary
    STAAR Math Retest-June 25, 2019
    STAAR Reading Retest – June 26, 2019

    Time:                                    Summer School early session time: 8:00-9:45 a.m.
    (No lunch provided)                Summer School mid-morning session time: 10:00-11:45 a.m.                                            

    Parents will be notified of their student’s class times by their summer school teacher, campus administrator or by phone from the Summer School Coordinator.

    Start and End Dates
    June 4 - June 27

    Student Teacher Ratio:         15:1 (pending student enrollment)    

    Student Tuition Grades 1-6:                          
    No tuition for students who are recommended for additional summer instruction by their campus Student Assistance Team. The SAT will follow the district’s promotion and retention policy.  Grade 5 STAAR retesters require participation in the district’s summer school.

    Remediation Subjects: 

    • Reading
    • Math