Summer Programs: Grades 3-6

  • June 2 – June 25 (15 days)

    Coordinator: Daniel Dodson
    Location: Johnson Elementary School 

    Grades 3-6 Registration (Including Grade 5 STAAR Retesting):
    Pre-registration is available through the student’s campus. Assistant Principal’s office or Summer School Coordinator, Daniel Dodson at RES. Students must be recommended by the campus Student Assistance Team (SAT) per the district’s promotion and retention policy.     

    Grade 5 STAAR Retest:          
    STAAR Testing Location-Johnson Elementary
    STAAR Math Retest-June 23, 2020
    STAAR Reading Retest – June 24, 2020

    Summer School early session time: 8:00-9:45 a.m. Summer School mid-morning session time: 10:00-11:45 a.m. (No lunch provided).                                            

    Parents will be notified of their student’s class times by their summer school teacher, campus administrator or by phone from the Summer School Coordinator.

    Start and End Dates
    June 2 - June 25

    Student Teacher Ratio: 15:1 (pending student enrollment)    

    Student Tuition Grades 1-6:                          
    No tuition for students who are recommended for additional summer instruction by their campus Student Assistance Team. The SAT will follow the district’s promotion and retention policy.  Grade 5 STAAR retesters require participation in the district’s summer school.

    Remediation Subjects: 

    • Reading
    • Math