District Committees

  • Safety and Security Committee
    The Carroll ISD Safety & Security Committee will periodically provide recommendations to the district's Board of Trustees and district administrators regarding updating multi-hazard emergency operations plan, consult with local law enforcement agencies on methods to increase law enforcement presence near district campuses and meet at least once during each academic semester and at least once during the summer. A committee established by a school district that operates schools on a year-round system or in accordance with another alternative schedule shall meet at least three times during each calendar year, with an interval of at least two months between each meeting.     

    The Carroll ISD Safety & Security Committee must include: 

    • one or more representatives of an office of emergency management of a county or city in which the district is located;
    • one or more representatives of the local police department or sheriff's office;
    • one or more representatives of the district's police department, if applicable;
    • the president of the district's board of trustees;
    • a member of the district's board of trustees other than the president;
    • the district's superintendent;
    • one or more designee, two parents or guardians of students enrolled in the district, of the district's superintendent, one of whom must be a classroom teacher in the district; 
    • if the district partners with an open-enrollment charter school to provide instruction to students, a member of the open-enrollment charter school's governing body or a designee of the governing body; and 
    • two parents or guardians of students enrolled in the district.

    Click here for more details on the Safety and Security Committee.

    District Diversity Council (DDC)
    The District Diversity Council (DDC) is a culturally-informed advisory committee that is representative of the students, staff and parents in Carroll ISD when it comes to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

    Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. Culturally Competent students and staff will:

    • understand and appreciate the histories, cultures, languages, and traditions of others;
    • value the different abilities and capacities in others;
    • respect differences in others;
    • recognize that diversity contributes to the richness of our school community;
    • demonstrate an ongoing commitment to developing cultural competence by using a two-way communication process to build strong inter-cultural relationships; and
    • teach, role-model and encourage cultural competence in others, recognizing that this is crucial to ensuring a sense of strong cultural identity and belonging.

    Council’s Objectives

    • Promote the goal of cultural competence within CISD.
    • Facilitate communication and understanding among different constituencies, and serve as a community resource.
    • Advocate for and support culturally competent and responsive programs and policies.
    • Engage students, staff, and faculty to collect feedback on cultural competence in CISD.
    • Propose strategies for reaching cultural competence.

    Council’s Composition –  63 Total Members Originally/45 Total Members Currently

    Two (2) representatives from each attendance zone at K-6 schools as follows:

    • One member of the school’s staff to serve as a campus liaison
    • One parent who is not an employee but has a child attending that school

    Five (5) representatives from each attendance zone at 7-12 schools as follows:

    • One member of the school’s staff to serve as campus liaison
    • Two parents who are not employees but have a child attending that school
    • Two students representing each secondary school

    Ten (10) appointees from the community at large as follows:

    • Three citizens at-large who reside in Carroll ISD
    • Seven citizen members appointed by the Board of Trustees

    Two (2) CISD School Board Trustees

    Two (2) CISD Administrative Liaisons

    Due to the large number of applicants (180 total), CISD added four more staff members, four more at-large parent/citizen representatives and four more student members to the original DDC. In addition, the City appointed one councilman to serve as a liaison. This brought the total number of participants, including the staff co-chairs Janet McDade and Tyisha Nelson to 63. Since presentation of the DDC's written plan in 2020, the Board decided to poll existing members to determine their interest in continuing on the DDC and also took applications to add seven additional members to the DDC.

    Council Membership Selection Process
    Campus principals facilitated the selection process at the attendance zone level from a pool of volunteers through a consensus process working with the campus site-based team and volunteers from their attendance zone. The Superintendent and his Cabinet facilitated the appointment of the three at-large members residing in Carroll ISD. Each Board Trustee appointed one citizen member. Candidates through a volunteer application process were considered as needed to fill the existing Council positions. All selected participants agreed to serve prior to January 2019.  In 2020, the Board of Trustees decided to add seven additional citizens to the DDC. The council membership now stands at 48 after some members opted not to continue their participation beyond the original two-year time of service.

    Council Leadership
    The Diversity Council was originally led by co-chairpersons selected by the Superintendent and School Board President. The Administration recommended that co-chairs be citizens and not employees of CISD and that they represent at least two of the Council’s minority populations.

    Council Meetings

    • Meetings are open to the public.
    • The Superintendent appointed central office staff liaisons to work with the Council.
    • The Board President appointed two Trustees to work with the Council. The Trustees were originally Board President Sheri Mills and Vice President Michelle Moore. Eventually Michelle Moore became President of the Board and stepped down from the DDC to allow another Trustee to serve. Matt Bryant volunteered and was appointed to serve along with Sheri Mills who is no longer a Board officer, but remains a member of the DDC.
    • Meetings are held on a monthly basis initially and now as needed. (There is not currently a DDC meeting planned for 2020.)
    • Meeting notes are maintained and posted online as part of the public record.
    • Diversity Council recommendations were presented to the School Board and Superintendent for consideration.

    The ultimate responsibility for action regarding cultural competence and diversity awareness lies solely with the Administration and/or the seven elected members of the Board of Trustees. Carroll ISD is committed, however, to seeking grassroots community and staff input while considering all input before any School Board decisions. Those not selected for the DDC were invited to participate on one of 11 Campus Diversity Councils or CDCs.

    Joining the DDC to provide a new perspective and input are the following individuals appointed by the School Board: Sridevi Vemulapalli, Roshni Chowdhry, Charl Lombard, Dr. John Thomas, Christy Stacy, Fred Stovall and Eduardo DeLugo.

    The newly formed DDC is under the direction of Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon and DDC citizen chair Pam Francis. The only work that is currently ongoing is for the six work groups (subcommittees) to welcome the seven new members and offer them opportunities for input, answer questions submitted by Trustees/community members and prepare a FAQ and revise any recommendations for their subcommittee based on the community feedback. 

    The FAQ and any revisions to the recommendations of the subcommittees will be posted online by December 15, 2020 and remain on line until early February 2021. There is no large group DDC meeting scheduled at this time, nor is any vote or action expected before arrival of the new superintendent.

    Click here for the updated DDC membership.

    Click here to visit the DDC webpage.

    Audit Committee
    The Audit Committee is made up of volunteers from the CISD
    community with expertise in accounting and finance.

    The Audit Committee reviews the annual audit and financial statement
    reports for Carroll ISD. The audit committee also interviews the
    independent auditors in regards to internal controls, management letter
    recommendations, and other CISD accounting processes prior to making
    recommendations to the Board of Trustees in approving the Final Audit
    Report and Financial Statements.

    Budget & Finance Committee

    The Budget and Finance Special Committee’s mission is to ensure the needs of CISD students are met through the efficient use of district funds and the development of effective ways to increase revenues and reduce expenses.  Our purpose is to understand district finances and identify potential revenue sources, cost savings and process improvements.

    Committee Responsibilities
    Short-term:  Identify additional revenue sources, efficiencies and savings related to potential activity fees, optional service fees, low-enrollment classes and/or electives, booster club grant request/teacher wish-list processes, corporate matching donations/sponsorships, check writing campaign and any other additional areas.

    • Scott Wrehe, Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services, providing list of district ‘activities’ (primarily clubs, after school activities, booster clubs, activities with a teacher stipend)
    • Work through existing roles and provide communication

    Mid-term:  Understand and evaluate the costs and benefits of district investments—Return on Investment Analysis (ROI).  Areas discussed include distance learning, sick day WADA, e-learning, part-time student WADA, tuition possibilities, facility rentals, and homeschoolers. 

    • Understand how the district earns ‘credit’ for attendance 
    • Research distance learning objectives, identify target audiences, costs and break-even points.

    Long-term:  Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages/opportunities of creatively using I&S funds for items paid with M&O dollars and the potential for retail operations at district properties.

    • Identify operational opportunities and investigate/research/learn
    • Integration opportunities ie: work-study programs
    • District needs analysis for capital items, including buses, wells, utilities, etc.
    • Understand risks/rewards from districts with similar programs
    • Understand risks/rewards for CISD

    Campus Site-Based Committees


    • Assist Principal in planning
    • Serve as a sounding board for school improvements
    • Discuss issues pertaining to staffing, budget, goal setting, curriculum, and school organization

    Requirements of All Members:

    • At least two parents and two community residents
    • At least three campus-based professional employees other than the principal
    • Not less than two-thirds of the professional employees serving on the committee shall be classroom teachers; the remaining employee members shall be non teaching professional employees
    • Classroom teachers shall be nominated and elected by all campus staff
    • Other campus-based non teaching professionals shall be nominated and elected by all campus staff

    Scheduled Meetings - Once a Month

    District Advisory Committee
    The District Advisory Committee is the District equivalent of campus site-based teams and, as such, plays an important role in Carroll ISD. The DAC is an integral part of District operations. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees. 


    • Planning, goal-setting and major classroom instructional programs
    • Planning and decision-making roles and responsibilities
    • Federal planning requirements
    • Annual review of the District Improvement Plan
    • Public meeting to discuss District performance
    • Carroll ISD discipline management, including the Student Code of Conduct annual review
    • Staff development planning
    • Appraisal process and performance criteria
    • Waivers submitted to TEA
    • Written reports that District employees are required to prepare
    • Curriculum coordination and articulation
    • Long-range strategic planning


    • October 13 (Virtual), 4:15-5:30 p.m.
    • December 1 (Virtual), 4:15-5:30 p.m.
    • February 23 (Virtual/In Person TBD), 4:15-5:30 p.m.
    • March 23 (Virtual/In Person TBD), 4:15-5:30 p.m.

    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
    The Board shall establish a local School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to assist the District in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the District’s health education instruction. Education Code 28.004(a)

    The SHAC shall meet at least four times each year. Education Code 28.004(d-1)

    The Board shall appoint at least five members to the council. A majority of the members must be parents of students enrolled in the District and must not be employed by the District. One of those members shall serve as chair or co-chair of the council.

    The Board may also appoint one or more public school teachers, public school administrators, District students, health-care professionals, members of the business community, law enforcement representatives, senior citizens, clergy, representatives of nonprofit health organizations, representatives of local domestic violence programs, or representatives of another group.

    The District must consider the recommendations of the local SHAC before changing the District’s health education curriculum or instruction. Education Code 28.004 (b)

    Meeting Dates: