Parking Information 2020-2021

  • High school students parking on campus MUST purchase a parking permit. Junior students will purchase a parking permit only, and Seniors have the option of a Parking Permit or a Reserved Parking Spot. Students will purchase their parking permit at the same time they purchase their reserved spot. A Reserved Spot is $200 total. Your parking permit number is the same number as your reserved parking spot.

    Click here to view a CSHS Parking Map before making your selction.

    Senior Reserved Spots are now sold out:

    • Auditorium Lot SOLD OUT
    • SAC Lot SOLD OUT

    Click below to purchase Parking Permit Only:

    Picking Up Your Permit
    Once you have purchased your permit, please come by the front office with proof of purchase, drivers license and current vehicle insurance to pick up your parking sticker. 

    Where do I put my permit on my car?
    The permit must be permanently affixed inside the front windshield on the passenger side. Parking lot rules must be followed or parking privileges may be withdrawn with no refund.  Carroll ISD is not responsible for damage, theft, or vandalism to any vehicle driven or parked on all CISD property, including students who have purchased a parking permit issued by CISD. All drivers parking on CISD property do so at their own risk. Student drivers must be aware they will be held responsible for any prohibited items that may be in their vehicle while on District property and subject to the CISD Student Code of Conduct, as well as any applicable federal, state, or City of Southlake laws regarding items that are prohibited on CISD school property. Your permit # is your reserved spot #!

    If you have a Drivers Permit and not a Driver License:
    If you have a drivers permit – enter the first 2 digits the month you will receive your driver license followed by six zeros.  For example:  if I will receive my driver license in September; I will enter “09-000000” – you will stop by the office once you receive your driver license before school starts to pick up your permit and do not need to report on the days above.


    1. If you purchased in the Auditorium Lot you may NOT paint your reserved spot!
    2. If the reserved spot you purchased has already been painted, you have the option of leaving it the way it is or painting over it as long as it is in the SAC lot.
    3. You may only paint within your reserved spot – do not paint on dividing lines.
    4. You cannot paint on the curb.
    5. All designs are subject to administrative approval.
    7. Don’t leave any paint cans, brushes, or rags lying around or get paint outside of your parking spot.
    8. Violation of any of these rules may result in the loss of your reserved spot without any refund.
    9. You may begin to paint your spot in the SAC any weekend.
    10. ALL paint cans, cones, brushes, etc. MUST be picked up prior to your departure from the parking lot and clear before school resumes on Monday!
    11. EXTRA PAINT can be donated to the Art Department in exchange for COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS. Paint drop-off at the door of the art building
    12. Other than that, have fun with your space in the SAC lot, be creative, and make it your own!