Academics & Scheduling

  • Naviance
    Naviance is a web-based system that you will use throughout high school for college and career planning, building a resume, communicating during the college application process, and much more!

    • Naviance provides you with assessments to identify strengths, interests, and career options.
    • It is important that you update your email address in your Naviance account! We communicate with juniors and seniors OFTEN through Naviance!

    Success Scholar Award
    For the Success Scholar distinction, a student must successfully complete the Foundation with Endorsements or the Distinguished Level of Achievement graduation plan, plus:

    • Three years of the same world language
    • A 70 or higher average in every course taken
    • 100 hours of community service

    Success Scholar is not one of the state approved graduation plans, therefore, it is not required. It is an honor given by CISD in recognition of our students who choose to go beyond academic requirements and give back to the community. Students who complete the requirements for Success Scholar by senior year receive a medallion to wear at their graduation ceremony.

    Guidelines for community service:

    • Service hours must be provided for nonprofit organizations.
    • Service hours may not be completed during the student’s school day.
    • Service hours mandated through Teen Court for citations are excluded.
    • Activities for which a student receives direct benefit or compensation/pay are excluded (i.e., fundraising for a field trip.)
    • Students may begin accumulating community service hours the summer after completion of 8th grade and continue through May 1 of their graduation year.

    X2VOL on Naviance

    • Students enter community services hours through x2VOL.
    • The link for x2VOL can be found on the student’s Naviance home page.
    • Detailed instructions for adding hours to your x2VOL account are located on the CSHS Counseling website.

    End of Course (EOCs) Assesments
    Students must take/pass 5 End of Course Exams to graduate.

    • Algebra I, Biology, English I - 9th  Grade
    • English II - 10th Grade
    • U.S. History - 11th Grade

    Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA)

    • We encourage all to be on the Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA) plan.
    • The DLA plan provides more post-secondary education opportunities.
    • The DLA plan is what colleges and universities want to see on a high school transcript (academic record.)
    • A student must earn Distinguished Level of Achievement to be eligible for Top 10% automatic admission.

    Endorsement Options

    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
    • Multi-Disciplinary (college preparatory coursework)
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Business and Industries
    • Public Service

    Performance Acknowledgements

    • A student may earn a performance acknowledgement:
    • for outstanding performance in or on:
      • dual credit courses
      • bilingualism and biliteracy
      • AP exams
      • PSAT, the SAT, or the ACT
    • for earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license

    Honors, PreAP, and AP
    In order to take an Honors, PreAP, or AP (Advanced Placement) class it is recommended a student should have either:

    • A grade of 92 or higher in the on level course in the same subject area.
    • A grade of 72 or higher in previous Honors, PreAP, or AP class in same subject area.
    • Waiver

    Dual Credit

    • According to The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Dual Credit allows a high school junior or senior to enroll in a college course and receive simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school.
    • Juniors may enroll in Govt, Econ, Public Speaking, and Sociology. All dual Credit courses are double blocked.
    • Students must have qualifying ACT, SAT, or TSI-A score to enroll in a Dual Credit course.

    Tips For Planning Ahead

    Before Selecting a Course

    • Think "destination" not just "journey.”
    • Refer to the Academic Panning Guide on the Counseling website for the following:
      • course descriptions
      • course prerequisites
      • grade placement
    • Know your requirements for graduation.
    • Consider college and career requirements.
    • If in doubt about credits for graduation and/or college entrance, see your counselor.

    Personal Graduation Plan

    • Counselors will help students complete their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP).
    • Your PGP/Endorsement/Course Selections must be electronically signed by a parent in Family Access.
    • Most important thing to remember: Nothing that is written on the PGP is permanent! All electives/endorsements can be changed from year to year during the high school registration process.

      10th Grade Presentation
      10th & 11th Grade Course Registration Information