EOC Testing


    STAAR EOC Test Administrations @ CSHS

    The new legislative made changes in June 2013 requiring students to take and pass the End-of-Course exam for Biology, Algebra I, English I, English II and U.S. History.

    Carroll Senior High will be administering End-of-Course retests on the dates below for students who have not yet passed the required EOC test. The retests will be given at Carroll Senior High School during the regular school day.

    Monday, December 9                                   English I (retest)
    Tuesday, December 10                                Algebra I (retest)
    Wednesday, December 11                        English II (retest)
    Thursday, December 12                             Biology / US History (retest)

    Monday, April 6                                               Algebra I (retest)
    Tuesday, April 7                                               English I (retest)
    Wednesday, April 8                                       English II (retest)
    Thursday, April 9                                            Biology / US History (retest)

    **NOTE: April 7 & 8 – Students who normally report to the high school for a class will go to the SAC at CSHS for attendance and study hall.

    The EOC test and date below will be for all students who are enrolled in US History for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020       US History

    Modified Bell Schedule for May 6:
    8:00-11:00                US History EOC Testing
    11:15-12:00             1st Block
    12:05-12:50             2nd Block
    12:55-1:40                3rd Block
    1:40-2:25                   Lunch
    2:30-3:21                   4th Block
    *Seniors will report at 11:00am and are expected to follow the modified bell schedule

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