Elementary Mathematics

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    Intermediate Math Courses

    • Grade Mathematics - Grade Mathematics includes all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) designated for 5th grade during the students 5th grade year and 6th mathematics standards during the students 6th grade year.
    • Compacted Mathematics - Compacted Mathematics is an advanced course offered in intermediate school. This course includes all of the TEKS designated for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade mathematics by the state of Texas during 5th and 6th grade.  If students are enrolled in this course, they will need to maintain an 80 average in order to remain in the course.
    • Accelerated Mathematics - Accelerated Mathematics is a rigorous course that covers all of the TEKS designated for 5th through 8th grade by the state of Texas during 5th and 6th grade. It is intended for students who think critically and have solid number sense. If students are enrolled in this course, they will need to maintain an 80 average in order to remain in the course.


    Intermediate Math Placement Resources

Secondary Mathematics

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    Please note that beginning in 21-22, the title PreAP will no longer exist and those courses will be called Advanced.

    5th to 8th Grade Math Course Sequences 
    5th - 8th Grade Math Flowchart

    Secondary Mathematics Course Options 
    Secondary Math Courses Sequence

    Middle School Math Course Information/Forms

    Are you newly enrolling a 7th or 8th Grader to Carroll ISD?
    Carroll ISD has various Pre-AP (Advanced) math courses (see Secondary Math Course Options) for CISD 7th and/or 8th graders who qualify .  Each math course requires a set of prerequisite skills for success. In order for newly enrolled CISD students to qualify for a PAP (Advanced) Middle School Math course, parents will need to provide the following documentation to the middle school campus for proper math placement.  Students coming from each school MUST bring the following:

    In-State Texas Public/Charter

    Out-of-State/Private Schools


    Most recent STAAR Scores*

    Students wanting to test into a CISD PAP (Advanced) Math course will have the opportunity to take a Math Placement Test.


    Please contact the campus counselor for math placement procedures.  

    In order to register for PAP (Advanced) Geometry in 8th grade, parents must provide documentation of High School Algebra 1 credit.  Documentation of HS Algebra 1 credit MUST be a:

    High School Transcript


     Letter from prior school district’s campus/central office stating that Algebra 1 was taken for High School

    *At this time, we understand that STAAR scores and other standardized test scores may not be available from Spring 2020.  Therefore, the academic records for all students enrolling in Carroll ISD will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine the most appropriate 2020-21 mathematics course.  If families wish to accelerate their students beyond what their academic records indicate, additional testing (Credit by Exam) may be required.

    **According to Texas Administrative Code 74.11 (j), students must have passed Pre-Algebra (8th grade math) in order to enroll in Algebra I the following year.

    Students not currently enrolled in Carroll ISD should inquire from their current district about possible Credit by Exam options.  Carroll ISD CANNOT administer a CBE to students not enrolled in CISD.   *Please note: Placement in a course will only occur if the credit is given to the campus before the beginning of a school year, regardless of when a CBE for acceleration is taken.