Who Makes Up the DDC?

  • Council’s Composition – 63 Total Members Originally/45 Total Members Currently

    • Two (2) representatives from each attendance zone at K-6 schools as follows:
      • One member of the school’s staff to serve as a campus liaison
      • One parent who is not an employee but has a child attending that school
    • Five (5) representatives from each attendance zone at 7-12 schools as follows:
      • One member of the school’s staff to serve as campus liaison
      • Two parents who are not employees but have a child attending that school
      • Two students representing each secondary school
    • Ten (10) appointees from the community at large as follows:
      • Three citizens at-large who reside in Carroll ISD
      • Seven citizen members appointed by the Board of Trustees
    • Two (2) CISD School Board Trustees
    • Two (2) CISD Administrative Liaisons

    Due to the large number of applicants (180 total), CISD added four more staff members, four more at-large parent/citizen representatives and four more student members to the original DDC. In addition, the City appointed one councilman to serve as a liaison. This brought the total number of participants, including the staff co-chairs Janet McDade and Tyisha Nelson to 63. Since presentation of the DDC's written plan in 2020, the Board decided to poll existing members to determine their interest in continuing on the DDC and also took applications to add seven additional members to the DDC.

    Council Membership Selection Process
    Campus principals facilitated the selection process at the attendance zone level from a pool of volunteers through a consensus process working with the campus site-based team and volunteers from their attendance zone. The Superintendent and his Cabinet facilitated the appointment of the three at-large members residing in Carroll ISD. Each Board Trustee appointed one citizen member. Candidates through a volunteer application process were considered as needed to fill the existing Council positions. All selected participants agreed to serve prior to January 2019.  In 2020, the Board of Trustees decided to add seven additional citizens to the DDC. The council membership now stands at 48 after some members opted not to continue their participation beyond the original two-year time of service.

    Council Leadership
    The Diversity Council was originally led by co-chairpersons selected by the Superintendent and School Board President. The Administration recommended that co-chairs be citizens and not employees of CISD and that they represent at least two of the Council’s minority populations.


    • Awas Amin (9th, CHS)
    • Yixuan Jing (12th CSHS)
    • Adam Lopez (12th CSHS)
    • Akshaya Meka (9th CHS
    • Nikki Olaleye (12th CSHS)
    • Camila Vivanco Reynaud (9th CHS)
    • Avery Schoenhals (12th CSHS)


    • Noreen Abramovitz 
    • Victor Avila 
    • Ron Bass 
    • Annette Charles 
    • Roshni Chowdhry
    • Eduardo DeLugo
    • Pam Francis
    • Angela Jones
    • Floyd Joseph
    • Toy Joyner
    • Rebecca Langston
    • Charl Lombard
    • Salima Madhani
    • Russell Maryland
    • Ray Mickens
    • Sheeza Mohsin
    • Mary Morgan 
    • Monique Oliveaux 
    • Riana Poullard
    • Michael Quinones 
    • Howard Rosenthal
    • Anis Sabeti
    • Paulina Purnama-Sehgal
    • Christy Stacy
    • Fred Stovall
    • Dr. John Thomas
    • Sridevi Vemulapalli
    • Bill Wilson 
    • Sadia Zaman


    • Paul Doucet (Choir, CSHS)
    • Eli Hawzipta (Math, CHS)
    • Tercel Herremann-Aydinli (Kindergarten, OUES)
    • Tim Johnston (Social Studies, CSHS)
    • Lisa Moan (2nd Grade, WGES)
    • Komal Panjabi (5th Grade Math, DIS)


    • Matt Bryant
    • Sheri Mills

    City Representative

    • Ronell Smith