Happy Birthday, Dragon!

  • Happy Birthday Dragon

    Nut Free? No Problem!

    Dragon Cafes at Elementary and Intermediate Campuses will now be offering several tasty options for class birthday treats.  Increasing allergy concerns make it a challenge to find the right treats for the “Nut Allergy Aware” school environment.  Items from the cafeteria are nut-free and produced on dedicated nut-free lines. 

    Ordering is Easy!

    1. Check with your child's teacher for potential food allergies in the classroom. 
    2. Check your student’s Lunch Account to ensure funds are available. Funds can be added by visiting My School Bucks or dropping cash or check off in the cafeteria.
    3. Fill out the “Happy Birthday, Dragon!” online form AT LEAST 1 WEEK before the day you wish for your child to celebrate with friends at school.
    4. Birthday treats will be available on the morning of your event by 8:30 a.m. Cafes will follow the treat disbursement policies of their particular campus.

    balloon dragon

    Treat Selection and Pricing
    Happy Birthday, Dragon! is available in 3 tasty options:

    Sugar Cookie Party

    • 1 oz Whole Grain Sugar Cookie ($5/dozen)

    Hershey’s Ice Cream Party

    • Choose up to 2 Ice cream flavor for the class ($1/each)
    • LF vanilla, LF chocolate, LF strawberry cup,
    • NF Cotton Candy Twister
    • NF Sour Green Apple
    • RF Mighty Mini Bar
    • GF Polar Blast

    Pop Star Gourmet Pops Party

    • Choose up to 2 gourmet flavors per/class ($1.50/each)
    • Strawberry Lemonade
    • Mango
    • Fruit Punch