• District Health Services: Parents's Guide to Head Lice

    Head Lice Management Procedures

    Screening Procedures:
    School nurses will screen students for lice on an individual student basis.  Privacy shall be maintained to avoid embarrassment.

    1. Referral for screening is based on these common symptoms:
      • Frequent scratching of the head and/or back of the neck
      • Student stating that their head is itching
      • Pink/red marks on the scalp and/or scabs on the scalp/back of the neck
      • Yellowish white or brown nits (egg sacks) attached to strands of hair that can’t be washed out or flicked off with the finger
      • White to gray crawling forms in the hair about the size of sesame seeds.
    2. Entire classroom screenings and campus-wide screenings will not be routinely used. A group screening may be performed on occasion at the request of the campus principal when there is concern of an infestation in either a classroom or a specific grade.  Parent permission is not needed to examine a student for possible head lice. 
    3. The school nurse shall examine siblings attending the same campus of a student with pediculosis. The nurse will also be responsible for notifying the school nurses of other campuses where siblings are in attendance.

    Parent/Guardian Notification:

    1. A parent or guardian of a student with lice shall be notified and the student will be sent home for a treatment.
    2. Students who have evidence of head lice will be sent home from school so that treatment may begin as quickly as possible. The nurse shall provide the student’s parent/guardian information regarding appropriate treatment and prevention of head lice transmission.
    3. Students who have lice or nits are not permitted at school.
    4. If a student in the classroom is found to have head lice, a general information letter will be sent out to parents/guardians of students in the classroom. These letters are sent at the discretion of the campus principal with input from the school nurse.

    Readmission Criteria:  Students who have been excluded from school for lice shall be readmitted to school upon:

    • Examination by the school nurse prior to readmission to the classroom. Parents need to accompany their child to the clinic prior to readmission and be present during the examination.  The nurse will allow the student to return to the classroom when no signs of live lice or nits are present.