• Dawson Middle School - Attendance Procedures

    Arriving to School

    Our school day runs from 8:40am-3:40pm.  The front lobby is open from 7:30am to 8:00am for early arrivals.  From 8:00am-8:40am, students should be dropped off in the back of the school, unless they have a sibling attending Eubanks Intermediate. 

    From 8:40am to 9:00am, students arriving at school may sign themselves in (without a parent present) at the Attendance window in the Front Office.

    After 9:00am, students arriving at, or returning to, school must be signed in by a parent/guardian, with one exception: if the student is arriving from a medical appointment and has a doctor’s note, they may sign themselves into school. 

    Leaving During the School Day

    Students may not leave the building during the school day unless an authorized person signs them out at the Attendance window in the Front Office.  For the safety and protection of the student, the person signing them out will need to show picture identification and must be on the student’s Emergency Contact List.

    In deciding to sign a student out of school, please be aware that we record and track attendance for every class period during the day to determine eligibility for course credit. 

    Student Absent from School

    Each day their student will not be at school, a parent/guardian must either

    1. Call the attendance office (817-949-5500), OR
    2. Email the Attendance Secretary (carolyn.wright@southlakecarroll.edu).

    Homework During Absences

    Students are encouraged to check Canvas and their teachers’ websites for missed homework assignments.  If they have questions or trouble accessing their assignments, they may email the relevant teacher for help.


    Additional Resources

    Please see the Dawson Middle School Student Handbook for additional information on attendance policies and procedures.