Culture Survey

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    Carroll ISD conducted a voluntary, anonymous Culture Survey in December 2019.

    Results were shared publicly by K12 Insight at the February 3, 2020 School Board meeting.

    Carroll ISD believes every child deserves an excellent education in a safe environment. We must ensure that we’re working together to accomplish goals that will help our students succeed both in and out of the classroom. Our Dragon family is becoming more and more diverse, and CISD is working on a plan to help students and staff become more Culturally Competent to celebrate and embrace that diversity.

    Who conducted the survey?
    CISD, in conjunction with the District Diversity Council, invited each Dragon family with a currently enrolled student to take part in the #WeAreDragons Culture Survey to help us develop our comprehensive Cultural Competence Action Plan. CISD/DDC partnered with an independent research and communications firm, K12 Insight, to administer the survey and compile the results. 

    What kind of questions were asked?
    Participants were asked questions about their family and how they perceive the current culture in Carroll ISD. All of the questions were designed to get to know our Dragon family better. Who Are We?

    Several questions in the survey addressed overall parent perceptions about diversity in CISD, as well as culture and climate, safety and behavior, access and opportunities, policies and procedures, curriculum and instruction, family support and inclusion, and demographic questions. The survey was rather lengthy, so participants were able to take the online survey, and were allowed to return to the link to finish their responses through the survey deadline.

    What will CISD/DDC do with the survey data?
    The data collected in this culture survey will assist CISD and DDC with key components of the Cultural Competence Action Plan, including the:

    • integration of culturally competent lessons across PK-12 curriculum & instruction;
    • alignment of culturally responsive policies and procedures;
    • planning of guest speakers, diversity celebrations and programming;
    • implementation of staff training;
    • recruitment and retention of quality staff; and
    • communications and cultural outreach.

    When did the survey launch?
    The parent survey started on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 10 a.m. The first guardian listed in Skyward Family Access received an email from K-12 Insight with a link to the survey. 

    Employee Surveys were sent at 10 a.m. on December 11, 2019. 

    Students in grades 7-12 were invited to take the survey during English or advisory classes. Their teachers provided instructions and they took the survey on their district-issued laptops or personal cell phones.

    What was the deadline to complete the survey?
    The survey closed at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.  Participants received several reminders about the deadline between Dec. 4-18.

    Who took the survey?
    Each household with a student currently attending a Carroll ISD campus received one copy of the survey per family. Shorter staff and student (grades 7-12) surveys were conducted during school hours in mid-December. 

    What exactly is the DDC?
    For the past year, a 63-member District Diversity Council (DDC) has been studying the changing demographics and researching ways other school districts have addressed bias reduction and cultural competence. The DDC already made recommendations to the School Board to revise the Student Code of Conduct to better align discipline consequences for inappropriate acts that target an individual or group of individuals for their race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age. Now, we would like to hear more from our Dragon families about you and your child’s experiences in Carroll ISD. As part of this work, the district, in conjunction with the DDC, is asking all parents and guardians to take part in a voluntary, confidential survey - #WeAreDragons.

    Was the survey anonymous?
    Yes, individual survey results are anonymous and confidential and go straight to K-12 Insight. The overall results, however, were shared with the general public on February 3, 2020.

    When can the public see the results?
    K-12 Insight shared the results of the Culture Survey at the February 3, 2020 School Board meeting. This meeting was videotaped and placed online for public viewing. The results of the survey are also on the DDC website.

    Why were parents asked to respond based on the experiences of their oldest child currently attending CISD?

    The survey was already lengthy and would have been way to long for anyone to complete if they had to answer the perception questions for each child in their household, so to reduce the length, K12Insight suggested the questions be answered based on the experiences of the oldest child attending a CISD school. In most cases, the oldest child attending CISD has the most experiences in CISD. However, for those families who had input about a specific situation or concern for younger children, there was an open-ended question at the end of the survey.