Communications from CISD

  • Updated 8.9.2020
    Carroll school officials received updated guidelines from Tarrant County Health Department at 3 p.m. on Friday, August 7. The document serves as a guide for offering in-person instruction and outlines how TCHD will handle case investigation, self-isolation and quarantine orders and recommendations for school districts on a case-by-case basis.

    Tarrant County Health Department Guidelines

    Updated 7.29.2020 - Carroll ISD To Offer In-Person and Virtual Instruction

    Dragon Families,
    After careful thought and much feedback, Carroll ISD has decided to offer both In-Person Instruction and Dragon Virtual Academy Instruction beginning on the first day of school for students Monday, August 24.
    We know this decision will bring mixed reaction from students, staff and parents. We are sensitive to the many concerns that have been shared not only about physical health and safety, but the social-emotional well-being of the students we serve. We know this has been frustrating for many of you to have so many changing announcements that affect our ability to plan for the fall. We believe it is time to finalize our decision and announce it to our CISD community.
    As a district, we will continue to rely upon the state and county medical experts and their recommendations related to safety protocols and mitigation efforts, keeping in close contact with the Tarrant County Health Department, specifically, as they guide us through the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of our students and staff is a top priority and we will continue to plan for the 2020-2021 school year with significant measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus. It was clear yesterday, however, that the Texas Attorney General placed the responsibility of deciding the opening of schools on the local districts.
    The CISD School Board and Administration have been listening to the feedback of our staff, parents and following the guidance of the Texas Education Agency. We believe that between 60-70 percent of our families are likely to choose In-Person Instruction, leaving 30-40 percent who will choose Dragon Virtual Academy at least for the first nine-week grading period. Offering parents a choice gives us the opportunity to bring staff back to work with fewer students in the classroom to help us with social distancing and implementation of our new safety protocols.
    We will begin visiting with staff about those who might be needed or willing to teach virtually from their classroom after Annual Student Verification closes August 4. Having both options available to parents does not mean that every teacher will be expected to simultaneously teach in-person and virtually. The newly installed webcams offer our teachers flexibility that would not be possible sitting in front of laptop cameras. We look forward to providing you with training, and we have plans to also train 20 substitutes to help with virtual learning should a staff member have to self-isolate or experiences symptoms.
    We know our staff and parents will have many questions related to the safety protocols we will have in place for the fall. CISD is providing Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning materials, desk shields, hand sanitizer and other training/guidance to help protect staff and students while in class. We understand that as a district or as an individual campus we may face temporary closures due to COVID-19 cases. If and when that happens, we will work with Tarrant County Health to respond appropriately.
    CISD is planning an interactive live Q&A session with the Superintendent and School Board President, as well as staff from our Student Services Department at 6:30 p.m. Thursday night (July 30) on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.  This event is being held so parents can ask questions to assist in making the choice for their child for the first nine-week period.  The district will share more information about this Dragon Chat Live. It will be recorded and posted to CISD social media sites for those who cannot participate or attend the live event.
    We are looking forward to kicking off a successful new school year for all our Dragon families. This has been a difficult time to say the least, but together, we will remain #DragonStrong.
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 7.21.2020 - School Year To Begin Online

    Copy of Tarrant County Health Order

    Dragon Staff,

    Tarrant County just issued a joint control order of the local health authorities calling for all school districts in the county to begin the 2020-2021 school year online with virtual learning. The order is in place until September 28, 2020 and restricts indoor extracurricular activities and events, but allows some outdoor extracurricular activities/events that follow safety protocols and mask orders. CISD will continue to read and interpret the new order in light of the UIL’s announcement this morning about revised schedules for fall sports.

    The county order means that Carroll ISD will begin the school year online, with teachers and support staff allowed in the building to deliver online instruction. Social distancing and safety protocols will be in place for those staff returning to work. The order does give school districts some flexibility to serve students with disabilities or special needs with an in-person setting when possible.

    In addition to the order from Tarrant County, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) released modifications to the 2020-2021 UIL calendar and updated its COVID-19 risk mitigation guidelines. Our Athletic Department staff is reviewing this information and will communicate additional details for each of our secondary campuses as soon as possible.

    We announced yesterday that CISD intends to ask the School Board for a five-day delayed start for students. This change to the 2020-2021 calendar was discussed at last night’s meeting. Trustees supported the call for five extra days to train teachers once they are back on contract, but wanted families to know and have the facts as soon as possible. A special meeting to vote on the proposed change is likely to be called. If approved, this means students would begin learning online Monday, August 24 instead of August 17. The additional five days will be spent ensuring that teachers are trained and comfortable with plans to roll out our Dragon Virtual Academy.

    While we strongly believe that face-to-face learning and connection is most beneficial for the vast majority of students, we have streamlined our process and dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the virtual learning experience will be successful for students and families. Students will be required to participate in a full day of instruction as required by the Texas Education Agency. The curriculum taught as part of the Dragon Virtual Academy will be the same curriculum content and rigor that is taught in-person. The mode of instruction will vary by grade level and subject matter.

    The Dragon Virtual Academy will vastly differ from the emergency learning that occurred in the spring. For Grades 3-12, the experience this fall will include a higher level of teacher-student interaction in a synchronous setting. Students will have set instructional times as well as self-paced learning. Specific times will be set for direct instruction. Students will be required to be “present” via Zoom for these sessions.

    For younger students in PK through Grade 2, asynchronous and synchronous learning will occur. Staff will deliver a teacher-designed online course with a variety of opportunities for whole group discussion, small group sessions and pre-recorded videos.

    CISD will be releasing more details about the Dragon Virtual Academy this Thursday!

    Despite today’s county order moving all schools online until September 28, the CISD leadership team is continuing its work toward reopening school buildings by allowing parents to complete Annual Student Verification July 27-August 4. Knowing each family’s preference for their individual children will help. At a time when the buildings can reopen, those families who have indicated they prefer in-person instruction can transition their children from the virtual learning setting to physical attendance in the classroom with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

    As we mentioned, there is some flexibility in the county order to assist districts with serving students with disabilities or special needs. We will work as a staff to quickly and thoroughly implement services for these identified students and their families. More information will be forthcoming for those who qualify. Please visit our Fall Planning Guide website to read updates as they are posted.

    CISD leaders will continue to monitor the guidance and direction issued from local health officials, as well as the Texas Education Agency, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the University Interscholastic League. We understand the reality of the challenges today’s order means for our families with working parents. We can only offer our pledge to reopen our buildings as soon as the health authorities believe it is safe to do so.

    We know today’s news is disappointing and opinions vary greatly on the impact COVID-19 has on youth. However, CISD believes we must join other Tarrant County schools in listening to the health experts tasked with helping to ensure the public’s safety by slowing the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and support during an extremely difficult time. Our focus right now is on the delivery of a robust online instructional experience that will kick-start the 2020-2021 school year, bringing us all closer to the day when we can welcome your children back to their classrooms for in-person learning.

    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 7.15.2020 - #DragonStrong Newsletter from CISD

    Dragon Families,

    Please take a few moments to read our latest #DragonStrong newsletter.  We continue to plan for in-person and virtual learning August 17, but we are also closely monitoring information across the state from districts releasing their fall plans even as they are responding to new county orders or restrictions in their areas. No major announcements from Tarrant County today. We will do our best to keep you updated.

    Stay safe, Dragons!

    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 7.15.2020 - Message from Band Director Ken Johnson

    Dragon Band Families

    After meetings with our Band Staff as well as Carroll ISD Administration, and with the safety of our students as our absolute greatest concern, we have made the very difficult decision to not participate in competitive marching band activities this fall. Due to the drastically increased community spread of COVID-19 in Texas and greater Dallas Fort-Worth Area, there are too many associated risks and uncertainties with how, or if, marching competitions will take place this fall.

    Undertaking a competitive marching season involves a significant amount of time, energy, and funds from the school district, booster club, band families, and greater Southlake community. We take these investments seriously and believe it is in everyone’s best interest to use these resources to support a marching experience that safely allows all students to participate.

    While we are extremely disappointed that our outstanding marching band will not compete this year, we are having ongoing discussions about ways to provide our students with a positive experience that is attainable under the current health crisis. Our current vision is to form a voluntary pep band, made up of Varsity and JV marchers, that will participate in the stands at Dragon Football games. This group would then possibly add a time-reduced halftime show at some point in the season, again, based on an environment where it is determined for students to safely march.

    We will be sending a survey out soon to determine which students are interested in volunteering for the football pep band. At the appropriate time, we will also have discussions about exploring the possibility of forming an Indoor Winds group this spring, to complement Carroll Indoor Percussion and our Winter Guard. As of now, summer band will begin on Monday, August 3rd. Detailed plans will be released soon, with specific guidelines focusing on student and teacher safety.

    Carroll ISD will continue to closely monitor local, state, and national guidelines to help guide us in making appropriate adjustments throughout the fall. While we know this news will come as a disappointment to many, we remain committed to our “safety first” policy for our students and community. We are whole-heartedly dedicated to providing our talented student-musicians with meaningful and safe outlets for expression and opportunities for camaraderie with friends and the band community. Please continue to be safe during these trying times.

    With pride, Ken Johnson
    Director of Bands, Carroll I.S.D.
    Fine Arts Department Chair

    Updated 6.25.2020 - Draft Fall Planning Guide Posted and Survey Link Sent

    Dragon Families,
    We just posted our DRAFT Fall Planning Guide on the Carroll ISD website.  We appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into planning for our first day of school for students in August. Thanks especially to our Instructional Task Force led by Dr. Janet McDade and a team of CISD instructional leaders and administrators. Now all Dragon parents and staff members get a chance to be a part of the Task Force’s work.
    Please review this DRAFT plan carefully and then, after you are familiar with our proposed safety protocols and plans, please take the survey as a parent using the link below. 
    (survey link removed)
    We value your feedback and are working to make the best decisions possible, while taking into consideration state, local and county health expert advice and Texas Education Agency requirements.
    You have until July 9 to complete the survey.
    Did we mention this is a DRAFT???  The plan is subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic changes, too. CISD may conduct more surveys before school starts, to include a survey of our students in grades 5-12 to find out their thoughts and concerns about returning to school. The information from all our surveys will be shared publicly and considered carefully before a final plan is announced in August.
    Stay safe and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 6.24.20 - Important COVID-19 Update From Carroll ISD

    Parents, athletes and staff,

    Carroll ISD was notified today that a third male athlete tested positive for COVID-19. This particular athlete has not been at workouts since last Thursday, June 18. Family members believe he may have contracted the virus from a family friend. He experienced a slight headache, but no fever beginning on Monday. Despite minimal impact on his health, the athlete was tested for COVID-19 and found to be positive.

    He is a multi-sport athlete who attended several workouts for CISD and was also present at other facilities and events in the community. The coaches, athletes and their families who were in contact with this student at CISD workouts have already been notified and required to quarantine for a 14-day period from the first onset of symptoms Monday. The quarantine is required by both the University Interscholastic League and the Tarrant County Health Department.

    School officials have been conferring with county and state health experts as the number of COVID-19 cases rise. The district is complying with guidelines set forth by the University Interscholastic League. Please continue to practice social distancing and do what you can to minimize contact with others. Carpooling and gatherings on weekends and evenings are discouraged. Student athletes are encouraged to minimize their interactions with others before/after school workouts. County officials are currently discussing stricter requirements for wearing masks in public. To date, however, these restrictions have not been recommended for students.

    CISD is currently discussing whether or not to send mass notifications for each and every COVID-19 positive case. Staff, of course, would continue to make immediate notifications to those individuals who have come into close contact with the affected student or coach at a CISD or Performance Course workout so that they can properly quarantine and be tested.

    Administration Center Closed Until July 6

    The Administration Center closed to the public mid-week following a water-line break on the property. In addition, the district is experiencing an increase in the number of employees who have either been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19, came into contact with someone who may have been exposed or have a family member being tested for COVID-19. As a result of vacation schedules and employee quarantine requirements, the district Administration Center will be closed until July 6 to allow staff to safely work from home.

    DRAFT Fall Planning Guide & Survey Links Coming

    Thursday afternoon, CISD will be releasing its DRAFT Fall Planning Guide for the 2020-2021 School Year. A survey link, along with the DRAFT Fall Planning Guide, will be sent to each employee and parent via email at 4 p.m. The survey will remain open until noon on Thursday, July 9. It should be noted, that the Texas Education Agency on Tuesday, delayed sharing information with school leaders about in-person instruction for the fall. CISD, however, would like to begin collecting parent and employee feedback on three proposed instructional delivery models, as well as other proposed safety protocols.  A separate survey for CISD students in grades 5-12 will be sent to collect student feedback in July.

    Thank you for your understanding as we manage this changing situation.

    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 6.21.2020 - Second COVID-19 Case Reported

    Parents, athletes, and staff,
    Carroll ISD was notified today that a second male athlete who attended high school workouts this past week has tested positive for COVID-19. This second athlete began feeling lethargic and tired Thursday evening and started a low-grade fever on Saturday. The athlete was not in contact with or connected to the first positive COVID-19 case.
    This second case involved an athlete that participated in multiple workout cohorts (small groups) last week, including a cohort of 3 with Performance Course, 6 in one sport and 8 in yet another sport. He was not showing any symptoms during this week’s workouts. The coaches and athletes in each of these cohorts have already been contacted that they have to quarantine for two weeks and should be tested.
    The coaches, athletes and their families will all be required to quarantine for a 14-day period from the first onset of symptoms, which was Thursday evening. The quarantine is required by both the University Interscholastic League and the Tarrant County Health Department.
    Health Department officials toured the indoor workout facility and the weight room at Carroll Sr. High School last week and cleared the facilities to reopen Monday. However, CISD and PC have decided to keep the workouts outside until further notice. Tarrant County Health Department officials were impressed with the safety protocols CISD and PC have in place.
    Athletic Director Steve Keasler said he is proud of the coaches and students for following the safety protocols for social distancing. There’s no reason to believe that either athlete contracted the virus at the workouts. Thankfully both athletes are doing okay and symptoms have been minor.
    That said, baseball will be canceling their workouts until after the July 4th holiday due to a shortage of coaches. PC (both middle school and high school) and other UIL sports will continue their workouts as planned.
    Please continue to practice social distancing and do what you can to minimize contact with others. Carpooling and gatherings on weekends and evenings can also spread the virus. Student athletes are encouraged to minimize their interactions with others before/after workouts.
    Carroll ISD will continue to work with the UIL and TCHD to implement safety protocols. These mass notifications are to keep the CISD parents and staff informed and to give each family an opportunity to make decisions in the best interest of their child. The district is expected to receive guidelines Tuesday from the Texas Education Agency about starting school in the fall.
    We will continue to keep our Dragon family informed and appreciate your patience with us and with everyone during these unprecedented times. Keep in mind that it is not the fault of these student athletes who have been exposed at some point to the virus and each family understands that by allowing their student athlete to participate in this and other activities where friends and family are involved, there is a chance for possible exposure and/or quarantine.
    We wish the two athletes and all those being quarantined our best. Please report to CISD if you experience symptoms or find yourself exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing with health officials is an important step in the process to prevent the spread of the virus and resume in-person activities. We will continue to cautiously move forward as we face new and uncertain times because of COVID-19. We appreciate the cooperation of PC, as well as all the Dragon families and coaches involved.
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 6.15.2020 - Student Athlete Tests Positive for COVID-19

    Parents, athletes and staff,

    Carroll ISD was notified today that a male athlete who attended the Performance Course and sport-specific summer strength and conditioning program for football in the indoor workout facility and the weight room at Carroll Senior High School has tested positive for COVID-19. 

    Coaches and athletes in the student’s cohort group have already been contacted individually. The coaches and athletes in this small cohort group will be required to quarantine for two weeks and will not be allowed back to workouts during that period per the University Interscholastic League rules. 

    CISD has notified the Tarrant County Health Department of the confirmed COVID-19 case and will work cooperatively with TCHD staff to follow recommendations. Although cleaning has been occurring nightly, the district plans to close both the indoor workout facility and the CSHS weight room temporarily so that they can be disinfected and deeply sanitized. 

    Workouts will continue for all other sports. The football program, as well as all high school and middle school Performance Course workouts, will move to the outdoor practice fields at CSHS until further notice. PC pick-up and drop-off will remain in the same general areas, but no athlete or coach will be allowed in the indoor workout facility or the weight room until further notice. 

    All athletic staff and students who were not in the small cohort group, but attended last week’s football workout are instructed to continue to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations and to practice social distancing while working out. Staff and students are urged to contact Carroll ISD at the first sign they begin showing any symptoms. 

    Based on the information that we have gathered, it has been determined that the end of the 14-day incubation period for anyone possibly exposed to this student athlete is Wednesday, June 24.

    Thankfully, the high school student athlete who tested positive appears to be doing well. Initial symptoms included sore throat and heavy breathing. The student attended the football workout on Monday, June 8 and Tuesday, June 9, but became ill and has not returned since. The positive COVID-19 test was confirmed today. 

    Out of an abundance of caution, we advise you to monitor your health, follow the CDC guidelines for people who have had close contact and contact your primary care physician if you develop symptoms. As long as your athlete is showing no symptoms and you as a parent desire for your child to return to the summer workout program, CISD will allow the workouts to continue.

    We will monitor this situation and provide additional information as needed.  We hope for a successful recovery for our student. 


    David J. Faltys, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools 

    Updated 5.31.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Here is the link to our final Sunday afternoon #DragonStrong newsletter during COVID-19 closures. Be sure to follow the Tuesday/Thursday eBlasts for information on summer hours and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. Daily eBlasts will resume in August.

    Have a safe and restful summer break! Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team 

    Updated 5.24.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Well, the finish line is near! This has been more of a sprint than a marathon, but the end of the 2019-2020 school year is finally approaching. Monday you don’t have to worry about any online learning because it is a school holiday. Join us in remembering those who served in our Armed Forces and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The last official day of online remote learning is Thursday!

    We have pledged to keep you informed through this COVID-19 closure, and this week is no different. Below is the link to our Sunday afternoon #DragonStrong newsletter. Please read it carefully for information about our PK-12 Choice Projects for students, the graduation rain plan and other end-of-year details. We don’t have the live stream links yet for graduation, but you can watch it on Facebook or You Tube. Rest assured we will share the links with everyone when we receive them!

    If you plan to spend time at the pool on Memorial Day, please be watchful and water smart. If your fun takes you to the lake to boat or spend time with family, wear a life jacket. And finally, it looks like we may need to be weather aware this week, so watch for our #SAFEdragon posts should they be necessary.

    We see you Dragons! The victory tape is waiting. Finish #DragonStrong, and we’ll be the first ones there waiting to celebrate you!

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 5.17.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Below is the link to this week’s #DragonStrong newsletter that will go out to CISD families at 4 p.m. There is a lot of information in this week’s communication, including information about the state’s optional end-of-year assessments, Term 4 progress reports in Skyward Family Access, and our Modified Graduation Plan for the Class of 2020.

    We hope you have a beautiful Sunday afternoon as we all prepare for Week 9 of online remote learning. Just two more weeks left in the 2019-2020 school year, and we get Memorial Day off!!!! Stay strong, Dragons. We are almost there.

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 5.10.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Happy Mother’s Day to all our Dragon Moms! We hope you are having a wonderful day today. Below is the link to this week’s #DragonStrong newsletter.

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 5.3.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    What a beautiful Sunday afternoon! We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warm 90+ temps by getting outdoors and spending time as a family. Looks like we could be in for some rain later in the week. As we move into Week 7 of online learning, we have a few updates to share. You can access this week’s #DragonStrong newsletter by following the link below.

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 4.26.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Wow! We have been busy planning for the last stretch of our school year. As you enter Week 6 of online learning, we know you have lots of questions about how we will handle end-of-year activities and special recognitions. Our campus principals are carefully thinking of all your questions and plan to send some direct communications to you that will share how to get yearbooks, personal items still at school and ways to celebrate our rising kindergarten, fourth and sixth grade students.

    This week’s #DragonStrong newsletter is full of information about summer school, graduation plans and other ways we hope to honor students who are missing out on in-person Dragon traditions. Be sure to read it carefully and follow the links. We hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your families, but get ready. . .May is almost here, and we want a strong finish to this crazy, but memorable school year. You are doing great teachers and parents. Let’s use the rest of this year to continue to dig deeper into our content areas and reinforce skills these kids will need when they return to class in the fall.

    Click the link below to read this week’s newsletter, honor a Carroll grad as this week’s Dragon Hero on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 and to hear a special video message for the Class of 2020.

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 4.19.2020 - Sunday Message to Dragon Families

    Dragon Families,

    It’s Sunday afternoon and that means another edition of our #DragonStrong newsletter. It was tough Friday to hear the Governor’s executive order closing school facilities for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. News that the UIL canceled the rest of the competition season was equally as tough. But we are still here, and learning will continue. Not only are we planning some special things for the Class of 2020, but we also hope to plan a time of reunion and closure for our students and teachers once the threat of COVID-19 diminishes.

    Special thanks to all of you who have purchased a #DragonStrong yard sign to support student and staff mental wellness programs. Thanks also for sending us pictures and information we can feature online thanking Carroll alumni and family members who are serving on the front lines of the battle against #COVID-19. This week’s newsletter provides links to counseling support services, our School Budget FAQ and Week 5 Teacher-Based Instruction Lessons. Just click on the links highlighted and/or a headline to learn more. And remember, the Dragon eBlast comes to your email box each Tuesday and Thursday during our emergency closure, as well as throughout the summer.

    And now, here’s your Sunday communication from Carroll ISD. Just click on the link below to read this week’s message.

    Stay safe and healthy,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 4.17.2020 - Governor Orders Schools Closed For Remainder of 2019-2020

    Dragon Families,

    Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced that he is amending his Executive Order calling now for all schools to remain closed in the state of Texas through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

    Despite the disappointing news that we cannot safely open our facilities for school the rest of 2019-2020, Carroll ISD will still continue online remote learning and meal delivery for qualifying students. This means all Carroll ISD facilities will remain closed, and school events/activities are canceled through the end of May.

    NOTE: CISD is expecting to receive further guidance from state and local health experts regarding planned and/or rescheduled graduation events.

    In light of the Governor’s announcement affecting the school year, CISD leaders will discuss and announce more information in the near future about the status of summer school, sports/academic camps and facility rentals in June. The district will still provide summer school online, if facilities cannot open in June.

    Today Texas has 17,371 cases in 192 counties with 428 deaths. A total of 169,536 Texans have been tested. In Tarrant County alone there are 1,175 cases, 187 people who have recovered and 35 deaths. The US leads all other countries with 632,548 cases and 31,071 deaths. Southlake has 20 cases with six people who have recovered and one death.

    Health officials say the physical-distancing restrictions are working to flatten the curve, preventing significant spread of COVID-19 and ensuring our healthcare system can handle those who are ill. 

    Today’s breaking news about the Governor’s extensive Executive Order and a new COVID-19 state Strike Force that will be charged with safely reopening Texas state parks and businesses came out at noon, so our CISD Leadership Team does not have all the answers to questions the announcement about schools will generate.

    We will diligently do our best to communicate information as we decide and/or learn more from the Governor’s plan. Dragon families can still expect to receive the next CISD #dragonstrong communication at 4 pm Sunday.

    Our hearts go out to leaders and employees with the City of Southlake who announced the passing of one of their beloved public works employees. She died as the result of complications from COVID-19 but was an otherwise healthy 43-year-old mom. We extend our sympathy and grieve with her family and coworkers over this tremendous loss.

    We miss our students. We miss our staff. We miss being together. But we know this is the right decision to ensure the safety of all in Carroll ISD. We look forward to finding more creative ways to connect with our students, to celebrate the Class of 2020 and to support the “reopen” plan for Texas.

    Our hearts are heavy today, but hope is on the horizon. Thank you for your ongoing support and efforts to show that our community is #DragonStrong💚.

    Stay healthy and well,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 4.8.20 - Carroll ISD To Hold Online Class Friday

    Carroll ISD annually includes two bad weather days in the school calendar adopted by the School Board. Before the district can apply for any kind of state waiver for school closures/funding based on instructional days and/or required minutes, the district must first expend or use its unused bad weather days. This year, the bad weather days in our adopted calendar were February 14 and April 10. We did not have inclement weather prior to February 14, therefore, that unused bad weather day was a school holiday for staff and students. The district’s emergency closure for COVID-19, however, will affect the second bad weather day scheduled for this Friday. CISD must now use this Friday, April 10, as an instructional day, and all professional staff will treat it as a work day.

    Most of the professional staff were given off Monday, March 16 (originally scheduled as a professional development day) in exchange for this Friday’s work day. Friday is not a work day for paraprofessional and auxiliary staff. If for religious purposes a professional employee decides to take Friday off as a Holy day, you need to contact your supervisor and put a personal day into the online leave system per Policy DEC (Legal). An employee who requests this day off for religious purposes but has no leave days available may still take the day off, but without pay.

    Students will be expected to complete online learning assignments on Friday, which is now considered a school day. For students in grades 9-12, Friday will be a “B” day. We will continue to follow the A/B calendar, which also means Monday, April 20 is a “B” day. Any student that wishes to take Friday off for religious purposes, must send an email to his/her teacher and copy the principal. These students will receive an excused absence according to Policy FEA (Legal) and will have one additional day to complete assignments. Students taking Good Friday off for religious purposes with prior notification, will have until Monday, April 13 to complete online assignments originally due Friday, April 10.


    Updated 4.5.20 - Sunday Communication to Dragon Families

    Dragon Families,

    Please check out the link below to access our 4.5.2020 communication and a video from Superintendent David Faltys. This week’s newsletter contains information about community service hours, kindergarten registration, GT Week and more.

    Stay safe and healthy,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 3.31.20 - Carroll ISD Now Closed Until May 4

    Carroll ISD Now Closed Until May 4 By Order of Governor Greg Abbott

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott amended his Executive Order today, calling for all schools to remain closed in the state of Texas until May 4th. This means Carroll ISD facilities will be closed and all events/activities canceled until May 4; online learning and meal delivery will continue.

    Governor Abbott was joined by Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner John Hellerstedt, MD, Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd, and Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath.

    Although Carroll ISD has been following the recommendations of the Tarrant County Health Department, this new Executive Order officially extends the district’s April 17th closure announcement until May 4.

    Today Texas has 3,266 cases in 122 counties with 41 deaths. A total of 42,922 Texans have been tested, which means less than 10 percent have tested positive. In Tarrant County alone there are 273 cases, 8 people who have recovered and one death. The US now has more than double the number of COVID-19 cases as China and leads all other countries with 163,539 cases. Health officials here are projecting the state’s COVID-19 cases to peak around May 1. The Governor reported that only 2.4 percent of the state’s available hospital beds are currently being used.

    The number of COVID-19 cases in Southlake doubled overnight to 11. Carroll ISD is beginning to receive confirmation that some of our own employees, students, and their family members are coming down with symptoms and now presumed positive for COVID-19. Exposure while at school is significantly unlikely because the district has now been closed since spring break.  However, Carroll ISD is committed to deep cleaning and disinfecting any classroom where a positive or presumed case is known.

    Updated 3.29.20 - Grades & Semester Exams Plan

    Dragon Staff,

    Please check out the link below to access our 4 p.m. Sunday communication and a video from Superintendent David Faltys. The link includes helpful information about Carroll ISD’s Grades and Semester Exam Plan during our extended COVID-19 closure. It also has links to our updated COVID-19 website.

    Stay safe and healthy,
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 3.27.20 - Carroll ISD Closed Through April 17

    Dragon Families,

    After consulting with Tarrant County Health officials, Carroll ISD is joining other area school districts in extending our emergency closure. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Carroll ISD will be closed through April 17. Online learning and meal delivery will continue throughout the closure.

    As of today, Texas has more than 1,700 cases in 105 counties, and the United States surpassed both China and Italy in the number of COVID-19 cases. It’s clear that our communities need more time to flatten the curve and prevent rapid spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Please join all of us in Carroll ISD as we follow the emergency disaster orders and social distancing restrictions set forth by our city, county and state officials. Together, we believe we can slow down the virus and make a difference for our health care system.

    Schools are not supposed to have empty hallways and quiet classrooms. I know I speak for our more than 1,100+ administrators, teachers and support staff when I say we truly miss your children! We are doing everything we can to provide meaningful online learning activities and counseling resources to ensure continuity of services for our students.  Our employees in the technology and food service departments have been nothing short of heroic in their efforts to make sure students are connected and well fed. The pictures and posts being shared online tell a story of a community that is resilient in the face of adversity and committed to helping those in need.

    Thank you, parents, for your patience and support during these difficult times. We are proud to be a part of a community that steps up to help and support one another when it’s needed most. We pledge to keep you informed about any new developments during this extended school closure. We look forward to the day when we can reopen our doors and welcome your children back with a smile and a hug.

    David Faltys

    Updated 3.24.20 - Tarrant County Shelter-in-Place Order

    Beginning at 11:59 tonight, Tarrant County residents will be under a new, stricter Executive Order to shelter at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Carroll ISD buildings remain closed through April 3 but public schools do qualify under the order as providing essential services to ensure continuity of learning for students. This means that while most of our staff is working from home, there are a few school employees who are able to report for duty on site so CISD can continue to provide the necessary technology and learning infrastructure needed to serve students. This also includes the continuation of lunch deliveries for qualifying students.

    As of today, Tuesday, the Tarrant County Health Department reports four positive cases of COVID-19 in Southlake including three active cases and one person who has recovered. There is total of 71 cases in Tarrant County, 67 of which are active, one deceased and one recovered.

    The Carroll School Board will hold a video conference meeting to handle time-sensitive business today at 4 p.m. The public can listen in by clicking on this CISD webpage where an active link will be posted once the video conference meeting begins. Click on the link provided if you would like to access the March 24 School Board Meeting Agenda

    Updated 3.22.20 - You can do this, Dragons!

    Hey there, Dragons!

    On the eve of Carroll ISD launching online Teacher-Based Instruction for all students, we wanted to go over a few reminders and details to help guide you through the online delivery of instruction for your child(ren). There is a lot of information in this one email, so bear with us and read carefully.

    First of all, give yourself a break.  The first few days may be a little rough, but you can do this.  We are here to partner with you as we all figure out this new norm. Our teachers and support staff have been working so hard this past week to prepare lessons and help us ensure continuity of service.  But this will be anything but business as usual. So give yourself a break and be patient as we learn together.

    eBlasts & CISD Communications To Continue
    Beginning this week, parents and staff will start receiving the eBlast newsletter twice a week. You can expect the eBlast to come directly to your email address about 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our emergency closure period.  In addition, CISD is committed to ongoing communications to keep you informed. You should visit our social media sites, download the free Mobile Dragon app and visit our COVID-19 Website often. Each Sunday at 4 p.m., we will send you an email update before our next week of learning begins.

    Share Your Learning Online
    We want to see our students and families learning online. If you are comfortable doing so, take pictures of you and your child learning and share via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tag @carrollisd and use the hashtag #DragonStrong to connect the posts together. These social media tweets and posts are encouraging to our staff and show our community that our Dragons are resilient in the face of adversity.

    This is NOT Virtual Classroom Learning
    Because our teachers and support staff are also parents and spouses dealing with their own family needs and children at home during this time of social distancing, keep in mind that online instruction will not be virtual classrooms where teachers are lecturing on screen during class time. Instead, lessons will launch through our COVID-19 Website for PK-4 students beginning at 4 p.m. today (Sunday) and teachers will be pushing lessons out through Seesaw beginning at 8 a.m. Monday. For our students in grades 5-12, lessons will be pushed out Monday morning beginning at 8 a.m. through Canvas. NOTE: During the duration of our emergency closure, CISD will launch new PK-4 lesson plans every Sunday at 4 p.m. Teachers for Grades 5-12 will continue to push their lessons out day-to-day. Students will still be able to see past lesson plans once new lessons are launched.

    Who Should Parents Contact For Help?
    First, reach out directly to your child’s teacher via email if you need any help with lessons or homework.  If you need password, device or tech-related help, information including a help telephone line, is provided at the bottom of this email.

    Login At Your Convenience
    Your child does not have to login during the scheduled class time, but your child should log in daily. Lessons will be available online and you can work based on your own schedule. Teachers will be available during specific times throughout the day for questions and interaction, just like having their daily planning period. The times can either be found in the email sent to you by your campus principal OR on the individual teacher’s webpage or Canvas page.  In some cases, teachers may have already invited or plan to invite students to go online using Google Meets, closed Facebook groups or other online chat tools, but these will be announced ahead of time and not required for participation. We just know that face-to-face and personalized interaction is still so critical to having happy students and teachers! Google docs will be used by many teachers to collaborate with students online, as well.

    Grace > Grades
    While we know you have many questions about what the next few weeks will look like for your child, let us all concentrate on the physical and emotional needs of our students first.  You can expect some trouble with connectivity at times, lack of interest or desire, and maybe even some behavioral issues.  Take it one step at a time.   Our counselors have launched resources online and you may need to take a break, do some fun activities with your kids and remind them that we will all figure this out, together.  We won’t be posting actual grades for their homework assignments because our focus will be on their continued learning and collaboration with their teachers. Completion of assignments is important for your child to get credit for the class or course. CISD is collaborating with other districts to determine how this credit will be assigned, but our goal is to have students actually doing the work, not worrying about assigning a specific grade for their work.

    Parents of Students in Grades PK-4
    Beginning Monday morning, go to our COVID-19 website and click on the link that says Teacher-Based Instruction. Then, you can find the button corresponding to your child’s grade level. When you click on it, you should see a one-week lesson plan for you and your child to follow for each core subject.  Our platform for PK-4 will be Seesaw. Teachers will push out Seesaw activities at 8 a.m. each Monday. Your student is not required to do the extension activities as they are optional learning opportunities. Be sure to schedule in some breaks and play time for your child throughout the day. We don’t need them finishing a week worth of lessons in one day.

    Parents of Students in Grades 5-12
    Using your CISD-issued laptop, have your child log into their Student Canvas Account at their own convenience Monday and visit each of their core subject links to find class notes, teacher-prepared lessons, activities and homework assignments with due dates.  Completion of the assignments by the due date will help you get “credit” for the course or class. Some teachers may have posted other lessons in advance, but students are only expected to login each day and work through that day’s assignments/lessons. As a reminder, Monday is a “B” day for students in grades 9-12 on the block schedule. This means teachers for your B-day classes will have lessons online and you just need to focus on those classes on your typical B-day schedule. Again, log in each day, but you are not expected to be logged in during a specific time or during that class time.

    Special Needs, Encore and Enrichment
    Our special education teachers, related services, dyslexia team, encore teachers and our gifted and talented teachers have been working all week to provide support and enrichment for our students. Encore lessons have been provided at the bottom of each lesson plan for each grade level. While we strongly believe that encore classes greatly enrich the learning of our students, we want you to know that these activities are optional and are being provided for families to access for students as needed. Enrichment activities for GT students are already built-in to each lesson plan for the various grade levels. Parents can find Enrichment at the bottom of each subject area lesson plan. These GT activities will also be pushed out through Seesaw by the campus GT teachers themselves. Your child’s science lab lesson will come directly from the science lab teacher through Seesaw. Special Education and Dyslexia resources are provided as separate links on the Teacher-Based Instruction webpage. A communication from our special programs staff will be sent directly to the parents of special needs students via email Monday.

    Tech Help
    Our Technology staff has been working long hours to help ensure a smooth transition to online learning platforms. They have launched a webpage and help desk to assist students, teachers and parents. You can visit the Technology – Remote Learning webpage for more information. Monday morning we will have staff available online or by phone to address questions and assist with connectivity, passwords or any other tech-related issues. Please be patient, especially the first few days, as our staff works to meet each and every individual call or need.

    K-4 Student Devices
    Your K-4 student will need a device (laptop (Apple or PC), iPad, etc.) in order to connect with the web-based instructional resources that his/her teacher will be sharing. It is not necessary to use a district-provided device, in fact, we prefer you use your own at home. But, if your child has no access to an internet-enabled device, one can be provided by CISD. To request your child’s assigned iPad, please submit a help request by calling 817-949-HELP or go to A technician will then go pick up your child’s device and reconfigure it to work on your home Wi-Fi. Please note: Due to the restrictions on the number of people allowed at a gathering, and the manpower needed to configure each iPad, we will be scheduling appointments and the response time could be longer than we desire. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

    We know this is a lot of information, so save this email and don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have a question. We want to reiterate again that we are in this together and will work through online learning day by day.  For PK-4 students, CISD staff wrote an entirely new online curriculum plan to ensure consistency for all students. The plan, however, is still based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each grade level. For students in grades 5-12, teachers will continue to teach the content in CISD’s scope and sequence curriculum for each course, but cancellation of the STAAR means we can spend our time this spring going deeper into the content learning for students.  This is a new norm for our staff, and we ask for your understanding, patience and a lot of grace, especially for our teachers.

    The communications from teachers, campus administrators and the district will seem intense for a few days. If you have more than one child on more than one campus, it can feel overwhelming. Work through them as you can, parents. We will encourage our staff to use clear subject lines and try to limit emailing you multiple times for the same class throughout the day!

    Above all, we love your kids, and we want them to be happy, healthy and connected to their teachers.

    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 3.20.20 - Sunday Email Coming!

    Parents can expect to hear from Carroll ISD via email at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 22. This communication will provide an update from the district, along with all the details for the launch of the online teacher-based instruction. Watch also for an email from your campus principal sometime before Monday.

    Click here to see a special video message from Superintendent Dr. David Faltys

    Updated 3.19.20 - Carroll Schools to Close Through April 3

    Dragon Families,

    Today during a noon press conference, Governor Greg Abbott announced a Public Health Disaster in Texas due to COVID-19 - the first of its kind in the state since 1901. As part of the order, he announced all schools will be closed through April 3 to help prevent the spread of disease. All school-sponsored events and activities will be canceled during this time period as well.

    Carroll ISD joins other districts across the state in complying with the declaration and extending our current closure through April 3, at which time state and health department officials will reassess the situation. The Governor’s announcement included further closures and restrictions statewide, but did not institute a shelter-in-place directive. All critical essential services will continue, and domestic travel is still allowed.

    We urge all Dragon families to practice social distancing and do your part to help combat the spread of COVID-19. We will be posting a copy of the Public Health Disaster Declaration directly to our COVID-19 website today.

    The University Interscholastic League has also notified public schools today that UIL games and contests will resume no earlier than Monday, May 4th. Districts will receive further guidance regarding practices and rehearsals depending on the reopen date for public schools.

    We will continue to monitor guidance from the state and will share information with you as it becomes available. Online teacher-based instruction is still scheduled to begin Monday.

    David J. Faltys

    Updated 3.16.20 - Letter to Dragon Famlies

    Dragon Families,
    Good afternoon!  It’s certainly a new day for all of us as we face possible extended school closures and social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  The leadership team at Carroll ISD is committed to keeping you informed and providing continuity of services to the extent we are able through these unprecedented times. We are working with the City of Southlake as well as county and state health officials to ensure we have facts and to collaborate on decisions to support the public during this pandemic health situation.
    First and foremost, however, is our care and concern for the health and safety of our students, their families and our more than 1,100 employees. Even learning is secondary to the emotional and physical well-being of our children right now.  While we have plans to share teacher-based online instructional lessons beginning next week, do not expect it to be school as usual. Many of our staff members are just trying to take care of their own families and settle into this new norm. We want you to love on your kids, spend time as a family, take walks, play games and reassure them that we are #DragonStrong, and we’ll get through this together.
    We have been notified by one of our Carroll ISD students that a parent has tested positive for COVID-19. This is actually one of two positive Southlake cases, according to the Tarrant County Health Department. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved. It is a sobering reminder that the health and safety of our families is the most important thing right now. Please heed the warnings to stay home, avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing.
    Today we are rolling out information on our website with links to a list of interactive activities and read-alouds, as well as online resources for all content areas and grade levels. This is NOT the teacher-based instructional plan that will roll out next week.  Our website now has counseling support services and other resources to support all our Dragon families. Detailed FAQs will soon be added, with ongoing updates, so check the links often.
    We are communicating directly with our families who qualify for free lunch service and will be delivering sack lunches beginning Tuesday. We had requests from volunteers to donate breakfast and snack items but we have received guidance from Tarrant County Health Department today that public schools should not accept these items from individuals to ensure the health of the receiving students and prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Likewise, deliveries must be done by Carroll ISD staff to ensure confidentiality. We so appreciate all of you who reached out to offer your help and assistance. You can certainly help in other ways with local food banks, church drives and watching out for your neighbors.
    We know you have questions about what a possible long-term closure might look like, but our recommendation is to just take one day at a time right now. Trying to figure out long-term decisions can feel overwhelming for many, creating significant anxiety. It also distracts our staff’s time and focus from more immediate and pressing decisions. This week our teachers will be sending brief messages to their students either through email or videos, just to check in, say hello and encourage them.
    We have been working diligently as part of The Resiliency Project to ensure that in the face of adversity or trouble, our students and staff have the skills, resources and personal resiliency to bounce back.  Our message developed by our own students reminds us:  
    We are Braver than yesterday. Smarter today. Stronger than challenges coming our way.
    Please follow Carroll ISD’s website and social media sites for official school communications and information. You can visit our COVID-19 Website link here for all the resources we are sharing today. Timely updates will be provided to parents via our website, social media accounts and through period emails. Here is also a link to a video message from Superintendent David Faltys.
    Stay safe and well, Dragons!
    CISD Leadership Team

    Updated 3.13.20 - Carroll ISD Closed March 16-27

    SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: On March 13, 2020 the Tarrant County Health Department recommened public schools close for two weeks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Carroll ISD will be closed March 16-27, 2020.

    Following a recommendation from the Tarrant County Health Department, a number of public school districts in north Texas are announcing a two-week closure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    After collaborating with state and county health officials and other education leaders this morning, Superintendent David Faltys announced that Carroll ISD will be closed March 16-27, along with the cancelation of all extracurricular activities and school events during the same period. This decision was the result of a recommendation from the Tarrant County Health Department. We will reevaluate the situation at the end of this closure before making any other long-term announcements.

    The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority. The goals of this announced closure are to help prevent the spread of disease and to give our staff additional time to plan for continuity of services should it become necessary for public schools to close for longer. We ask each of you to do your part to help prevent the spread of disease by limiting your attendance at social gatherings and large public events. Wash your hands regularly and isolate yourself if you begin experiencing symptoms like fever, coughing or shortness of breath. Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Tarrant County Health Department is available on our website. The cancellation of mass gathering events can dramatically help flatten the curve for the spread of the coronavirus disease.

    We acknowledge that an unexpected school closure creates a hardship on our parents and staff because of work, childcare and other considerations. But we hope you know our efforts coming to this decision have been done with the best interests of everyone involved. We also know and understand that for many low income students, school is the one place that they can count on for meals and support. To that end, we are all committed to taking care of our most vulnerable populations. Our staff will be planning and preparing to assist students who might need support during this extended closure.

    Some Carroll ISD employees need to be available to work when requested during this extended spring break period. We will communicate directly with staff members regarding their specific roles and responsibilities in our prevention planning. Professional development originally planned for Monday is canceled. Please stay home and wait for forthcoming guidance from the district and your supervisor.

    CISD will send a more personalized message to all Dragon families today and will be sharing a FAQ to help with questions you may have about this two-week closure.

    We join City of Southlake leaders in a united effort to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the health and safety of our Dragon families.

    CISD Leadership Team 

     Updated 3.10.20 - First Presumptive Positive Case for Tarrant County

    SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: On March 10, 2020 the Tarrant County Health Department announced its first "presumptive positive" case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

    The patient is a resident of Tarrant County and is currently under surveillance in a hospital in Fort Worth. Click here to read the TCHD announcement.  

    Posted 3.9.20 - Novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19)

    CISD CLOSED FOR SPRING BREAK: Carroll ISD is currently closed for Spring Break from March 9-13.  Employees return for professional development on Monday, March 16 which is a student holiday.  Students return on Tuesday, March 17th.

    TRAVEL ADVISORY: Official CDC travel alerts -

    EMPLOYEE/SUBSTITUTE TRAVEL: Carroll ISD has announced that it will require ALL employees and substitute teachers to complete a travel survey prior to returning to work after spring break.  The survey will be sent to employees directly from CISD on Sunday, March 15th and all employees will be required to participate in the survey. Employees/substitutes who have traveled to locations covered on the CDC travel alert website will be asked to self-isolate by the CDC/health department for 14 days and must be asymptomatic before they can return to work.

    NOTE: STUDENT/FAMILY TRAVEL:  Carroll ISD is requiring that all students/families who traveled in the last 14 days to a location on the CDC travel alert website, please email the district at BEFORE your child returns to school on Tuesday, March 17th.  CISD will visit with families and share pertinent health department recommendations to determine if the student is cleared to return to school. The Texas Education Agency reminded school officials on March 6th that "districts and open-enrollment charter schools have the authority to request that students and/or staff stay home if there is serious concern about their current health, whether or not they pose a health risk to others in the community."

    Screening for New Student Enrollment: Beginning immediately, ALL new students enrolling in Carroll ISD will be asked about travel within the last 14 days in an effort to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19.

    Cleaning/Disinfecting Protocols: Staff deep cleaning of CISD facilities is ongoing, even during spring break. Carroll ISD has protocols in place for the continuous deep cleaning/disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles, railings, student desks, computer keyboards and bus seats. Although there are no cases of COVID-19 in our area, the district is prepared to respond further should a confirmed case be tied back to our district in any way.

    CISD School-Sponsored Travel/Trips: Carroll ISD currently has no school-sponsored trips planned internationally. There have been no restrictions or changes announced for domestic travel at this time except for the cancellation/postponement of the Emerald Belles cruise in late March. The district carefully considers all facts and consults with local health department officials before making decisions to cancel or alter student travel for competitions, field trips or other school-sponsored events. Social distancing has been practiced by CISD in the past, but is not currently in place. The district’s decision to cancel/postpone the Emerald Belles cruise was made following a newly released cruise ship advisory by the US State Department. Details on the decision will also be sent directly to our Emerald Belle families.

    Health Clinic Protocols:  Carroll ISD has protocols in place for handling infectious diseases. Our school health clinics are managed by registered nurses with the proper equipment and training to manage infectious disease cases.  Students/staff showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated and questioned about travel in the past 14 days. CISD will immediately notify the parents of a sick child and work to follow the recommendations of the health department.

    Continuity of Services: Carroll ISD has a plan in place to manage through potential school closures should the situation warrant such action.  This includes a plan for continuity of services including ongoing communication with staff and families, as well as offering some online instruction to keep students occupied/learning and any necessary actions to continue paying employees. 

    Important Communications from CISD