Grades and Final Exams

grades and final exams
  • When it comes to grades and semester exams, our goal is grace > grades as we help students master the remaining curriculum content with meaningful teacher feedback. Because we cannot ensure the integrity or validity of grades during online learning, our goal is to hold students harmless and take this time to dig deeper into the content of our core subject areas. We want to do all this while supporting the emotional well-being of each child during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Grades and Final Exams FAQ

    Students to Receive Pass/Fail Course Credit
    If students participate in online learning and complete their assignments, they will be given a 100% in Skyward Family Access for the final nine-week grading period. If they do not complete work, they will receive a 69% as their final grade.

    What Will Show Up On My Child's Transcript?
    The fourth nine-week grade (a 100 or a 69) will show up on the transcript as the T4 grade and be averaged along with the T3 grade earned by the student to give a Semester 2 or S2 average.  These grades (T3 + T4 = S2) will appear on a student's transcript. As it stands now, the T4 grade won't be figured into Grade Point Average but some colleges and universities look at transcript grades to calculate their own GPA for admissions purposes.

    Parents Can Monitor Online Work
    Teachers will provide feedback on work completed during online learning by grading assignments in Canvas (grades 5-12) and by using an assignment checklist (grades PK-4). Parents may view grades in Canvas and monitor work completed through the checklist provided in the online lesson plan. As always, you are encouraged to email your child's teachers for questions about grading and/or feedback on assignment completion. 

    Parents Will Get Prior Notice
    Four weeks into the final grading period, parents of students who are not completing online learning lessons will get written notifcation from their child's teacher. This gives them 􀀁ve more weeks to work harder and earn a passing grade.

    All Students Exempt from Final Exams
    The Texas Education Agency canceled the 2020 STAAR and End-of-Course STAAR exams. Carroll ISD is following that announcement with plans to exempt all students from semester exams this spring. Tests can add stress, and now is not the time for stress.

    Senior Class Rank & GPA Already Set
    Following Policy EIC (LOCAL), Carroll ISD uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) that a senior has earned up through his/her third nine-week period to determine the final class rank and GPA for graduating seniors. This means the Pass/Fail grading plan adopted by Carroll ISD during the pandemic emergency closure has no bearing on the Class of 2020 and individual class rank.

    Underclassmen Maintain GPA
    The extended emergency closures caused by COVID-19 are unprecedented for area school districts. There has been extensive discussion and collaboration about how to handle grades during online learning. While we would like to believe the best of all of our students, there really is no way to ensure the validity or integrity of the work from home. CISD cannot even validate that the student is the one actually completing the work. This makes completing assignments for grades and test-taking questionable. Because of this, area educators collaborated and agreed that a Pass/Fail grading plan makes the most sense. Doing the work assures everyone of a 100%. Failing to do the work means you will earn a 69.

    CISD is freezing each underclassman's grade point average (GPA) after the third nine-weeks for this year only. The 100% or 69% earned in the fourth nine-week period only gets averaged in the second semester grade, but not the student's total GPA. This ensures all underclassmen maintain their GPA or class rank to avoid negative consequences caused by the COVID-19 closures. Our goal is to help students understand the content and gain meaningful feedback from core subject teachers. We want to minimize the effect this nine-week period has on a student's grade point average or class rank. Maintaining the current GPA, we hope, will reduce the stress and worry this extended closure might cause students and their parents.

    Grade Plan Examples
    Below are some examples our Curriculum & Instruction staff put together to demostrate how the grade plan would affect five different students. These scenarios show the impact of a pass/fail (100/69) grade the fourth nine-week period and how the semester grade and final credit works out once averaged with the third nine-weeks grade. Below that are GPA examples. Carroll ISD's GPA plan calls for the GPA to be calculated for all grades earned by the student during normal school operations (up through the third nine-week period). The fourth nine-week pass/fail grade (100/69) is not averaged into the GPA.  

    NOTE: Carroll ISD is currently working on some examples to share with parents about how the GPA policy affects individual Student A and Student B.
    Click here for a tutorial on how to get notifications on grade changes in Canvas. 

CISD Semester Averaging Examples - Spring 2020 Only



CISD GPA Examples - Spring 2020 Only