AP Exam Testing Information Due to COVID-19

  • AP Exam Testing Information Due to COVID-19

    All exams will be on-line and will be administered May 11-22.  There are exam preparation materials on the College Board site and your AP teacher will be able to help you as well.  Basically, the exams will be shortened and will NOT contain multiple choice answers.  Material covered will not be for the complete scope of the course and are being altered to take into account that most schools have been out since mid-March.  Course for which portfolios are submitted have been reduced.

    Please click on the link below for all of the IMPORTANT information regarding 2020 on-line AP Exam administration:
    https://www.southlakecarroll.edu/cms/lib/TX02219131/Centricity/Domain/736/AP Update NewsletterApril102020.pdf

    Please Note the following: 

    • College Board will be sending out access information/instructions to students directly so be sure your email address in the College Board system is correct and accessible NOW.  You will need this info to access and take your exams so it is VERY important that College Board has your correct contact information!
    • Closer to the testing date, College Board will have practice information to make sure you are aware of online test format and know what to do on test day.
    • Students with College Board approved accommodations will have those built into the online testing interface.
    • Exams must be taken at the established time/date. https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/educators/taking-the-exams/ap-exam-schedule?SFMC_cid=EM298285-&rid=33557544 
    • Late testing will only be allowed 
      by school approval (contact Mrs. Schott, Assistant Principal) and only for College Board approved reasons.  Late exams are highly discouraged as there will be no option for another time if there are computer issues at that time! 

      AP Online Exam Schedule