Summer Re-Entry Plan

Re-Entry Plan

  • Carroll ISD is working to follow all guidance from various state agencies and county health officials with regard to reopening school facilities. Although Governor Greg Abbott's Reopen Texas Plan includes general allowances for businesses and public facilities, it does not necessarily outline the reopening of school facilities. Carroll ISD looks to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Commissioner Mike Morath for guidance on when and if to open various school buildings and facilities. The other governing body is the University Interscholastic League (UIL) which oversees athletics, cheerleading and band. Local decisions for reopening are based upon the latest information about the spread of COVID-19, as well as guidance from the Tarrant County Health Department, Judge Glen Whitley and the City of Southlake. We will continue to make updates to our COVID-19 website as facilities are prepared for opening as part of our re-entry plan.

    Summer School - Online Beginning June 2

    Carroll ISD is offering summer school virtually this year. Decisions about summer school had to be made in early May so that registration could begin. The decision to offer online learning was made well in advance of TEA's recent announcement that schools could open for summer school June 1 with restrictions.  Registration for our online courses is up over previous years. Sessions began June 2. Visit our CISD Summer School webpage for more information.

    Summer Enrichment Program - Online June 15 through July 3

    Carroll ISD is offering online enrichment in math, language arts and social emotional learning for all grade levels. Enrichment will be taught by CISD teachers and counselors. It is free of charge to participating CISD families. The program begins June 15 and goes through July 3. Information on how to register will be forthcoming.

    Carroll ISD Administration Center - Opening June 8

    Summer Office Hours Begin June 8

    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (public business hours)

    Mondays through Thursdays

    Closed Fridays

    Administration Staff will report to work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., spending the first and last 30 minutes of each day disinfecting and cleaning their own work areas. Some administrative staff will continue to work from home when possible, so please call or email to make an appointment before coming to the building to meet a staff member. Members of the public coming to pick-up or drop-off items are encouraged to wear a mask and follow safe social distancing procedures. Safety signage will be on site to assist visitors who come to the CISD Administration Center.

    School Buildings & Offices - Closed to Public

    Although there will be some Administrators and office staff working at the schools to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, our school buildings and offices remain closed to the public. Please email or call your campus principal if you have questions or needs at the campus level.

     UIL Athletics - Strength & Conditioning Begins June 8 (locker rooms/showers remain closed) 

    The University Interscholastic League announced that public school coaches could begin strength and conditioning June 8. CISD is incorporating significant Safety Protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    • All athletes must attend a zoom meeting with their coach before they can attend any workouts.
    • All coaches and athletes must participate in a DAILY Health Screening in order to participate. 

    Parents are encouraged to visit the UIL Athletics Website to review all restrictions and requirements. Parents should also read the entire Carroll ISD Athletics Re-Entry Plan outlined below

    All CISD High School Sports - Beginning June 8

    • Coach and Performance Course Walk Throughs/Safety Protocols Training with student athletes on June 8
    • HS Male Athletes Begin Workouts on June 9
    • HS Female Athletes Begin Workouts on June 15

    All CISD Middle School Sports - Beginning June 15

    • Coach Walk Throughs/Safety Protocols Training with student athletes on June 15
    • MS Athletes Begin Workouts on June 16

    Phase 1:  CISD plans to first re-open for high school CISD athletes so that training/safety protocols can be implemented. All CISD Middle School programs will begin one week later.

    Ratio of athletes to coaches
    ● For outdoor workouts, we will have a ratio of no more than 15 athletes to 1 coach.
    ● For workouts indoors (excl. indoor golf), we will have a ratio of no more than 10 athletes to 1 coach.
    ● For indoor golf workouts, we will have a ratio of no more than 5 athletes to 1 coach.
    ● Indoor workout activities will be conducted within the rules that state no more than 25% capacity = CSHS Wt. Room= 43 people, Indoor workout = 215 people, Aquatics center 1st floor = 160 people.

    Disinfecting and Sanitizing
    ● Athletic facilities and equipment will be disinfected and sanitized before, during and after work out sessions (athletes, coaches, and our custodial staff will all play an important role).
    ● Spray bottles and paper towels or wipes will be next to each rack of weights, so that athletes can disinfect the bar/equipment after each use.
    ● All balls used during the sport-specific skill training will be sanitized after each session.
    ● Athletes will bring their own water bottles.
    ● Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations (indoor and outdoor) Athletes and coaches will use hand sanitizer before, during and after a workout session.
    ● Athletes and coaches will remain 6ft apart when not exercising.
    ● Athletes and coaches will stay 10 ft apart when exercising.
    ● Restrooms will be available; locker rooms will not be available.
    ● Athletes must come dressed to work out. They will not be allowed to change in the locker rooms or restrooms.
    ● Athletes and coaches will not be allowed to shower in the locker rooms.

    Student-Athlete Check In
    ● Athletes will check-in and complete the screening process each day (will provide more details soon).
    ● Athletes will stay home if they answer YES to any questions.
    ● Athletes must stay home if they do not feel well.
    ● Coaches will make sure that we limit physical contact.

    Screening Process – Daily  (Click here for QR Code or COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire)
    ● BEFORE Arriving at the facility- every student will have filled out a Health Screening Questionnaire on their phone. If a student answers "YES" on any question, they will stay at home and call their coach to let them know.

     All student-athletes are required to complete the online COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire for symptoms prior to leaving home which include:
    ○ Any contact with person who is/was positive for COVID-19; or
    ○ New or worsening cough or shortness of breath/difficulty breathing; or
    ○ Fever (subjective or >99.6); or
    ○ At least two of: Chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea.

    Staff Check-in
    ● All coaches will check-in and complete the screening process each day (will provide more details soon).
    ● Coaches will stay home if they answer YES to any questions.
    ● Coaches will stay home if they do not feel well.

    Entering and Exiting the Facility
    ● A detailed plan specific to each campus for entering and exiting the facility will be shared with parents and athletes. Drop-off and pick up locations will also be included in this communication.
    ● Parents and siblings will not be allowed to watch work out sessions. We need to limit the number of people inside and outside of the facility.
    ● Parents need to stay in their vehicle when picking up their student-athlete.
    ● Students are to practice social distancing as they enter and exit the facilities.

    Workout Groups
    ● We will keep all athletes in the same groups each day. If a positive case is identified among a participant in their group, either staff or athlete, the group to which that staff or athlete was assigned and in contact with must be removed from the sessions while all members of the group self-isolate.

    COVID-19 Symptoms
    ● If there is a confirmed COVID-19 case by an athlete or staff member, we will notify CISD Health Services.
    ● Any athlete or staff member who develops symptoms during a workout session will be sent home immediately.

    Communication with Parent/Guardian
    ● An approved, consistent message and plan will be sent out to all parents/guardians about strength, conditioning, and skills training. All details on safety procedures will be included.
    ● Before the first day of workouts, coaches will have scheduled zoom meetings to go over procedures with their coaches and athletes.

    Workout Procedure/Policies
    ● Both athletes and staff will sanitize their hands before, during and after workouts.
    ● There will be no shaking hands, high fives, or any other physical encouragement.
    ● 6-foot social distancing will be kept when not actively exercising.
    ● 10-foot social distancing will be kept when vigorously exercising.
    ● Spotting is allowed but recommended that the spotter covers their mouth and nose.
    ● Bars and other equipment will be sprayed and wiped after every use.
    ● Students may attend only up to 2hrs per day of PC.
    ● Students may attend only up to 90 min/day of skills with no more than 60min/day in one sport.
    ● Sport-specific skills may include particular sports equipment, but not contact equipment.
    ● All equipment will be regularly disinfected during sessions.
    ● Equipment should not be shared between groups.
    ● There will be no competitive drills involving one or more students on offense vs. defense in skills.
    ● No 1-on-1, 3-on-3, 5-on-5, etc.


    Timeline- Week of June 1-5
    ● Parents and athletes will receive communication about strength and conditioning.
    ● Head Coaches meeting Thursday, May 28th, and Friday, June 5th – Discussion on procedures and discuss the cleaning schedule by our custodial staff.
    ● Coaches will meet via zoom with their staff to go over all guidelines and procedures.
    ● During this week, coaches will also hold zoom meetings with the athletes to ensure that all athletes understand our policies and procedures.
    ● All athletes must attend a zoom meeting with their coach before they can attend any workouts.
    ● Coaches will go over our screening questionnaire during the zoom meeting.

    Timeline-Week of June 8-12 High School Athletes Only
    ● Coaches and Performance Course will do a walkthrough on June 8th with all high school athletes (athletes will know before the 8th what time to come for their group). The June 8th will only be used to educate our athletes on proper social distancing, hand sanitizing, sanitizing equipment, etc. No workouts will take place on June 8th.
    ● High School workouts will begin on June 9th.

    Timeline-Week of June 15-19 JH Athletes Will Start Working Out
    ● Coaches will do walkthroughs on June 15th with all middle school athletes. Athletes will be notified before the 15th as to what time they are to come for their group workouts. On June 15th, athletes will be educated on proper social distancing, hand sanitizing, sanitizing equipment, etc. No activities for
    middle school athletes will take place on June 15th. Only high school athletes will be working out on this date.
    ● Middle school athletes will start working out on June 16th.

    AQUATICS CENTER - opening June 8 to CISD HS Students and June 15 to CISD MS Students (swimming/diving) (locker rooms/showers remain closed)

    The CISD Aquatics Center will follow the same UIL/TEA policies as stated in this document. 

    Screening Process – Daily  (Click here for QR Code or COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire)
    ● BEFORE Arriving at the facility- every student will have filled out a Health Screening Questionnaire on their phone. If a student answers "YES" on any question, they will stay at home and call their coach to let them know.

    Timeline- Week of June 1-7
    ● Staff will return to work to prepare. Training, facility preparation, communications, marketing, hiring, and scheduling will be key components to step one.

    Timeline- Week June 8-12 CISD/NTN Swimmers & Divers 9-12 (Limited to Student Enrolled in CISD)
    ● Coaches will do a walkthrough and educational training with minimal workout on June 8th. A portion of the time will be used to educate our swimmers on proper social distancing, hand sanitizing, sanitizing equipment, etc.
    ● Athletes will be given plenty of space between each other. Swim team practices will limit our athletes to the UIL workout distancing guidelines. Any swimming or dryland work will require 6’ distancing for instruction and 10’ spacing while exercising.
    ● No equipment will be shared.
    ● All programming will extend gap times between sessions to allow for less overlap.
    ● All athletes must come prepared to swim in their suits and bring their own equipment. (No Bags)
    ● Athletes cannot be dropped off no earlier than 10 min prior to the start of practice and must be picked up immediately at the conclusion of practice.
    ● One entry point with sanitization station and one exit point with sanitization station.
    ● Entry and exit procedures will be sent out by coaches.

     Timeline- June 15-19 CISD/NTN Swimmers 7-8 (Limited to Student Enrolled in CISD)
    ● This step will be used to add CISD students grades 7-8. Athletes will continue to follow all the policies and procedures listed above.

    Based on COVID-19 guidance/restrictions from the UIL and TEA, CISD must train and utilize CISD coaches/staff to operate the Aquatics Center. The district cannot allow non-CISD students or elementary-age students who attend CISD to access the aquatics center at this time nor can we allow non-CISD swimming/diving programs to rent lanes in the aquatics center. We will continue to monitor the guidance/restrictions from the state and will modify our plan as appropriate when restrictions are lifted.

    All previously-scheduled non-CISD events at the aquatics center are canceled until further notice. Watch for official announcements for CISD regarding updates to the re-entry plan. 



    Dragon Stadium  - Closed to Public

    Cheerleading - No TEA or UIL guidance at this time. Information forthcoming.

    UIL Marching Band - Beginning in July  (Band halls/practices rooms closed)

    • Percussion and Guard Camp - Begins the week of July 20
    • Summer Varsity Marching Band Camp - Begins the week of July 27

    Parents are encouraged to visit the UIL Marching Band website to review all the requirements and restrictions.

    Message from Band Director Ken Johnson:

    Dear Dragon Band Families,

    The University Interscholastic League recently released the following statement regarding summer marching band practices:

    UIL schools may, but are not required to, begin Summer Marching Band Practices and Rehearsals on June 8, 2020 under the requirements described below. UIL will continue to work with state officials and monitor CDC and other federal guidance to determine any potential modifications. Schools should take their local context into account when deciding whether to offer summer practices and rehearsals on campus by monitoring the situation on the Texas Department of State Health Services dashboard. Schools should follow all local and state requirements when considering Marching Band practices and rehearsals.

    Despite this opportunity for our marchers to potentially practice in face to face sessions beginning as early as June 8th, we will continue to ensure the absolute safety and well-being of our student-musicians and our staff, by providing summer video training sessions (outlined in our weekly eBlasts) similar to what we have been offering this semester. Our marching band calendar did not include any marching rehearsals for the month of June, so this U.I.L. timeline does not immediately affect us.

    Our Dragon Band calendar shows that percussion and guard camps are tentatively scheduled for the week of July 20th, and Summer Band for all Varsity marchers is scheduled to begin the week of July 27th. Throughout the summer we will be closely monitoring the situation and will continue to work with our administrators to make sure we are following all state, local, and district guidelines set in place for safe summer band practices. The UIL has offered an extensive list of safety procedures, which will be shared with our marching families, and closely followed and adhered to.

    The band staff wishes you a safe summer and we look forward to seeing your children, as their summer schedule allows, at the voluntary video help sessions.

    Ken Johnson
    Director of Bands