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  • Thompson & Horton LLP
    Thompson & Horton LLP has been chosen to assist the Carroll Independent School District Board of Trustees in conducting a state or national search for a new school executive to lead this outstanding school District. The search consultants include Mr. David Thompson and Dr. Mike Moses. Mr. Thompson is an attorney with Thompson & Horton LLP. He is a former Associate Executive Director for the Texas Association of School Boards and served as general counsel for the Texas Education Agency. His clients include many districts in the greater Houston area and across the state of Texas.  Dr. Moses previously served as the Texas Commissioner of Education from 1995-1999, was Deputy Chancellor and Professor of Educational Administration for the Texas Tech University System from 1999-2000 and Superintendent of Schools for the Dallas Independent School District from 2000-2004. Dr. Moses has served as superintendent of schools in four school districts in Texas including a small, mid-size and large district.


    About Thompson & Horton LLP
    The firm is unique in that Mr. Thompson is a school attorney who represents school districts and school boards. Mr. Thompson has also served as an officer with the Texas Association of School Boards and general counsel for the Texas Education Agency. Dr. Moses is a former school superintendent in four Texas school districts and has also served as Texas Commissioner of Education.

    The firm has had experience in conducting executive searches and recruiting superintendents since 1999. Since that time, the firm has assisted top school districts in Texas in their search for a new superintendent.

    The firm has never worked with a district in which case a superintendent was not successfully hired.

    The consultants are available and fully committed to serving the Carroll Independent School District. The consultants respectfully request that meeting times and dates be scheduled well in advance to allow trustees and the project team members to appropriately calendar.

    Extensive Search & Recruitment
    The consultants will actively solicit and contact qualified individuals and encourage them to apply for the position. The position will be advertised through publications and on websites of organizations such as the Texas Association of School Administrators and the American Association of School Administrators. Executive Directors of all Texas Education Service Centers will also be contacted in order to secure any nominations that they might deem appropriate.

    National organizations will be contacted if desired by the Board of Trustees. Announcement of the vacancy will also be placed on the highly viewed website for the duration of the search. Likewise, an ad will be placed on the website, which is a part of the online edition of "Education Week,“ which displays the ad to potentially 300,000 viewers per month. Respected members of the educational community, including those of higher education, will be contacted. All individuals who are nominated will be contacted and asked to consider making application.

    During the entire search, the consultants will furnish reports to the Board of Trustees with regard to the status of the search. The search consultants will expect to be in periodic contact with the President of the Board of Trustees throughout the entire process.

    The consultants will contact outstanding individuals who meet the desired profile and request that they submit their resume and credentials for consideration by the Board of Trustees. The consultants will only contact individuals who are serving successfully in their current assignments.

    The firm will rely on its extensive network of trusted professionals to solicit outstanding candidates. Additionally, the firm will talk with respected educators and other school leaders with regard to nominations. References that are listed by candidates will be reviewed and contacted. In all cases, the firm will want the President of the Board of Trustees or other Board members to talk with references once a finalist has been identified. This is important in order to ensure the community that the Board has been fully engaged in the process and that members of the Board are fully satisfied with regard to the background and qualifications of the successful candidate. Members of the firm will help facilitate discussions between Board members and appropriate references for the candidates identified for interview purposes or for the finalist that may be identified.

    Community Engagement
    The firm began the process of working with community focus groups over eighteen years ago. From the time the firm began doing superintendent searches, we have actively assisted the Board of Trustees in soliciting input from the opinion leaders and stakeholder groups in the districts we have served. We would request that each member of the Board of Trustees nominate eight or nine individuals to serve on focus groups. Ideally, each member of the Board would nominate a parent, non-parent, business person, representative of a faith-based institution, teacher, administrator, student and other community member. If each trustee nominates eight or nine individuals, a total of 56-63 persons will be involved. The firm will come to the community and work with the District staff to break these individuals into three or four groups. The principals of the firm will meet with each of these groups for approximately two hours and give a late afternoon or early evening report to the members of the Board of Trustees with regard to the comments and findings that are derived from these meetings. Additional community input will be solicited and received through the internet research and shared with the board.

    The consultants also will meet with other District and community leaders as requested by the Board.

    This process ensures that constituents and opinion leaders have an opportunity to give input into the search for a new school superintendent. The consultants simply act as the conduit and help interpret the information back to the Board of Trustees. Members of the Board are encouraged not to attend these focus group meetings to allow honest and thoughtful communication between the consultants and the focus groups.

    Candidate Review, Interviews and Selection
    Following the application deadline, consultants will meet with the Board of Trustees to share the name of each individual who has expressed an interest in the position. The firm will provide a spreadsheet for the Board to review that summarizes the candidates and their credentials along with resumes for each individual who has submitted an application for the position. The firm will work with members of the Board of Trustees to review the candidates and identify those individuals who will be invited to meet with the Board of Trustees for purposes of an interview. This number usually ranges from five to seven. The firm will have vetted the candidates and talked with individuals both on the reference list and not on the reference list for each candidate. 

    The firm will communicate with each of the individuals identified to be interviewed and make all of the necessary arrangements for those candidates to be present at the appointed time to meet with the Board of Trustees. The firm will also present a battery of questions that the Board may use or modify in the oral questioning of candidates in the interview process. 

    The firm will work with the Board to complete two rounds of interviews.  The second round is usually with the top one or two candidates.  Once the Board has made a decision, the firm will assist the Board with any site visits, further reference checking, background checks and contract negotiations.

    Post Appointment
    If for any reason the individual with whom the Board of Trustees engages to become the superintendent of schools leaves the District within one year of assuming the position, the firm will work with the Board of Trustees to conduct another search at no charge to the District.  Should the superintendent that is selected by the Board leave the District any time in the second year of service, the firm will work with the Board of Trustees to conduct another search at one-half of the agreed upon fee, plus expenses. 

    The firm has never had this type of situation occur.  We recognize the importance of the appropriate match and fit and we always strive to work with the Board and the successful candidate to create a lasting relationship.

    Financial Proposal
    The proposed fee for services is $18,000.00 plus expenses. Expenses will include consultant travel, printing expenses and advertisements. Obviously, the broader the search, the more expensive the endeavor may become. Therefore, if the Board should consider employing our services for this search, we request the opportunity to meet with the Board to discuss its intent regarding the scope of the search and related costs.

    The proposed fee and reimbursable expenses will be submitted to the Board following the completion of the search. It is our desire to make sure that trustees are completely comfortable and satisfied with the selection before our fee and expenses are paid.

    The approximate cost breakdown of the categories of costs that the Carroll Independent School District would include the following:

    1. Consultant fee - $18,000
    2.  Consultant expenses - $1,000 (Approximate)
    3.  Advertising fees - $1,000 to $3,000 (Depending on national or Texas advertising)
    4.  Candidate travel expenses - $1,000 to $4,000 (Depending on candidates the Board chooses to interview)