Parking Information 2021-2022

  • All High School Students who park on campus MUST purchase a parking permit. The sale of Carroll Senior High/Carroll High School parking permits, for the 2021-22 school year, will be included as a component of Annual Student Verification (ASV), via Skyward Family Access. ASV will open August 3. Parents will be given the option to purchase reserved spaces for Seniors at a cost of $200.  Parents may purchase permits only, with no reserved option, for Juniors and Sophomores at a cost of $150.   

    Click here to view a CSHS Parking Map

    Senior Reserved Parking Procedures:

    Reserved parking spaces, including permit, may be purchased during the completion of ASV. Senior reserved parking spaces are limited in number and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please see step-by-step instructions below.

    1. Provide all required information in Skyward/ASV Parking form
    2. Select one of the three links on the Parking form to complete the following:
    • Purchase a parking permit only – this will allow you to park in any non-reserved space on campus
    • Purchase a parking permit and a reserved parking space in the Auditorium parking lot – Seniors only
    • Purchase a parking permit and a reserved parking space in the SAC parking lot – Seniors only
    1. Your reserved parking permit number will be the same number as your reserved parking space number. 

    Painting Parking Spaces:

    If you purchase a parking space in the AUDITORIUM LOT YOU MAY NOT PAINT YOUR PARKING SPACE.

    Please note, due to the repurposing of the Auditorium parking lot as a practice area for the Dragon Marching Band, a football field grid will be painted on this parking lot. For this reason students will not be allowed to paint individual parking spaces in the Auditorium parking lot.

    If you purchase a parking space in the SAC LOT you may paint your parking space. Students will be allowed to paint parking spaces August 10 thru August 15.  After August 15, students will be allowed to paint parking spaces, only on weekends through Sunday, September 5, 2021.


    1. If you purchased in the Auditorium Lot you may NOT paint your reserved spot!
    2. If the reserved spot you purchased has already been painted, you have the option of leaving it the way it is or painting over it as long as it is in the SAC lot.
    3. You may only paint within your reserved spot – do not paint on dividing lines.
    4. You cannot paint on the curb.
    5. All designs are subject to administrative approval.
    7. Don’t leave any paint cans, brushes, or rags lying around or get paint outside of your parking spot.
    8. Violation of any of these rules may result in the loss of your reserved spot without any refund.
    9. ALL paint cans, cones, brushes, etc. MUST be picked up prior to your departure from the parking lot and clear before school resumes on Monday!
    10. EXTRA PAINT can be donated to the Art Department in exchange for COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS. Paint drop-off at the door of the art building
    11. Other than that, have fun with your space in the SAC lot, be creative, and make it your own!

    Parking Permit Only Procedures:

    • Parking permits (no reserved parking space) will be purchased through Skyward ASV.
    • Students with parking permits only MUST NOT park in areas that are designated for faculty parking or reserved parking.

     Parking Permit Pickup Procedures:

    • Seniors and Juniors will pick up at CSHS on August 10 – August 13 from 10-12 and 1-3
    • Sophomores will pick up at CHS. Call 817-949-5607 for more information.
    • The parking permit decal must be placed in the lower right corner of your windshield

    Purchasing a parking permit after ASV closes:

    If you do not yet have a driver’s license and/or will not purchase a parking permit until after the close of ASV, you will be able to do so by accessing Skyward Fee Management and selecting Online Forms. 

    Student Code of Conduct Regulations for Parking on Campus:

    • Parking lot rules must be followed or parking privileges may be revoked with no refund
    • Carroll ISD is not responsible for damage, theft, or vandalism to any vehicle driven or parked on any CISD property, including students who have purchased a parking permit issued by CISD. All drivers parking on CISD property do so at their own risk. Student drivers must be aware they will be held responsible for any prohibited items that may be in their vehicle on District property and subject to the CISD Student Code of Conduct, as well as any applicable federal, state, or City of Southlake laws regarding items that are prohibited on CISD school property.