Semester Exam Schedule

  • Given the continued complexities of absences due to coronavirus, class average is the only determinant for exam exemptions.  Juniors can exempt their spring exams with a 90% or better in the course.  Seniors can exempt their fall and spring exams with a 90% or better in the course.  Attendance is not a factor when considering exemptions.

    Final Examination Information 2021-2022
    Students are not permitted to take semester exams prior to the regularly scheduled date. If exams are missed, they must be taken within two weeks after the exam date. If an exam is not taken on schedule or within the two-week period, a zero (0) will be recorded for the exam.

    Exam Dates                                                 
    First Semester              Blocks                
    December 14                   3, 4                     
    December 15                   7, 8                     
    December 16                   1, 2                     
    December 17                   5, 6                     

    Exam Dates                                                 
    Second Semester        Blocks                
    May 23                               7, 8
    May 24                               3, 4
    May 25                               5, 6
    May 26                               1, 2