• The Educational Diagnostician in Carroll Independent School District is an integral member of the multidisciplinary team working with students with disabilities from ages 3-22.  They are trained to assess the educational, learning styles and program needs of students referred for special education services and those already identified with disabilities.  The diagnostician helps to oversee the case management of each student identified with disabilities, including offering appropriate recommendations in the development of individual educational plans and helping to monitor each student’s progress.  Frequently, they are key support personnel who consult with teachers, parents, and others on the child’s progress.  By individualizing services in accordance with each eligible student's learning needs, students are prepared to pursue life-long learning and to become contributing members of the community.

    As part of the Special Programs Department, the CISD Diagnosticians follow district and department operating guidelines that are consistent with federal and state regulations.  Diagnosticians update skills annually via professional development and provide training and support to all Carroll ISD staff regarding policies and procedures in special education.

Educational Diagnosticians