CISD Psychological Services Team

  • CISD Psychological Services Team
    The mission of the CISD Psychological Services Team is to improve student academic achievement and student well-being by addressing all facets of their development. By addressing emotional, social, and behavioral concerns a student may experience, learning will improve. As support staff, the team works to promote academic achievement through direct and related services designed to enhance social and emotional functioning of students.

    The Psychological Services Team includes six Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) and two Behavior Specialists. They work in collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals in the district and the community to facilitate learning, socialization, and mental wellness of all students.

    Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)
    Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) are uniquely trained to support a student’s ability to learn and a teacher’s ability to teach.  Their expertise in mental health, learning, and social-emotional functioning can assist in better understanding a student’s unique set of strengths and challenges. LSSPs collaborate with school staff and parents; complete Full and Individual Evaluations (FIE) for special education eligibility related to emotional, behavior and social needs; participate in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students receiving special education services; provide counseling services to students; and provide training to school staff and parents in supporting academic, emotional and social needs. 

    Behavior Specialists
    The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialists work directly with school staff and parents. They teach, demonstrate, and coach effective interventions and strategies to improve student’s skills related to social, emotional and behavioral functioning.  For students receiving special education services involving social, emotional or behavior supports, they work with teachers and school staff to ensure accurate implementation of the student’s Individual Education Plan, and they can assist teachers in developing appropriate goals and objectives for students.

    The CISD Behavior Team practices in a manner that is consistent with district and department policies, state and federal laws and established rules for the ethical and competent practice of psychology and behavior management. The Special Programs Department supports the continuing professional development of its staff.


Licensed Specialists in School Psychology

  • Stephanie A. White, M.S., LSSP, NCSP 
    TX Lic. #34009
    Lead LSSP
    Carroll High School
    Carroll Sr. High School
    (817) 949-5622

    Janelle James, M.Ed., LSSP, LPA
    TX Lic. #6204
    Carroll Sr. High School

    Kylie Pherigo
    TX Lic. #71275
    Carroll Middle School
    Durham Intermediate School

    Becca Duenckel, Ed.S LSSP, NCSP
    TX Lic. #71939
    Eubanks Intermediate School
    Dawson Middle School

    Kay Lewis, Ph.D., LSSP, LP
    TX Lic. #34017
    Old Union Elementary School
    Rockenbaugh Elementary School
    Carroll Elementary School

    Yoko Kodaira, Ph.D., LSSP
    TX Lic. #70915
    Johnson Elementary School
    Walnut Grove Elementary School
    (817) 949-8407



    LSSP License information can be verified at:

    Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council and Texas State Examiners of School Psychology, 333 Guadalupe St, Tower 3, Room 900, Austin, Texas 78701,  Phone: 512) 305-7700

    NOTICE TO CLIENTS: The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, psychologists, psychological associates, social workers, and licensed specialists in school psychology. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a licensee involves professional misconduct, the Executive Council will provide you with information about how to file a complaint. Please call 1-800-821-3205 for more information.

Behavior Specialists