CISD Behavior Team

  • The mission of the CISD Behavior Team is to improve student academic achievement and student well-being by addressing all facets of their development. By addressing emotional, social, and behavioral concerns a student may experience, learning will improve. The team works together to promote academic achievement through direct and related services designed to remove any barriers impeding the students learning.

    The CISD Behavior Team is made up of three Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) and two behavior specialists. They work in collaboration with teachers, administrators and other professionals in the district and the community to facilitate learning, socialization and the abatement of mental health and behavioral weaknesses. The Behavior Team deals with issues such as anxiety, depression, inability to sleep, unfounded fears, abuse, and poor study habits. Staff also help with classroom management and school-wide issues to improve the functioning of a class or campus.

    The primary functions of the Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) include conducting comprehensive psychological assessments of students referred for special education services; participating in the development of IEPs; consulting with teachers and parents; providing direct and indirect related services to students; and staff training in managing students with special needs and students with learning and behavioral difficulties. Likewise, the district-level behavior specialists work with campuses to ensure implantation of IEPs, provide specialized training, and work with students and teachers to assist in the psychological success of students.  

    The CISD Behavior Team practices in a manner that is consistent with district and department policies, state and federal laws and established rules for the ethical and competent practice of psychology and behavior management. The Special Programs Department supports the continuing professional development of its staff.

Licensed Specialists in School Psychology

Behavior Specialists