Summer School

  • Carroll ISD offers Summer school in these areas: STAAR/EOC Refresher Courses, Accelerated Summer School, Credit Recovery Summer School, and Summer School Programs for Grades 3-6. Please see the left side bar menu for more details on each of these programs.

    For STAAR/EOC Refresher Courses, Accelerated Summer School, and Credit Recovery Summer School:

    Coordinator: Joey Calvillo
    Location: Carroll Middle School 

    Grades 7-12: For Accelerated Courses, Credit Recovery, and STAAR/EOC Refresher Courses (see your counselor for details) registration locations and deadlines go to: CSHS/CHS counselors’ office and CMS/DMS counselors’ office. Students registering for STAAR/EOC Refresher Courses need to see their counselor to get approval and turn in registration forms prior to June 1. Students needing to attend the EOC Summer Refresher courses will be notified via email.

    For Summer Programs: Grades 3-6:

    Coordinator: Lisa Walker
    Location: Walnut Grove Elementary School 

    Grades 3-6 Registration        Pre-registration is available through the student’s campus
    (Including Grade 5                 Assistant Principal’s office or Summer School Coordinator, Lisa Walker, AP at OUES
    STAAR Retesting):                 

    Students must be recommended by the campus Student Assistance Team (SAT) per the district’s promotion and retention policy.