Open Records/Information Requests

  • Public information requests, sometimes called 0pen records requests, are handled by the CISD staff with assistance from the school attorney. One exception involves student records. Requests for student records by that student's parent or guardian may be handled directly by the principal at the school campus. Board policy permits the principal to provide one copy of the student's educational record for the parent or guardian free of charge. Any additional copies will require copy charges per Board Policy GBA. Requests for Special Education records may be submitted to the Special Programs Department. If any part of a written request for student records includes information that might be deemed private under state or federal law, the written request will be forwarded to the Superintendent's Office and ultimately to the Attorney General's Office for processing.

    Carroll ISD works to meet information requests in compliance with state and federal laws. To the extent possible, requests are handled in the order they are received. By law, Carroll ISD has 10 business days to determine whether or not to seek an Attorney General's ruling regarding information that may be excepted from public disclosure.

    Request for Public Information must be submitted in one of these four ways for them to be processed.

    Click here to submit an Open Records Request

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