• Prospective Vendors

    Carroll ISD Purchasing supports the procurement needs of the District.  As a government entity, Carroll ISD must utilize competitive procurement methods in spending categories that exceed a prescribed annual spending volume.  The Purchasing staff assists campuses and departments in obtaining the products and services necessary to serve our students by finding existing approved vendors or by gathering and composing Bids, Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications and developing approved vendor lists.

    To Become a Purchasing Approved Vendor for Carroll ISD

    Your company will need to regiser on our vendor registration website.  It is a simple process, you may access the portal by clicking on:

    Carroll ISD Ionwave

    Click on Supplier Registration (on the right hand side) and follow the screens to register.  This will add your company to our list of vendors who will be notified IF / WHEN we go out to bid for your specific services and/or materials.  It does not make you an approved vendor, but allows you to be notified when we are in the bid process.  

    Another option for you is to become a member of one of the purchasing cooperatives that Carroll ISD is a member of; these cooperatives are used by school districts through out the state of Texas.  By becoming a member and meeting their guidelines you would have access to do business with Carroll ISD as well as many more districts around the state of Texas.

    Allied States / ESC 19                                      BuyBoard                                          Choice Partners     

    DIR                                                                  EPCNT                                              PACE Region 20

    Sourcewell                                                        TIPS                                                US Communities / OMNIA Partners

    If you are already a member of one of these cooperatives and wish to do business with Carroll ISD, please send an email to our Purchasing Department  and let them know the name of the cooperative and the contract number you are doing business under.

    Any questions on vendor registration or upcoming procurements, please contact:
    CISD Purchasing - purchasing@southlakecarroll.edu or 817-949-8282.