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Rezoning Process

Step 1 Research

  • Select demographer to assist with data collection and student enrollment projections
  • Agree upon process/timeline for setting new zones
  • Establish rezoning standards/parameters
  • Communicate process and parameters to staff and community

Step 2 Analysis

  • Review enrollment projections by campus/subdivisions
  • Identify and study available rezoning options
  • Measure options against rezoning standards/parameters
  • Determine short?term and long?term implications of each option
  • Decide between single recommendation or presentation of multiple options

Step 3 Communication

  • Conduct public meetings as necessary to communicate with potentially affected neighborhoods/families/employees
  • Utilize district website, publications, media releases, handouts, and public survey methodology to share proposed new zones and collect feedback from public

Step 4 Evaluation

  • Share feedback/input from community meetings with School Board
  • Set new attendance zones by vote of School Board
  • Communicate new zones using all available resources and begin process for naming new campus(es) and transitioning families/students/staff to new schools

Process Overview:
The ultimate responsibility for setting school attendance zones falls upon the elected School Board Trustees using the input and guidance of the School Administration. The last time the elected Trustees in the Carroll Independent School District had to set new attendance zones for their schools was in 2010 for the opening of the district’s fifth elementary school. The six-step rezoning process used during that change in the district’s attendance zone system is the model for the current proposed plan. School officials have managed to condense the process into a four-step plan that still includes critical steps to communicate and accept feedback from the public BEFORE making any final decisions.

The Board-approved parameters/standards are merely guidelines to use in the decision-making process.

NOTE: No single rezoning option will be able to meet all the prioritized parameters.