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Board Meeting Protocols

Please see below updated Board Meeting Protocols effective immediately:
As a result of consultation and collaboration with District administration and city officials, and in response to incidents of disruption at recent Carroll Independent School District Board meetings, the protocols reflected below will be implemented at all Board meetings effective immediately. These protocols are directed toward providing additional layers of safety for meeting participants and visitors, and to ensure our community feels welcomed and safe at our Board meetings.

  • Visitors may not bring signs into the Boardroom.
  • Applause, heckling, booing and verbal disturbances of any kind will not be allowed or tolerated. Applause, when invited by the Board President, will be allowed.
  • Handouts for the Board members must be submitted at the time of public comment sign-up. District staff will distribute any handouts to the Board members at the time the speaker is called to the podium. 
  • Members of the public will not be allowed to approach or go behind the Board dais at any time unless invited do so by a Board member or Superintendent.
  • Each speaker will receive an allotment of time to speak as communicated by the presiding Board officer. The microphone will be turned off when an individual’s allotted time runs out. Speakers must leave the podium to return to their seats or exit the Boardroom after the allotted time.
  • Attacks of a personal nature against Board members, Carroll ISD staff, students or other citizens will not be allowed or tolerated. We request speakers refrain from mentioning specific names of staff members during their comments. Instead, we ask you to comply with the appropriate grievance policy to have a complaint regarding a specific staff member heard.
  • In compliance with Board policy, if a visitor disrupts the meeting by failing to comply with the Board protocols, a verbal warning will be issued to stop the specific behavior or action. If the behavior or action continues, the individual will be asked to leave CISD property. If the individual does not leave CISD property after a verbal warning and request, it will become an issue handled by the Southlake Police Department.
  • During the meeting, if a visitor has a safety concern, the individual is encouraged to report that concern to the School Resource Officer on duty.

Thank you to our city officials for their collaboration. These steps are truly the outcome of a partnership and demonstrate that we are better together. To learn more about our Board, review Board agendas and watch meetings live, click here.