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District Committees

Committee Make-Up

District Committee Selection (no more than 15 members + 2 Appointed Trustees) will be completed by the following process:


District Committee Selection and Make-Up Driven by Specific Number of Places in POLICY:

  • Committee make-up is based on specific policy  
  • Each Trustee will review the applications and may nominate up to 1 applicant for a particular policy-defined committee
  • District leaders will nominate staff
  • CISD Board Officers will fill the remaining community member places from the applications if needed per policy

Campus Site-Based Committees

  • Assist Principal in planning
  • Serve as a sounding board for school improvements
  • Discuss issues pertaining to staffing, budget, goal setting, curriculum, and school organization

Membership (per Board Policy)
Requirements of All Members:

  • At least two parents and two community residents
  • At least three campus-based professional employees other than the principal
  • Not less than two-thirds of the professional employees serving on the committee shall be classroom teachers; the remaining employee members shall be non teaching professional employees
  • Classroom teachers shall be nominated and elected by all campus staff
  • Other campus-based non teaching professionals shall be nominated and elected by all campus staff

Scheduled Meetings - Once a Month