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Athletic Facilities

Dragon Stadium

Carroll ISD prides itself on the upkeep and maintenance of its schools and support facilities.  Our buildings have been built and supported with local tax dollars for the primary benefit and use of our 8,500 students. However, as a district we also recognize the significant contribution our taxpayers have made. Very few of our facilities sit idle during non-school times. Student clubs, organizations, fine arts and athletic teams spend a lot of time using our facilities outside the normal school day.

We also have a number of facilities that are considered “joint use” facilities, shared by the City of Southlake and Carroll ISD.  The gymnasiums, fields and cafeterias are used for a number of parks and recreational programs, as well as meeting locations for a number of non-profit organizations and civic groups.

By district policy, groups may reserve certain CISD facilities for use during non-school hours. Please note that there are a number of facilities, because of maintenance costs or special circumstances, that are simply not open for public use. We want the community, however, to utilize those facilities that are available for public use and be actively engaged in using the schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums and fields, to the extent possible and reasonable. School activities, of course, take precedence and some rental fees may be applicable. Rental and usage rates are dependent on the nature of the event and/or the type of organization as per district policy.

Dragon Stadium:
1085 S Kimball Ave
Southlake, TX  76092
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