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Dragon Stadium

Carroll ISD prides itself on the upkeep and maintenance of its schools and support facilities.  Our buildings have been built and supported with local tax dollars for the primary benefit and use of our 8,500 students. However, as a district we also recognize the significant contribution our taxpayers have made. Very few of our facilities sit idle during non-school times. Student clubs, organizations, fine arts and athletic teams spend a lot of time using our facilities outside the normal school day.

We also have a number of facilities that are considered “joint use” facilities, shared by the City of Southlake and Carroll ISD.  The gymnasiums, fields and cafeterias are used for a number of parks and recreational programs, as well as meeting locations for a number of non-profit organizations and civic groups.

By district policy, groups may reserve certain CISD facilities for use during non-school hours. Please note that there are a number of facilities, because of maintenance costs or special circumstances, that are simply not open for public use. We want the community, however, to utilize those facilities that are available for public use and be actively engaged in using the schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums and fields, to the extent possible and reasonable. School activities, of course, take precedence and some rental fees may be applicable. Rental and usage rates are dependent on the nature of the event and/or the type of organization as per district policy.

Dragon Stadium:
1085 S Kimball Ave
Southlake, TX  76092
Location MAP

Media/Scouts:  Request Credentials-

Fan Entrance:
Spectators leaving the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter without paying. Only reserved seat tickets guarantee seating in a specific area. A general admission ticket does not guarantee a specific seat. Reserved seat ticket holders who leave the stadium during the game must pay for a new ticket to re-enter.

Please advise fans wishing to go to the opposite side, especially during half-time activities, to use entrance gates to exit (crossing the playing field is not permitted).

No duffle bags or backpacks are allowed. Tote bags and purses are allowed and may be searched by security.

No loitering will be permitted.

No refunds will be given.

Spirit Items, Signage:
Mascots, firearms, knives, pyrotechnic devices, balloons, live animal mascots, cannons, fireworks, etc., are prohibited at University Interscholastic League athletic contests. Except in their normal course of business, emergency vehicles shall not flash lights or sound sirens during the course of a game. Noisemakers are prohibited at League athletic events held in field houses and/or gymnasiums. Releasing balloons is prohibited at League athletic events held outdoors (Section 1208(N): Athletic regulations).

Items such as confetti, skateboards, scooters, Frisbees, roller blades, balls of any kind (excluding balls used by spirit groups), and bicycles are not permitted in the stadium. The District also has the right to prohibit any other object being brought into the stadium if it is considered a safety risk.

Signs are permitted only on the fence in front of the home or visitor stands. Signs in poor taste shall be removed.

Prohibited Items:
The use of tobacco and alcohol products is prohibited inside the stadium and on all school property.

Pointed objects or objects with sharp and uneven edges are not allowed to be brought into the stadium or on the field. This includes any props used by the cheerleaders, band or drill team. The sidelines must be kept free of any equipment that might injure an athlete.

Playing Field/Sidelines:

  • Spectators may not be allowed on the field before the game. Only students of school organized and approved activities will be allowed on the field. After the game spectators may be allowed on the field after the visiting team has had ample time to clear the field.
  • Anyone on the sideline not in uniform must have a sideline pass. Anyone without a proper pass or ID will be asked to leave the area.
  • Only emergency vehicles may be parked inside the stadium. No vehicle of any kind will be allowed to drive on the stadium surface (unless approved by the CISD Athletic Director).
  • Use of tobacco, sunflower seeds, and gum prohibited.
  • Absolutely no glass bottles, cans, or food allowed on the field.
  • Absolutely no hair pins or like metal objects allowed on the field.
  • All equipment such as training table, fans, and heaters must have a protective base - make arrangements with the CISD athletic trainer at 817.949.8300.
  • No adhesive or tape may be used on the field.
  • Coaches, football team members, sports medicine staff, athletic trainers, band members, drill team members, and cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted to the field.
  • All other personnel must have a sideline passes to be on the field and must be in a working capacity.

Only groups that have prior permission from the CISD Marketing Department and CISD Athletic Director are permitted to sell products. No products may be sold outside the stadium without permission from the CISD Marketing Department and CISD Athletic Director.

Private tailgating is permitted. Groups may have private tailgating parties as long as it is not done for commercial/promotional purposes. There will be no school-sponsored tailgate parties or organized promotional gatherings or giveaways involving food and drink in the parking lot unless approved by the CISD Marketing and CISD Athletic Departments.

  • Tailgating is permitted in designated areas only (East lot and perimeters of parking lot)
  • Open flames are not permitted
  • Patrons are responsible for the safety of themselves and bystanders- No children on golf carts.
  • Patrons are responsible for disposing of all of their trash.
  • No commercially-sponsored tailgating is permitted without permission.
  • No commercial signage, advertising, or giveaways including food and promotional items are allowed in accordance with CISD Marketing Guidelines
  • Printed materials may not be distributed on CISD property in accordance with District policy.
  • Any banners, promotional signs, trailers with promotional activities, or promotional events that are intended to be held in the parking lot must be approved (content and location) in advance by the CISD Marketing Department and CISD Athletic Director. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Restrooms will be provided for tailgaters inside the far East gate on the home side from 6:00-7:30. Persons using the restroom must show a ticket at the gate. After kickoff at 7:30, no in-and-out will be permitted.

Spectator Rules of Conduct:
According to the University Interscholastic League, Constitution and Contest Rules,

Spectators must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No insults or personal comments of any kind are to be directed toward game officials, referees, or workers
  • Inappropriate language or profanity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the game;
  • Taunting or ridiculing of either team or team members is not allowed;
  • Chants that taunt, ridicule, or insult either team or team members are not allowed;
  • Spectators may not enter the court/field of play during a game.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the offending spectator being ejected from the game.

Game officials and school personnel are authorized to eject spectators from the facility. Spectators who are ejected from the game will not receive a refund.