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Severe Weather Alert System Policy

Weather Alert System

CISD has equipped each campus and facility with a Perry Weather Alert System. Renters and community members are obligated to follow the instructions located on each campus should the siren sound when there is severe weather in the area.  

What the Sounds and Strobe Lights Mean:

One Long 10-Second Horn Blast
Lightning Detected - Seek Shelter Now

Strobe Flashing
Lightning in Area - Under Alert - Seek Shelter Now

Three Short 5-Second Horn Blast and Strobe Off
All Clear - Safe to Resume Outdoor Activities

What to Do:

  • Clear the fields and bleachers
  • Go to an enclosed automobile or truck
  • Get to an approved lightning shelter 


  • The outdoors
  • Metal fences
  • Water
  • Trees
  • Elevated ground
  • Golf carts
  • Open exposed areas
  • Overhead wires and power lines
  • Elevated ground
  • Rain shelters

No place is safe during a thunderstorm! This system does not guarantee that conditions are safe.