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Dragon Swim Academy

Dragon Swim Academy


    We have changed our programming for DSA and DST swim programs.
    We are no longer offering swim lessons.  Instead, we will be focusing on DRAGON STROKE TEAM going forward..
    We recommend that you register with another swim lesson program in the area and ask that the instructor focus on the following strokes:
  • Competitive Freestyle(side breathing)

  • -Competitive Backstroke

  • -Legal Dolphin Kick with a Board

  • -Legal Breaststroke Kick with a Board
    If you have any questions, please email

    Please note:  We do not offer refunds on lessons.

    Please read all information before registering or contact us if you have questions.

    30 Minutes Lesson Structure:
    4 swimmers per 1 Instructor
    In water instruction 20-22 minutes
    (in water includes: curriculum based on level/games/water safety)
    Out of water instruction 8-10 minutes
    (out of water includes: sticker time/pool rules/toy bin/parent communication)
    Pool water temp low 80's

    For all your DSA swim equipment needs click link:


    Swim School Coordinator
    Di Ann Bogus
    Office Number: (817)-949-8206
    CISD Aquatics Center
    1501 W. Southlake Blvd
    Southlake, TX. 76092



  • Level I Description: 
    Intro To Swim (Ages 4-5 yrs old):
    Level I will introduce swimming fundamentals, as preparation for Level 2 swimming class. The focus is on breaking fear of water and building confidence to swim independently. Floating, Self Propulsion, Breath control (bubbles), and, ultimately water safety will be the goals of this introductory level.

    Level II Description: 
    Intro to Stroke (Ages 5-6 yrs old): 
    Level II will take your swimmer from learning to swim and put them on the path to having a solid technical background for both freestyle and backstroke for up to 12.5 yds.

    Level III Description: 
    Advanced Stroke (Ages 6-7 yrs old): 
    Level III will introduce butterfly and breaststroke kick. At this level your swimmer can swim completely independent with minimal help from the instructor, kick boards, etc. We are preparing your child for introduction to pre-stroke team. Most should be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke as well as have a solid butterfly and breaststroke kick on completion of level III.

    Level IV Description: 
    Pre-stroke team (ages 7-10 yrs old): 
    Level IV will introduce drills in all 4 strokes. Most are proficient and independent in 25 yard freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. Level IV will emphasize the drills and repetitions to develop technical strength and physical conditioning in preparation for the Dragon Stroke Team.

    Move Up Procedures: 
    The instructors will notify DSA Management once a swimmer is ready for stroke team. DSA Management will then conduct an internal assessment for each swimmer and communicate with the parents via email about moving to the appropriate stroke team level. 
    Open assessments (for those not in the Dragon Swim Academy) are held in the Spring and Summer.

    ***Stroke Team Requirements*** 
    (1 Length for the following) Legal Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke Kick, Dolphin Kick
    Move ups are by invitation only and at a DST instructor and DSA management's discretion



     The Dragon Swim Academy follows the CISD Calendar.
    If there is no school, there are no lessons.


    Pricing & Fees

    Class Information
    -Each lesson is 30 minutes
    - 1 session is 6 Lessons for $70.50
    - Fall and Spring class days are M/W or T/TH for 3 weeks at your registered time
    - Summer class days are M/T/TH for 2 weeks at your registered time
    *There is a $5.00 processing fee for any changes to your schedule
    **Canceled classes due to CISD personnel will be refunded.
    -Misbehavior by either swimmer or parent is grounds for dismissal from a single lesson, session or season.