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Orchestra/Foreign Language Enrichment Opportunities

4/24/24 Orchestra/Other Languages Informational Meeting

If you are interested in either of these enrichment programs, please fill out the form.

Rojas-School of Music(Orchestra)

Videos of Concert: 

Initial lessons include: Instrument care, Technique, Parts of the instrument

  • Most of the concepts are taught in song
  • 2 concerts each year
  • Parent informational meeting to start the program
  • Kinder and 1st grade start on paper instruments

Questions for Rojas (Orchestra)

What is the student to teacher ratio?

  • 8:1 for littles/beginners
  • As they get older the ratio can grow
  • K-1 pacing is different and they are grouped together and trained in a different way

Is there a sibling discount offered?

  • Yes, 5% off is the discount

If kids are already playing an instrument, will they be assessed to begin instruction at their level?

  • Yes. If there are enough children at those levels, they will create groups accordingly.

How realistic is it to think that the 5th and 6th graders will have a chance to participate?

  • If there is enough interest, they would be willing to collaborate with other groups to support those grade levels.

Is there a plan to expand to other instruments?

  • Piano-there is usually only one piano and one pianist in the orchestra
  • Winds-younger students don’t usually have enough wind.
  • Would be open to adding flutes later
  • Strings are where they will start

If the younger students are using paper instruments, how long does it take them to move to a real instrument? 

  • It usually takes about 2 months.

Rojas Flier

First page of the PDF file: RojasSchoolofMusic

Language Lab (Spanish)

  • Language Immersion/Language Acquisition
  • Learning a new language boosts cognitive ability
  • The earlier you start learning a language, the more likely you are to get to native fluency
  • Madrid Curriculum-TEKS included
  • Authentic and engaging learning experiences
  • The majority of the teachers are native speakers
  • The focus of the lessons include listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Assessment conducted and information communicated with parents
  • Private lessons and online lessons available

Note: If there was enough interest in learning other languages, then we might be able to offer other language opportunities.

Questions for Language Lab (Spanish)

If there is interest for one of the other languages, is it a possibility for the district to offer more than one?

  • Yes

What is the student to teacher ratio?

  • 10:1, 20 students per grade level max

Will students be paired based on skill?

  • Differentiation will be provided based on the skills children already have.
  • They will be grouped according to grade level.

Would PK be an option? 

  • It would depend on the interest

Is there a sibling discount offered?

  • They will work out a sibling discount

What is the enrichment hour? 

  • Could be for parents who need a later pick up. 
  • It could be subject specific tutoring. 
  • The goal would be to provide it in the language they are learning.

What age should they start a 3rd language?

  • We don’t want to deter any kid that is excited about learning a new language.  They will pick up English because of the environment they are in on a daily basis.  As adults we are always translating into our native language, as kids, they do not have to translate in the same way as adults.

Language Lab Flipbook Flier


General Questions

Intermediate students get out of school early, what would be the hours?

  • Grades 5/6 would be it’s own location and have a later start time

What would the locations be?

  • We will use the information gathered by the Google Form to decide what campus the program will be held on.
  • It will not necessarily be at your child’s current home campus.

Would there be a plan to offer this at the middle school level as these kids get older?

  • We are hoping that the interest will grow and the program will build itself.

Does the district offer transportation? 

  • We did not get a hard no.  We are still in conversation to try to make that happen.

Could the form be adjusted to let parents indicate the language they prefer and days of the week?

  • Yes

Is the idea that we would give families a deadline for signing up so that they can plan their other activities accordingly? 

  • The goal is the end of May.

What are the odds of one program being Mon/Tues/Wed and one being Tues/Thurs?

  • We have to see what the interest and what administrators are able to monitor those days/times