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Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Special Committee’s mission is to ensure the needs of CISD students are met through the efficient use of district funds and the development of effective ways to increase revenues and reduce expenses. Our purpose is to understand district finances and identify potential revenue sources, cost savings and process improvements.

Committee Responsibilities
Short-term: Identify additional revenue sources, efficiencies and savings related to potential activity fees, optional service fees, low-enrollment classes and/or electives, booster club grant request/teacher wish-list processes, corporate matching donations/sponsorships, check writing campaign and any other additional areas.

  • David Johnson, Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services, providing list of district ‘activities’ (primarily clubs, after school activities, booster clubs, activities with a teacher stipend)
  • Work through existing roles and provide communication

Mid-term: Understand and evaluate the costs and benefits of district investments—Return on Investment Analysis (ROI). Areas discussed include distance learning, sick day WADA, e-learning, part-time student WADA, tuition possibilities, facility rentals, and homeschoolers. 

  • Understand how the district earns ‘credit’ for attendance 
  • Research distance learning objectives, identify target audiences, costs and break-even points.

Long-term: Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages/opportunities of creatively using I&S funds for items paid with M&O dollars and the potential for retail operations at district properties.

  • Identify operational opportunities and investigate/research/learn
  • Integration opportunities ie: work-study programs
  • District needs analysis for capital items, including buses, wells, utilities, etc.
  • Understand risks/rewards from districts with similar programs
  • Understand risks/rewards for CISD

23-24 Budget & Finance Committee Members

 Committee Bylaws

Meeting Dates

April 2, 2024

February 20, 2024


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