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Cost Containment Committee

The Cost Containment Committee is made up of Carroll ISD Board Members, Community members, Executive Leaders and Department Leaders. The purpose of the committee is to identify areas for reduction with the intent of continuing with a balanced budget. A priority will be to identify adjustments to campus and district personnel structures in an effort to operate more efficiently and to ensure appropriate personnel resources are allocated effectively.

The CCC has met several times to establish cost containment committee guidelines. These guidelines consist of a four-phase process to establish and help provide the cost containment committee an opportunity to improve budgetary decision-making by understanding facts, what is at stake, and identifying best alternatives. The CCC subcommittees are actively meeting now to collaborate and develop an overview of departments.

Next Steps:

1. Department Heads will drive an analysis of departmental operations and potential cost savings and revenue generation opportunities, working closely with internal and external team members.

2. The analysis performed will be thorough and include a critical evaluation of departmental performance and open discussion with community members on the CCC.

3. Potential cost savings and revenue generation opportunities identified will be vetted and include consideration of costs and barriers to implementation.

4. A summary of key observations and findings and any outstanding matters will be presented to the CCC; recommendations should include short, mid-term and long-term priorities.
         -Discussion will occur over 30 - 40 minutes, including 10-15 minutes for Q&A.

5. Alignment of recommendations by Strategic Planning Committee to be subsequently evaluated.

6. VIDEO UPDATE: Click here to see a video on next steps to date. 

For information on upcoming subcommittee meetings, please VIEW OUR CALENDAR HERE.

Meeting Dates: