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Flyer Distribution Facts

Who can send flyers home with students?
Carroll ISD and all of its campuses are allowed to send flyers home with students if the flyer contains approved school information by the campus principal or appropriate CISD Administrator. In addition, those school-­‐related groups that receive the expressed permission of Carroll ISD are allowed to send flyers home with students. These organizations much first obtain the stamp of approval from the Carroll ISD Board & Community Relations Department. 

Who are some of the groups approved under GKDA?
A few examples of school-­‐related groups permitted to send flyers home with pre-­‐approval from the Board & Community Relations Department include official CISD Booster Clubs, district-­‐ approved student clubs & organizations, Parent-­‐Teacher Organizations and the Carroll Education Foundation.

Can non-­profit organizations send flyers home with students?
No, but Carroll ISD has a Community News Area at each campus where non-profit and community organizations can advertise their information. Non-­profits include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, Grace, City of Southlake Parks & Recreation, etc. These are worthwhile organizations, but they are not qualified to send flyers home with students.

Can a business send flyers home with a student?
No. Any business that wishes to send flyers home with students must have a signed advertising and promotional agreement granting the business that right to do so. Flyers should not be sent home with students without first checking with the Board & Community Relations Department 817-­949­‐7080.

How do I get a flyer approved to be sent home with students?
Contact the Board & Community Relations Department to see if your flyer qualifies to be sent home with CISD students as per policy. If the flyer qualifies under district policy, the original document will receive the Board & Community Relations Department’s dated stamp of approval. Use that stamped original to make your copies.

Who is responsible for making copies of an approved flyer for distribution to students?
The organization that created the flyer or sought approval is responsible for making copies and delivering them to each campus for distribution to students. Contact the Communications & Engagement Department at 817-949-7080 to get campus enrollment and class/grade level bundling counts.

Does the flyer distribution policy apply to electronic attachments and communications?
Yes. The same rules apply for electronic flyers and attachments.

Can We Care sponsors send flyers home with students?
No. We Care is an employee appreciation program. Sponsors of this program are permitted to have a flyer placed in employee mailboxes if they give at the $250 Silver (one flyer per year), $500 Gold (two flyers per year) or $1,000 Platinum (three flyers per year) levels.

Can flyers and posters be put up in CISD schools and offices?
Each campus principal is responsible for approving flyers and posters to be hung in school windows or hallways. Decisions must be consistent with the established time, manner and location determined by the principal for that campus.

Can flyers be placed in teacher lounges or CISD foyers?
Campus principals are responsible for approving flyers that will be placed in their public foyer areas as per district policy. The Communications Department approves placement of flyers and documents in other district sites. Teacher lounges are reserved for flyers and handouts by CISD or We Care sponsors.