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Fundraising Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you are following district policy and the law:

  • Ask to see the company’s Dragon Fundraising Card to ensure officials have applied, paid their fee and been approved by Carroll ISD to be an official fundraising
  • Listen to the company’s presentation to ensure you know all the facts and have a clear understanding of how the fundraising program works and what is being asked of your student organization, campus group or parent/booster support
  • Ask questions about student involvement, program timelines, money collection and your organization’s percentage of (CISD recommends a 40% profit margin for your organization. Some Affinity-­‐type programs will offer lesser percentages!)
  • Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures outlined in this Fundraising Policies & Procedures
  • Check to ensure the fundraiser does not violate any existing or exclusive Carroll ISD Sponsorship & Promotional Agreements (Board & Community Relations Dept. 817-­949-­7080)
  • Complete the Fundraising Application & Approval Form, with the appropriate pre-­‐ approval signature(s) from your campus principal or building
  • Send completed Fundraiser Application & Approval Form signed by your supervisor to CISD’s Purchasing Supervisor, Carroll ISD Financial Services Department, at Central Administration building, as well as a copy to your Campus Principal or
  • Maintain a copy of the completed Fundraising Application & Approval Form for your organization
  • Follow approval process and policies for flier distribution and fundraising communications.
  • Send Fundraising information and details to appropriate individuals for campus and district newsletter distribution/communications, including posting on the CISD Fundraising web
  • Properly and clearly state in all fundraising communications how and for what purpose the collected funds will be
  • Report any program concerns, fundraising problems or sales incidents to your sponsor and/or campus
  • Follow all district guidelines for proper handling of cash and the deposit of funds related to your fundraising
  • Make sure the funds are used for their communicated and intended
  • Complete the Fundraising Recap & Evaluation Form and return to CISD’s Purchasing Supervisor, 2400 N. Carroll Ave., Southlake, TX 76092 within four weeks of the close of your project.