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Fundraising Policies & Procedures

Fundraising Policies and Procedures

The Carroll Independent School District has established a number of policies and procedures to provide direction and guidance regarding all fundraising activities designed to support and raise money for the general operations of the district. The policies are Board-approved and uphold the laws and statutes of the state of Texas, as well as the United States government. The Fundraiser Permit Application requirements as described in this packet are for the protection and support of qualified Fundraising Companies. The Fundraising Policies & Procedures Packet is provided as a courtesy to school employees, clubs, teams and/or parent support and booster organizations to assist in the smooth operations of their fundraising activities.

All questions or concerns regarding CISD Fundraising may be directed to Financial Services Department at 817-949-8282 or by email to 

At no time is the information in this packet intended to supersede District policy or state and federal laws.

Fundraisers Defined
For the purpose of these policies and procedures, fundraisers are defined as “the organized activity or instance of soliciting money or pledges, to fund school district programs, trips or activities.” Examples include discount cards or coupon books, wrapping paper sales, golf tournaments, etc.

Affinity type programs must also adhere to these policies and procedures. These programs typically generate less than the usual 40 percent profit for the District, but they still require all the same fees, paperwork and pre-approval processes. Examples include insurance agents who donate money to a school or PTO for every referral they get, restaurant nights, grocery or retail discount cards, cell phone companies who give a portion of new account sales to the district, etc.

Money-raising efforts that do not necessarily utilize the services of a fundraising company, but instead involve a school organization selling items for profit or simply accepting donations also fall under these same policies and procedures. These types of fundraisers, however, do not necessarily require the application, fee and company approval card. Employees involved in this type of fundraiser must still obtain pre-approval from the principal/supervisor, follow all guidelines and procedures outlined in this manual and then complete the recap and evaluation form at the close of the fundraising effort. Examples include a Spanish Club car wash, Student Council selling t-shirts, Band Bistro, etc.

The fee/application process also does not apply for those parent support organizations conducting silent or live auctions, craft fairs or events where items are being donated or paid for as part of a support organization fundraising event. For example, when a PTO is paying a bounce house company for their services at a PTO fundraiser, the bounce house company does not have to pay the $50 Dragon Fundraising Card fee. However, other CISD fundraising efforts may require that same company to obtain a card by applying and paying the fee, depending on the circumstances. Craft fair vendors must pay the applicable booth fee to the PTO, but are not required to pay the $50 application and Fundraising Card fee. Questions about whether or not your company or business should obtain a Dragon Fundraising Card can be directed to the Accountant Zoraida Estevez at 817-949-8282.

Fundraising also encompasses those humanitarian efforts to collect funds or monetary donations for outside causes and/or charitable organizations. These do not require an application and $50 fee to be submitted by the charitable organization, but the employee and/or parent group overseeing the project must still obtain approval from the principal/supervisor, follow all guidelines and procedures outlined in this manual and then complete the recap and evaluation form at the close of the fundraising effort. Examples include Pink Out games, concerts for earthquake victims, Relay For Life, Hoops For Heart, etc. Keep in mind that

Carroll ISD cannot write donation checks to other non-profit organizations. Only in certain circumstances can student activity funds be used for charitable donations. Therefore, consult with your supervisor and/or the Financial Services Department before collecting and depositing money following charitable fundraising efforts.

Direct questions about whether or not an activity is considered a “fundraiser” to CISD’s Accountant in the Financial Services Department 817-949-8282.

Fundraising Policies
Fundraising policies approved by the Carroll Independent School District are available to the public on the district’s website. Simply visit and locate the Board Members drop down menu on the District’s main page. District Policies is a link available from the Board Members drop down menu. Select that link to begin your policy review or search.

Policies related to fundraising or fundraising activities include:

Fundraising Checklist

  • Ask to see the company’s Dragon Fundraising Card to ensure officials have applied, paid their fee and been approved by Carroll ISD to be an official fundraising company.
  • Listen to the company’s presentation to ensure you know all the facts and have a clear understanding of how the fundraising program works and what is being asked of your student organization, campus group or parent/booster support organization.
  • Ask questions about student involvement, program timelines, money collection and your organization’s percentage of return. (CISD recommends a 40% profit margin for your organization. Some Affinity-type programs will offer lesser percentages!)
  • Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures outlined in this Fundraising Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Check to ensure the fundraiser does not violate any existing or exclusive Carroll ISD Sponsorship & Promotional Agreements (Board & Community Relations Dept. 817-949-7080)
  • Complete the Fundraising Application & Approval Form, with the appropriate pre-approval signature(s) from your campus principal or building supervisor.
  • Send completed Fundraiser Application & Approval Form signed by your supervisor to CISD Executive Director of Finance, Carroll ISD Financial Services Department, at Central Administration building, as well as a copy to your Campus Principal or Supervisor.
  • Maintain a copy of the completed Fundraising Application & Approval Form for your organization sponsor.
  • Follow approval process and policies for flier distribution and fundraising communications.
  • Send Fundraising information and details to appropriate individuals for campus and district newsletter distribution/communications, including posting on the CISD Fundraising web page.
  • Properly and clearly state in all fundraising communications how and for what purpose the collected funds will be used.
  • Report any program concerns, fundraising problems or sales incidents to your sponsor and/or campus principal.
  • Follow all district guidelines for proper handling of cash and the deposit of funds related to your fundraising project.
  • Make sure the funds are used for their communicated and intended purpose.
  • Complete the Fundraising Recap & Evaluation Form and return to CISD Executive Director of Finance Bryan Myres, 2400 N. Carroll Ave., Southlake, TX 76092 within four weeks of the close of your project.

Permit Application Procedures
All companies interested in providing fundraiser services to the District must complete a Fundraiser Permit Application and be approved by the District in order for the company to initiate or continue providing this service to the District. Companies may obtain a Fundraising Permit Application from the District’s website or from the CISD Purchasing Office, 2400 N. Carroll Ave., Southlake, TX 76092. The completed application must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application fee. Checks should be made out to Carroll ISD. Successful applicants must also review, sign and return the Selection and Guidelines form enclosed in the application packet.

Permit applications will be reviewed as they are received and prospective companies will be notified within thirty (30) days of submitting the application. Approval will be made to fundraising companies that have received an acceptable evaluation rating by the District. The District reserves the right to negotiate any terms, conditions or pricing with an applicant prior to official approval.

The District reserves the right to reject any and/or all applications to approve contracts for individual products or services as may appear advantageous, and to negotiate separately in any manner necessary to serve the best interest of the District.

Fundraising companies that have submitted the appropriate paperwork, paid the $50 non-refundable fee and obtained written approval from the District, will be issued an official Dragon Fundraising Company card. This card must be presented to CISD employees and parent support groups before fundraising presentations may be scheduled and/or considered. Obtaining approval from CISD as an official Dragon Fundraising company does not guarantee a company fundraising projects with student, parents or support groups. Decisions on individual fundraising meetings or projects are still at the discretion of the sponsoring

CISD group or organization with proper approval from the appropriate Carroll ISD Administrator. Once approved, the card is good for three years before a renewal application must be submitted. Upon approval of the renewal application, an updated card will be issued. Additional or replacement cards will cost approved companies $5 each.

Failure to follow all rules and regulations as outlined in this handout and the Selection and Guidelines form per District policy, will result in the termination of the fundraising company’s rights to conduct business with and for Carroll ISD, its employees and its supporting organizations and Booster clubs. CISD reserves the right to use all pertinent paperwork, references and evaluation data to scrutinize companies as part of the renewal or approval process.

Fundraising Website
Carroll ISD has established a fundraising website where all policies, procedures, forms and applications are available to the public. The website is available from numerous locations on the district’s main site ( but is probably easiest to find from the Quick Links drop down menu.

Included on that website is a list of approved fundraising companies and permit revocations, as well as ongoing fundraising events and announcements. To have information posted on this website, please email your fundraising news to

Advertising is not necessarily considered “fundraising” and may not be subject to the same fees and application process described in this manual. For example, companies wishing to purchase an ad in a PTO directory or in the Booster Club Athletic Program are not required to apply and pay a fee for a Dragon Fundraising Card. The same is true for those organizations that have joined the We Care employee appreciation program and/or have an official Advertising & Promotional Agreement with Carroll ISD. Those companies who are offering an affinity type program which raises or returns funds to CISD and do not have an official Advertising & Promotional Agreement with CISD, however, must apply and pay the fee for an official Dragon Fundraising Card. Failure to do so prevents Carroll ISD and its employees from being able to communicate or promote the affinity program to Dragon families.

Although the application and fee may not be necessarily applicable to all companies, the following rules and guidelines must be followed for advertising:

Advertising on and inside Carroll ISD property shall only be permitted in accordance with District Policy and Procedures and in conjunction with the Carroll ISD’s established advertising and sponsorship program. Questions may be addressed to the District’s Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080.

Advertising shall not be accepted for the purpose of establishing a forum for communication. The District retains final editorial authority to accept or reject submitted advertisements in a manner consistent with the First Amendment, 7.11.2 (LOCAL).

Advertising must comply with district policy and may not include the following content as per the Board-approved Advertising and Promotional Agreement:

  • False or unwarranted claims;
  • Infringement of another person’s rights through plagiarism, unfair imitation of another person’s program, idea or copy, or any other unfair competition;
  • Disparagement of a competitor or a competitor’s products or services;
  • Advertisements of lotteries, “drawing contests” or any other contests that do not conform to applicable legal requirements or in which the public is unfairly treated;
  • Slanderous, obscene, sexual, profane, vulgar, repulsive or offensive matter either in theme or in treatment;
  • Ambiguous statements that may be misleading to the audience;
  • Advertising of price, unless first approved in writing, by Carroll ISD;
  • Appeals for funds;
  • Testimonials which cannot be authenticated;
  • Advertisements which describe any internal bodily functions or symptomatic results of internal disturbances or which refer to matters which are not considered acceptable topics in social groups;
  • Announcements of programs which are prejudicial to the public interest, to the interest of CISD, or to legitimate advertising or reputable business in general; or
  • Alcohol or tobacco products.

Apparel shall not be sold in Carroll ISD schools and facilities for fundraising purposes except with permission, which is systematically granted to campus-related PTO and Booster apparel sales as they relate to campus and/or Dragon Stadium spirit shops. Official CISD Booster and PTO organizations do not have to obtain a logo license agreement to sell official, trademarked Dragon logo apparel. All other organizations, however, must obtain a logo license agreement in order to sell apparel bearing the District logo. Outside groups, namely those private commercial businesses or individuals who wish to sell Dragon apparel are not permitted to do so in CISD schools and facilities unless they obtain the expressed, written permission of Carroll ISD. Questions about apparel sales may be referred to the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080.

School-sponsored fundraising activities by student groups and/or for school-sponsored projects shall be allowed, with prior administration approval and under the supervision of the project sponsor for students in all grades. All fundraising projects shall be subject to the approval of the principal and Superintendent or designee.

Student participation in approved fundraising activities shall not interfere with the regular instructional program (See Policy 5.3).  Funds shall be received, deposited, and disbursed in accordance with CISD procedures/practices.

The Board shall regularly be informed of approved fundraising projects and shall periodically review the effect of such activity on the student body, the instructional program, and the community (See Policy 6.10 LOCAL).

Athletic Fundraisers
Fundraisers by athletic teams, coaches, parents and/or the Carroll Athletic Booster Club must obtain the approval of the principal on the campus where the fundraising group resides before forwarding the pre-approval form to the Executive Director of Athletics for consideration and approval. The Athletic Booster Club President and the Athletic Director shall communicate regularly to ensure fundraising activities by coaches, parents and/or student athletes comply with these guidelines and procedures.

See special section on Photography (For-Profit).

Charitable Fundraising
Carroll students, staff and parents are encouraged to participate in pre-approved fundraising efforts to support humanitarian and/or charitable causes. Carroll ISD reserves the right to waive the Fundraising Application Form and Fee for charitable organizations, but all other policies and procedures outlined in this manual for fundraising still apply.

Great care should be taken in the collection and flow of funds, ensuring compliance with all federal and state laws. Carroll ISD is not an authorized organization to conduct a legal raffle or drawing in a game of chance whereby participants purchase tickets with the hopes of having a “chance” to win, nor is the district able to make donations of CISD funds to other charitable organizations. Please check with your immediate supervisor and/or the Financial Services Department before collecting, depositing and/or dispensing money for a charitable drive.

The University Interscholastic League has issued the following directives with regard to charitable causes during the course of an athletic event (i.e. Pink Out games, etc.):

  1. The contest or competition may be held during any one week, to be determined by each individual school, of the designated sport season;
  2. A commemorative ribbon of non-school color may be worn on the jersey or school-issued uniform. NO jerseys or uniforms will be allowed that do not represent the school colors
  3. Team members may be allowed to wear headbands or wristbands of non-school colors;
  4. Officials may be allowed to use a colored whistle; and
  5. Colored game balls will not be allowed, however, they may be used during any warm-up period prior to the contest.

Charitable Raffles
Texas law allows only certain charitable and non-profit membership organizations to conduct raffles to support their charitable causes.

Carroll ISD is NOT an authorized organization able to conduct raffles. In turn, Carroll ISD employees are not authorized or legally able to sell raffle tickets as representatives of Carroll Independent School District.

A raffle is the awarding of one or more prizes by chance at a single occasion among a pool or group of persons who have paid or promised a thing of value for a ticket that represents a chance to win a prize. Occupations Code 2002.002(6)

Examples of unlawful raffles include any raffle that is 1) conducted by an individual, 2) conducted by a for-profit business or 3) conducted by a charity that has no members or otherwise does not qualify.

According to the Office of the Texas Attorney General, in order to conduct a raffle legally, a non-profit organization must have, among other criteria, members who elect a governing body and an exemption from federal taxes under Section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code. A qualified non-profit must also have been in existence for three years. The law permits only two raffles per year, requires several disclosures printed on tickets, and limits the value of prizes purchased by the organization to $50,000.

It is also against the law to hold a raffle in which cash or anything readily convertible to cash, is offered as a prize, or which is promoted statewide or through paid advertising, including television, radio or newspapers. An unlawful raffle could be considered illegal gambling, which may carry criminal penalties. A county, attorney, district attorney or the attorney general may also shut down an illegal raffle.

A “qualified non-profit organization” for purposes of the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act may conduct raffles in accordance with the Act to benefit the District or school. A parent-teacher organization may be qualified to hold such raffles if it meets the requirements of the Act. Occupations Code 2002.003, 2002.051; Atty. Gen. Op. JM-1176 (1990) (See also Policy 6.10)

Furthermore, raffle tickets may not be sold on school premises during regular school hours as per (See Policy 6.10 LOCAL). With the expressed written permission granted by Carroll ISD, a charitable organization that is authorized to conduct a raffle under the laws of Texas, may sell tickets at special events outside the regular school day, including athletic competitions, fundraisers, concerts, etc.

Concessions for all school-related activities and facilities are under the direction of the Child Nutrition Services Department and/or the campus principals. Fundraising by support organizations and Booster Clubs may not interfere or compete with the District’s Child Nutrition Services or concessions program nor can it violate the guidelines and requirements of the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) as per District policy, the National School Lunch Program or Texas law, especially the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) requirements as governed by the Texas Agricultural Department.  (See Policy 6.10 Local)

An employee who solicits gifts on behalf of the District or for use in the fulfillment of his or her professional responsibilities shall comply with relevant state and federal law and any District administrative regulations. All donations solicited on behalf of the District, including solicitations in the name of the District or a campus, or donations solicited using District or campus resources, become the sole property of the District.

An employee may solicit web-based donations of money or items for use by the employee in fulfilling his or her professional responsibilities or for the District’s use, including “crowdfunding.” However, an employee shall obtain prior approval from the employee's supervisor before using the name or image of the District, a campus, or any student, and, the employee may not use parent or student email addresses to solicit funding for individual web-based donations. This does not prevent employees from sharing wish lists with the campus PTO, asking parents to resupply consumable classroom items (glue sticks, markers, etc.) or sending campus fundraising communications approved by the principal.

District-affiliated school-support or booster organizations shall organize and function in a way that is consistent with the District’s philosophy and objectives, within adopted Board policies, in accordance with applicable UIL guidelines and financial and audit regulations. (See Policy 3.6.4)

PTOs and Booster Clubs should not solicit parents or the community for cash donations directly for employees. Requests for gift card donations for employee appreciation are permissible by PTOs, Boosters Clubs and CISD, but not by individual employees.

The Board may accept any bequest or gift of money or property on behalf of the District. The gift shall become the sole property of the District for its use and disposition. All gifts shall be given to the District and not to a particular school or organization. At the discretion of the Superintendent or designee, the gift may be used for a specific campus or organization. (See Policy 3.4.3 LOCAL).

The CISD supervisor or budget manager responsible for the donation must complete the Donation Acknowledgement and Tracking Form and obtain all required signatures prior to CISD accepting the donation.

CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTANCE - The Superintendent shall examine and evaluate offers of gifts to the District and may recommend acceptance to the Board when the gifts:

  1. Have a purpose consistent with District purposes.
  2. Place no restrictions on the school program.
  3. Do not require the endorsement of a business product.
  4. Do not conflict with policies or actions of the Board or public law.
  5. Do not require extensive District maintenance.

Any individual or group, including PTO or Booster clubs, wishing to give the District money, material, services, or equipment shall describe, in writing, the proposed gift. Upon receipt of this proposal, the Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services or his designee shall consult with appropriate staff to evaluate the proposed gift. The Board shall consider the administration’s recommendation and decide whether to accept or reject the gift.

Door-to-Door Sales
Fundraising activities that encourage door-to-door sales techniques by students are strictly forbidden (See Policy 6.10 LOCAL). To help ensure personal safety, students participating in approved CISD fundraising activities should limit personal sales activities to family, friends and neighbors for whom they are already well acquainted.

Only the Carroll School Board is authorized to grant exclusivity for advertising and sponsorships. Promises or agreements made without authorization or majority approval of the School Board shall be considered invalid and terminated immediately (See Policy 7.11.2 LOCAL).

Facility Use & Rental
Carroll ISD offers a facility use and rental program that allows for public, non-school related use of certain, but not necessarily all district buildings, fields and gymnasiums. The facility use rules are outlined in Board Policy 7.11.4 (LOCAL).  Other related policies include school-related use of CISD facilities and buildings takes precedence at all times.  The District shall permit non-profit organizations to conduct fundraising events on District property when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy.

See the following policies for other information regarding facilities use:

  • Use by employee professional organizations: Policy 4.7.1
  • Use of facilities for school-sponsored and school-related activities: Policy 6.13
  • Use by non-curriculum-related student groups: Policy
  • Use by District-affiliated school-support organizations: Policy 7.5

Approval shall not be granted for any purpose that would damage school property or to any group that has damaged District property. All athletic facilities including fields and gymnasiums, as well as the indoor workout facility are scheduled through the Athletic Director’s office by calling 817-949-8300.

First-Day Packets
Individual Carroll ISD schools eliminated First-Day Packets. All handouts/fliers distributed through the schools must comply with District policies and procedures. Informational fliers for Booster Clubs and Parent Teacher Organizations must comply with the policies of Carroll ISD and must also receive the approval of the campus principal and/or the Board & Community Relations Department. Every attempt should be made to keep flier distribution to a minimum. When at all possible, fliers should be made available electronically on the district and campus websites as a convenience for parents. Questions about the Carroll ISD flier policy may be directed to the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080.

Flier Distribution Policy
Carroll ISD has a strict policy governing the distribution of fliers to students and staff (See Policy The policy allows for the distribution of District or campus-sponsored communications, including those sponsored by official CISD Booster Clubs, Parent-Teacher Organizations, We Care, and the Carroll Education Foundation. These fliers may only be distributed if they obtain the official stamp of approval from the Board & Community Relations Department. All questions regarding flier distribution should be directed to the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080.

The policy does NOT permit the distribution of commercial fliers to students except as outlined in official CISD advertising and sponsorship agreements.

Fliers for employee mailboxes are only permitted by participants of the We Care Employee Appreciation Program as outlined and approved by the Board & Community Relations Department. (See Policy

Non-profit fliers that do not meet the criteria as outlined in Policy GKDA REGULATION may not be distributed to students or staff. Instead, non-profit fliers may be included in Community News of the daily electronic eBlast, and may also appear in Community News areas at CISD campuses and in CISD electronic communications.

Employees who are conducting an athletic, academic or fine arts camp for CISD students in a CISD-rented facility are allowed to distribute one pre-approved, stamped flier to students each semester. (See Policy

The District shall not be responsible for, nor shall the District endorse, the contents of any non-school literature distributed on any District premises. Each campus principal shall designate times, locations, and means by which non-school literature that is appropriate for distribution, as provided in this policy, may be made available or distributed to students or others at the principal’s campus. The Assistant Superintendent for Board & Community Relations shall designate times, locations, and means for distribution of non-school literature at District facilities other than school campuses, in accordance with District policy. (See

This flier distribution policy applies to both printed and electronic communications. (See

Food & Beverage Sales
All food and beverage sales are required to comply with food handling and safety requirements as provided by the Tarrant County Environmental and Consumer Health Department, including, but not limited to obtaining any necessary permits and/or training certifications. More information may be found at the county website at

As stated under the Concessions section of this manual, fundraising by support organizations and Booster Clubs may not interfere or compete with the District’s Child Nutrition Services or concessions program nor can it violate the guidelines and requirements of the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) as per District policy, the National School Lunch Program or Texas law, especially the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) requirements as governed by the Texas Agricultural Department.  (See Policy 6.10 Local)

Insurance & Liability
Vendors shall provide the appropriate proof of liability insurance as part of the Fundraising Application Permit. Fundraising vendors shall also maintain continuous insurance coverage during the period of their approved status. If a vendor is unable to maintain their insurance coverage continuously, the vendor shall notify the CISD Financial Services Department immediately and refrain from business with CISD or its supporting organizations until such coverage is resubmitted and approved.

Marketing Program
The Carroll Independent School District established its marketing program based on the 2002 final report and recommendations of a citizens’ Revenue Enhancement Committee. The program offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities in return for in-kind services or payment. Prior approval by the Board shall be required for any agreement: (a) providing exclusive rights; (b) and/or with duration in excess of three years; (c) and/or with an indicated value in excess of $20,000. Such agreements shall be of no force and effect until approved by the Board. (See Policy 7.11.2 LOCAL)

Agreements specified above may be, and all other agreements shall be, executed on “form” contracts that have been reviewed by the District’s legal counsel and approved by the Board for use by the administration. Companies with an official Advertising and Promotional Agreement with Carroll ISD, including We Care sponsors, are not required to pay the fee for the Dragon Fundraising Card, but they are still required to submit an application to conduct a fundraiser.

All proposed agreements shall be submitted in advance to the Financial Services Department without exception. These proposed agreements shall be reviewed, and unless approval by the Board is required, may be approved by the Superintendent or designee. If in the opinion of the Superintendent or designee, the agreement requires legal review, such review shall be obtained prior to the execution of the contract. The signature of District legal counsel reviewing the proposed agreement shall be on the agreement prior to its execution by the Superintendent or designee.

All agreements must be in writing. The District shall not be bound by any oral agreement. 

Non-school-Related Promotional Activities
No organization or individual is permitted to place fliers or promotional advertisements on vehicles while they are parked on school property or at school-sponsored events. If an organization or individual violates this policy, CISD reserves the right to assess the organization or individual a fee for maintenance/custodial clean-up. (See Policies 6.10 LOCAL/7.11.2 LOCAL)

Students shall not be permitted to participate in fund drives for non-school charitable organizations as official representatives of their school unless they have the expressed, written permission of their campus principal, Superintendent or his designee.

The collection of monies that takes the time of the students or teachers during school hours is strictly forbidden, unless the monies collected represent payment for school lunches, monies that will benefit the school or its students or other authorized fees (See Policies 6.10 LOCAL and 6.16 LCOAL)

Off Campus Fundraisers
From time to time, fundraisers may be held off campus with the approval of the campus principal and/or superintendent. These fundraisers must still abide by the Fundraising Policies & Procedures of Carroll ISD and the organization conducting the event.

NOTE: Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited by law on CISD property, therefore the information below pertains only to off-campus fundraisers where alcohol is present.

Students should not be encouraged or solicited to attend or volunteer for community service hours at off-campus fundraisers where alcoholic beverages are being served unless a club/faculty sponsor is present and appropriate transportation is provided. (See Policy 6.10 LOCAL) 

Students may, with the approval and coordination of their faculty sponsor and campus principal, perform at off-campus functions (i.e. jazz band, choirs, etc.) where alcohol is being served as long as they do not stay to participate in the event and are chaperoned by the faculty sponsor or adult volunteers at all times. Approval for age appropriate, performance-based student participation must be pre-authorized by the campus principal and faculty sponsor. (See Policy 6.10 LOCAL) 

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor advertising may not be displayed on CISD property without the expressed, written consent of the Carroll Independent School District.

“Outdoor advertising” means an outdoor sign, display, light, device, figure, painting, drawing, message, plaque, poster, billboard, or other thing designed, intended, or used to advertise or inform if any part of the advertising or information content is visible from the main-traveled way of the interstate or primary system. Trans. Code 391.001 (10).

An outdoor advertising sign may include the logo or emblem of an entity if the sign is erected or maintained by a public school in a county with a population of 65,000 or less, the entity sponsors or provides significant funding to the school, and the entity’s logo or emblem occupies less than 25 percent of the area of the sign. Trans. Code 391.037.

A person commits an offense if the person willfully erects or maintains outdoor advertising, or allows outdoor advertising to be erected or maintained on property owned by the person, in violation of the Transportation Code Chapter 391. Trans. Code 391.031, 391.061 (See Policy 7.11.2)

Photography (For-Profit)
Professional photographers who wish to photograph CISD events and students (i.e. athletic competitions, concerts, etc.) for public sale and commercial profit must follow these Fundraising Policies & Procedures by submitting a vendor approval application and paying the fee.  This process and fee are NOT required for photography and pass requests for media coverage/news purposes. Special sideline, field, court access or passes will not be granted to for-profit photographers unless they apply and are approved for a Dragon Fundraising Card and complete a Volunteer Background Check on the CISD website.  Having a Dragon Fundraising Card does not guarantee special field or sideline access. All such requests should be directed to the CISD Athletic Director for consideration and/or approval.

Political Advertising
Carroll ISD does not allow the posting or distribution of political circulars or petitions on school property, nor does the district allow the collection or solicitation of funds for political purposes. This prohibition extends to the district’s electronic communications system and the district’s telephone notification system. In addition, school grounds and school parking lots shall be considered CISD property and political fliers or advertisements, including yard signs or circular fliers may not be placed on school property except as permitted during a Board or county-called election with voting held on school property. 

In the performance of their assigned duties, employees are prohibited from purposely influencing students based on their own political philosophies or beliefs. District employees who participate in political activities shall do so only during off-duty time. Employees who engage in political activity shall communicate clearly that their views and actions are theirs as individuals and that they are not representatives of the District. (See Policy 4.7.1 LOCAL)

Political activities that are not permitted shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Posting or distribution of political circulars or petitions on school property.
  • Using students for writing or addressing political materials or distribution of such materials to students.
  • Distribution of political circulars or petitions to school employees, unless those items are sent through the U.S. postal service. [See]
  • Collecting or soliciting of funds for political purposes.
  • Soliciting campaign workers.
  • Elections to determine membership on the District Board [see policies at 2.2.2] shall be considered political; however, nothing in this policy shall prevent:
  • Dissemination of (factual) information concerning school tax or bond elections.
  • Discussions and study of politics and political issues in the classroom when such discussions and study are appropriate to classroom studies, such as history, current events, or political science.
  • Individual campaign work on behalf of a candidate on election day during non-duty hours or off school premises.

Religious Advertising
Carroll ISD shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, or family status. Advertising by religious groups or pertaining to religious topics shall be treated consistently with existing policies for topics of a secular nature and shall not be construed as being endorsed or discriminated against by Carroll ISD.  The District shall not be responsible for, nor shall the District endorse, the contents of any non-school literature distributed on any District premises. 

Religious organizations must adhere to the district’s policies with regard to advertising, fundraising, use of facilities and/or flier distribution. Opportunities for sponsorship, advertising and fundraising that are open to secular entities or individuals shall also be made open and available to religious groups, under the same guidelines and procedures set forth by Board policy.

 Carroll schools have established a limited open public forum by designating times, locations, and means by which non-school literature that is appropriate for distribution may be made available or distributed to students or others at the principal’s campus. (See Policy LOCAL).

Sales Tax Collections
While exempt from paying sales tax on purchases for the school, schools and school-related groups are NOT exempt from collecting and remitting sales tax on products sold to students, teachers, parents, community, or others.

Types of Transactions and Requirements:

School Organization is the Seller – When the school or school group purchases items for resale, the school is the seller. The school owns the items until it sells the items to another person. For example, the school or school group purchases custom items with the Dragon logo for resale in a spirit shop. The school or school group must collect the sales tax, and the Financial Services Department, on behalf of the school group, would report and remit sales tax to the Comptroller’s office.

Fundraising Vendor is the Seller -  When the school or school group receives a commission, the sale is the vendor’s sale, not the school’s sale. The school receives items from a fundraising vendor and the school, acting as an agent of the vendor, sells the items and remits payment to the vendor. The school and the vendor typically have an agreement that the vendor will take back any unsold items. In this transaction, the school group would collect and remit tax to the vendor, and the vendor would report the sales and remit tax to the Comptroller’s office. For example, in a typical book fair transaction, the school is not the seller, and the school is therefore acting as an agent for the vendor.

Taxable Sales
Public schools and school-related organizations must collect the sales tax on all sales which are not specifically exempted, as provided in the next section. Examples of sales that ARE taxable and for which sales taxes MUST be collected include the following:

  • School purchased supplies sold directly to students including athletic equipment and physical education uniforms
  • Fees for materials when the end product becomes a possession of the student
  • Student publications such as yearbooks and football programs
  • School rings
  • Books sold to students at book fairs

This list is not comprehensive; other taxable sales may be made by a school district.

Taxable Sales Items – Specific Exemptions from Collection
Schools and school groups are not required to collect sales tax on the following:

  • Fees and admission tickets, if the event is entirely for educational purposes
  • Student club memberships
  • Sales of food and soft drinks that are
    • Sold or served during the regular school day
    • Sold or served by a parent-teacher association during a fundraising sale, the proceeds of which do not benefit an individual
    • Sold by a person under 19 years of age who is a member of an organization devoted to the exclusive purpose of education, and groups associated with public or private elementary or secondary schools as a part of a fundraising drive sponsored by the organization for its exclusive use.

Tax-free Sales Declarations
The school district, each school, and each bona fide chapter of each school is allowed to have two, one-day tax-free sales each calendar year. During these tax-free sales, the organization may sell any taxable item tax-free when the price of the item is $5,000 or less.

One-day, tax-free sales mean that collection and remittance of state sales taxes is not required on qualified sales on that day. The tax-free sales day event is only applicable to sales where the School Organization is the Seller. While the sale of yearbooks can be selected as one of the two one-day tax-free fund-raisers, a book fair is usually not a qualified sales event because the school is not the seller, and the school is therefore acting as an agent for the vendor. The sale of items received from a vendor, in which the school and the respective vendor have an agreement that the vendor will take back any unsold items, would also generally not qualify as a one-day, tax-free sale.

According to the State Comptroller’s office a bona fide chapter is a group that must be organized for some business or activity other than instruction or a participatory group. Essentially, any student group that is recognized by the school and is organized by electing officers (not just participatory captains), holding meetings, and conducting business are bona fide chapters of the school and each group may have two, one-day, tax-free sales in a calendar year. Groups meeting for classroom instruction or team sports are not categorized as bona fide chapters and do not qualify for the tax-free day sales.

For example:

  • The school district qualifies for a tax-free day.
  • The school-wide fundraiser qualifies for a tax-free day.
  • The Basketball Club qualifies, but the basketball team does not.
  • The Cheerleader Club qualifies, but not the cheerleader team.
  • The Debate Club qualifies, but debate teams and classes do not.
  • The French Club qualifies, but the French classes do not.
  • The Senior Class qualifies, but not one particular class that has seniors in it.

For the purposes of the one-day, tax-free sales event, one-day means 24 consecutive hours; the delivery should be made on a single day. Generally, title passes to the purchaser when the item is given to the purchaser. In the case of pre-ordered and pre-paid sales, title can transfer as soon as the seller (school) receives the order. Therefore, the date the items are delivered by the vendor to the seller is designated as the one-day for the purposes of the tax-free sales. However, persons buying from surplus stock on subsequent dates after the tax-free day owe tax on the items.

When the school or school group receives a commission, the tax-free day sale provisions cannot apply because the sale is the vendor’s sale, not the school’s sale. The school group would collect and remit tax to the vendor, and the vendor would report the sale and remit tax to the Comptroller’s office.

Signage & Posters
Individuals wishing to place signage or posters on CISD property and/or buildings must first obtain the expressed written permission of Carroll ISD. Signage on CISD property or buildings for advertising purposes shall be restricted to the Advertising & Sponsorship agreements maintained by the Board & Community Relations Department.

Posters communicating upcoming events or fundraisers shall only be placed in areas pre-approved by each campus principal. Each campus principal shall designate times, locations and means by which non-school literature that is appropriate for distribution, as provided in this policy, may be made available or distributed to students or others at the principal’s campus. The Assistant Superintendent for Board & Community Relations shall designate times, locations, and means for distribution of non-school literature at District facilities other than school campuses, in accordance with policy.

Yard signs for school or Booster/PTO events are permissible on school property at the discretion and pre-approval of the campus principal. Non-school yard signs are not permitted on CISD property except in the case of a group renting or meeting on CISD property with district permission. Under this scenario the yard sign announcing the meeting for the organization renting the facility may be placed on school property for no more than 24 hours leading up to the meeting and must be removed immediately following the meeting.

Trademarked Logo
The Dragon logo inside the outline of the state of Texas is the officially trademarked logo as of 2003. It is now also federally registered as of 2016. Carroll ISD provides for limited use of the logo through its ongoing Logo Licensing Program.

Official Carroll ISD PTO and Booster organizations are permitted to use the logo for school-related purposes without obtaining a logo license agreement. All other entities must first secure a Logo License Agreement before using the trademarked logo for any purpose.

Logo licenses obtained for advertising purposes only require payment of an annual fee. Logo licenses obtained for retail sales of the logo require payment of an annual fee and 10 percent gross sales paid on a quarterly basis to CISD.

A list of logo-licensed vendors is available on the CISD Fundraising and/or Marketing websites. Questions about the trademarked Dragon logo should be directed to Jill Webb in the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080. Companies who have a logo license agreement with Carroll ISD are NOT required to pay the $50 fundraising card application fee, but they are required to complete the application process to fundraise.

We Care Employee Appreciation Program
Carroll ISD operates an employee appreciation program that provides opportunities for businesses and organizations to distribute pre-approved materials to employees via their district and/or campus mailboxes. Platinum sponsors receive three opportunities, and Gold sponsors are afforded two opportunities a year to distribute a pre-approved flier to employee mailboxes. Silver sponsors receive one opportunity to distribute a flier to employees annually. Approval and distribution of all We Care fliers are managed by the Board & Community Relations Department.

We Care sponsors do NOT have permission to send fliers home with students as per Policy

All We Care funds are earmarked to be used for the District’s employee appreciation program.

Companies who are We Care sponsors are NOT required to pay the $50 fundraising card application fee, but they are required to complete the application process to fundraise.