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Fundraising Q&A

What is a fundraiser?
For CISD purposes, fundraisers are defined as “the organized activity or instance of soliciting money or pledges, to fund school district programs, trips or activities.” Examples include discount cards or coupon books, wrapping paper sales, golf tournaments, etc.  

Who conducts fundraisers on behalf of Carroll ISD?
The district itself has ongoing fundraisers like the Dragon credit card, the Dragon license plates and other marketing projects. In addition, student clubs and organizations, as well as athletic teams and fine arts programs raise funds to assist with travel, equipment, uniforms, and other needs. Boosters Clubs and Parent-­‐Teacher Organizations also raise funds for various programs, schools and district needs, as does the Carroll Education Foundation. 

Who is ultimately responsible for all fundraising projects done by or on behalf of Carroll ISD?
The Carroll Independent School District and the Superintendent

What is the first step for a fundraising company wishing to do business in Carroll ISD?
Contact CISD’s Purchasing Supervisor Diane Billmeier in the Financial Services Department to apply for an official Dragon Fundraising Company card. This card is good for three years and costs only $50 (less than $17 per year). This card does not guarantee you a meeting with CISD sponsors, principals or school-­‐related fundraising groups. Nor does the card guarantee the company approval of a fundraising project in Carroll ISD, but it is required before company officials or representatives can meet with CISD employees, students and parent organizations that fundraiser for the district.

What are an employee’s first steps in starting a fundraiser for Carroll ISD?
Identify what the funds will be used for; be sure if you are using a fundraising company that the company has obtained their official Dragon Fundraising Company Card; fill out the fundraising approval form and get it signed by your campus principal; follow the Fundraising Checklist provided in this packet.

Does Carroll ISD allow students to participate in door-­to‐door sales for fundraisers?
No. This type of fundraising tactic is against district policy for safety reasons. Students are permitted to sell to their friends, family and individuals they know.

Can Carroll ISD groups, organizations and employees raise funds for other charitable organizations or relief efforts?
Yes, with permission from the campus principal or Superintendent, Dragons are permitted and encouraged to participate in charitable and relief efforts. Carroll ISD may not, however, write checks to charitable organizations. Be sure to check with the Financial Services Department before collecting and depositing funds in CISD accounts that were collected with an intended purpose of charitable donations.

Do I have to purchase my fundraising items from an approved vendor?
All Carroll ISD employees must use approved vendors to purchase items. Keep in mind that the approved vendors list for purchasing purposes is different than fundraising companies who work with CISD to help raise funds. These companies must now apply for a Dragon Fundraising Card by paying a small fee of $50, good for three years.

Have the fundraising policies changed dramatically for this school year?
No, the policies have remained relatively the same. The Carroll ISD Administration merely compiled a manual of policies and procedures to provide employees and support groups some guidance when raising funds for the district.