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Library Aquisitions

Each CISD Library strives to provide a broad collection of resources that present varying levels of difficulty, satisfies a wide range of interests, and represents varied points of view. The collections include fiction books, nonfiction books, audio books, graphic novels, eBooks, reference materials, periodicals, audio visual materials, professional books, and electronic resources. The materials are intended to support the district curricula, to encourage pleasure reading, to build knowledge, and to represent many ethnic, religious, and cultural groups. The campus libraries serve large populations of students and staff. It is recognized that every book in the library will not be relevant for every student.


 1. Fiction, narrative nonfiction (memoirs and biographies), and graphic novels must each meet the following selection criteria, with the District determining that such materials:

  •  Are integral to the instructional program.
  •  Reflect the interests and needs of the students and faculty.
  •  Are appropriate for the reading levels and understanding of the students.
  • Are included because of their literary or artistic value and merit. • If narrative nonfiction, present information with the greatest degree of           accuracy and clarity

2. In addition, as stated in board policy librarians should select and acquire library materials, including electronic resources, that:

  • Enrich and support the curriculum consistent with the general educational goals of the state and District, the aims and objectives of         individual schools and specific courses, consistent with the District and campus improvement plans, as well as the Strategic Plan.
  •  Are appropriate for the subject area and for the age, ability level, learning styles, interests, and development of the students for whom they are selected.
  •  Present various sides of controversial issues so that students have an opportunity to develop, under guidance, skills in critical analysis and in making informed judgements in their daily lives.
  •  Promote literacy.
  •  Meet high standards in presentation, format, readability, content, accuracy, artistic or literary quality, and educational significance.
  •  Do not contain excessive or gratuitous sexuality, excessive or gratuitous profanity, excessive or gratuitous graphic violence
  •  Are not masked, clipped, or altered in any manner inconsistent with the author’s intent.

Criteria for Gifts and Donations:

Gifts and donations to school libraries or classroom libraries are accepted with the understanding that the decision for use and dis-
position of the materials and/or funds will be determined using the same selection criteria, acquisition procedures, and process for ap-
proval as purchased materials.  All gifts must be approved by the Board and go through the Parent Preview. All library materials should support the curriculum and needs of library users. Gifts and donations, such as purchased resources, shall be removed from the collection at the end of their useful life.

Approved Aquisitions